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by Souza, João Paulo, Dr and Gülmezoglu, Ahmet Metin, MD and Vogel, Joshua, MBBS and Carroli, Guillermo, MD and Lumbiganon, Pisake, Prof and Qureshi, Zahida, MD and Costa, Maria José, MD and Fawole, Bukola, MD and Mugerwa, Yvonne, MD and Nafiou, Idi, MD and Neves, Isilda, MD and Wolomby-Molondo, Jean-José, MD and Bang, Hoang Thi, MD and Cheang, Kannitha, MD and Chuyun, Kang, MD and Jayaratne, Kapila, MD and Jayathilaka, Chandani Anoma, MD and Mazhar, Syeda Batool, Prof and Mori, Rintaro, MD and Mustafa, Mir Lais, MD and Pathak, Laxmi Raj, MBBS and Perera, Deepthi, MD and Rathavy, Tung, MD and Recidoro, Zenaida, MPH and Roy, Malabika, MD and Ruyan, Pang, MD and Shrestha, Naveen, Prof and Taneepanichsku, Surasak, Prof and Tien, Nguyen Viet, MD and Ganchimeg, Togoobaatar, PhD and Wehbe, Mira, MPH and Yadamsuren, Buyanjargal, MD and Yan, Wang, Prof and Yunis, Khalid, Prof and Bataglia, Vicente, MD and Cecatti, José Guilherme, MD and Hernandez-Prado, Bernardo, DSc and Nardin, Juan Manuel, MD and Narváez, Alberto, MD and Ortiz-Panozo, Eduardo, MSc and Pérez-Cuevas, Ricardo, DrSc and Valladares, Eliette, PhD and Zavaleta, Nelly, MD and Armson, Anthony, Prof and Crowther, Caroline, Prof and Hogue, Carol, Prof and Lindmark, Gunilla, Prof and Mittal, Suneeta, Prof and Pattinson, Robert, Prof and Stanton, Mary Ellen, MSN and Campodonico, Liana, BSc and Cuesta, Cristina, MSc and Giordano, Daniel, BSc and Intarut, Nirun, MPH and Laopaiboon, Malinee, Prof and Bahl, Rajiv, MD and Martines, Jose, MD and Mathai, Matthews, MD and Merialdi, Mario, MD and Say, Lale, MD and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för kvinnors och barns hälsa and Internationell mödra- och barnhälsovård (IMCH) and Uppsala universitet
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2013, Volume 381, Issue 9879, pp. 1747 - 1755
Journal Article
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