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by Topouzis, Fotis and Melamed, Shlomo and Danesh-Meyer, H and Wells, A.P and Kozobolis, V and Wieland, H and Andrew, R and Wells, D and Kozobolis, Vassilios P and Maskaleris, George and Detorakis, Efstathios and Anastasopoulos, Eleftherios and Pappas, Theofanis and Kandarakis, Artemios and Koutroumanos, John and Aspiotis, Miltiadis and Pappa, Chrisavgi and Vaikoussis, Emmanuel and Paschalidis, Thrassyvoulos and Bournas, Panagiotis and Kazatzis, Nikos and Goldberg, Ivan and Graham, Stuart and Healey, Paul and Rait, Julian Lockhart and Bank, Allan and Healey, Paul R and Crowston, Jonathan and Guzowski, Magdalena and Covar, Ranier and Lee, Anne and Jen-Wan, Jen-Wan and Azar, Domit and Stadion, Paul and Lizin, François and De Groot, Veva and Schraepen, Patrick and Reyntjens, Bruno and Kestelyn-Stevens, Anna-Maria and Witters, Fien and Teesalu, Pait and Kuus, Imbi and Oll, Mans and Aamer, Ulle and Alas, Elo and Pastak, Marko and Delbosc, Bernard Y.C and Gerstenberger, Albrecht and Jungmann, Peter and Hamacher, Ludwig T and Hellmair, Ursula and Bayer, Andreas U.M and Foerster, Wolfgang and Christ, Thomas and Reibaldi, Alfredo and Uva, Maurizio and Longo, Antonio and Lombardo, Daniela and Trimarchi, Fernando and Milano, Giovanni and Clemente, Antonella and Rossi, M. Gemma and Scatassi, Ilaria and Montemurro, Francesca and Grignolo, Federico M and Brogliatti, Beatrice and Rolle, Teresa and Favero, Cristina and Giacosa, Elisabetta and Fornero, Angela and Melamed, Shlomo and Goldenfeld, Mordehai and Verbin, Hani and Vilner, Zohar and Knaan, Ran and Moroz, Iris and Geyer, Orna and Segev, Eitan and Kurtz, Shimon and Neudorfer, Meira and Shemesh, Gabi and Zayit, Shin and Volksone, Lasma and Karlsone, Lija and Laganovska, Guna and Baumane, Kristine and Egite, Ilze and Januleviciene, Ingrida and Kuzmiene, Loreta and Danesh-Meyer, Helen and Wells, Anthony P and Riley, Andrew and Bedggood, Anthony and Long, Helen and Ashraff, Nina and Abrantes, Pedro A.L and Reina, Maria and Silva, Jose Pedro and Ilharco, Joao and Chew, Paul Tec Kwan and ... and Intl Travopros Timolol Study Grp
European Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 1120-6721, 03/2007, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. 183 - 190
Journal Article
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