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by Tomson, Torbjörn and Battino, Dina and Bonizzoni, Erminio and Craig, John and Lindhout, Dick and Perucca, Emilio and Sabers, Anne and Thomas, Sanjeev V and Vajda, Frank and Faravelli, Francesca and Pantaleoni, Chiara and Robert-Gnansia, Elisabeth and Cabral-Lim, Leonor and Čebular, Boštjan and De Marinis, Alejandro and Kälviäinen, Reetta and Khomeriki, Ketevan and Kiteva-Trencevska, Gordana and Kochen, Silvia and Kurthen, Martin and Luef, Gerhard and Martinez Ferri, Meritxell and Milovanović, Maja and Nakken, Karl Otto and Neufeld, Miri and Ohtani, Hideyuki and Russell, Aline and Safcák, Vladimír and Schmitz, Bettina and Specchio, Luigi Maria and Tettenborn, Barbara and van Puijenbroek, Eugene and Yu, Hsiang-Yu and Zarubova, Jana and Albretsen, Claus and Alvestad, Silje and Andersen, Noemi Becser and Antonini, Luisa and Arentsen, Jens and Aurlien, Dag and Barzinji, Ismael and Becerra Cuñat, Juan Luis and Bohorquez Morera, Natalia and Brodie, Martin J and Brodtkorb, Eylert and Broglio, Laura and Bruun Christensen, Elsebeth and Bušek, Petr and Cagnetti, Claudia and Canevini, Maria Paola and Carius, Astrid and Castro Vilanova, Maria Dolores and Cecconi, Michela and Chang, T-Y and Christensen, Jakob and De Maria, Giovanni and Dennig, Dieter and Diputado, Brenda and Ertresvåg, Janne Marit and Escartin, Toni and Flügel, Dominique and Forsom Sondal, Birgitte and Foschi, Nicoletta and Franza, Albertina and Fukushima, Katsuyuki and Gambardella, Antonio and Garamendi Ruiz, Iñigo and Gauffin, Helena and Gellert, Pia and Gjerstad, Leif and Gordon, Lisa and Haggag, Katrine and Halawa, Imad and Heikinheimo-Connell, Terttu and Hendgen, Tim and Hertz, Zarouhi and Hildenhagen, Odo and Hödl, Stephanie and Hogenesch, Ineke and Huuse Farmen, Anette and Inoue, Yushi and Juhl, Stefan and Kato, Masaaki and Kenou Van Rijckevorssel, Germaine and Kluck, E and Krijtová, Hana and Kumlien, Eva and Labate, Angelo and Lasch, Theresa and Lindsten, Hans and Listonova, Renata and Lossius, Rasmus and Lundgren, Anders and Malmgren, Kristina and Marečková, Iva and Marino, Daniela and Mattsson, Peter and McGonigal, Aileen and Miesczanleh, Katarzyna and Mizobuchi, Masahiro and ... and EURAP Study Grp and EURAP Study Group
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 06/2018, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp. 530 - 538
Journal Article
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