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by Holtz, Timothy H and Ackelsberg, Joel and Kool, Jacob L and Rosselli, Richard and Marfin, Anthony and Matte, Thomas and Beatrice, Sara T and Heller, Michael B and Hewett, Dan and Moskin, Linda C and Bunning, Michel L and Layton, Marcelle and Balter, Sharon and Bornschlegel, Katie and Carr, Darcy and Cohen, Neal and Das, Debjani and Fine, Annie and Greenko, Jane and Mascuch, Laura and Mojica, Benjamin and Mostashari, Farzad and Nash, Denis and Nivin, Beth and Palevsky, Sheila and Perl, Sarah and Phillips, Michael and Prud'homme, Jeanine and Samuels, Barbara N and Schlanger, Karen and Thomas, Polly and Weisfuse, Isaac and Weiss, Don and Agasan, Alice and Amurao, Joselito and Atamian, Josephine and Cook, Debra and DeBernardo, Erica and Fleckenstein, Philomena and Incalicchlo, Anne Marie and Lee, Ed and Oleszko, William and Paynter, Lynn and Sathyakumar, Chiminyan and Williams, George and Wong, Marie T and Zhao, Ben Yang and Ortega, Dilcia and Petrello, Sarah and Tapper, Michael and Chu, May and Dennis, David and Julian, Kathleen and Petersen, Lyle R and Harney, Josh and McCleery, Robert and Martinez, Ken and Andre, McKenzie and Ballesteros, Mick and Brandt, Mary and Chamany, Shadi and Feikin, Daniel and Fitzgerald, Collette and Gardom, Jessica and Hoffmaster, Alex and Kubota, Kristy and Leman, Richard and Malakmadze, Naile and Mathieu, Els and Mayer, Leonard and McMahon, Shawn and Morgan, Juliette and Naimi, Tim and Ostroff, Steve and Painter, John and Pietz, Harald and Popovic, Tanya and Posid, Joe and Ribot, Efrain and Selenic, Dejana and Sharpe, Tanya and Soriano-Gabarro, Montserrat and Stock, Allison and Talboy, Phil and Whitehead, Sara and Wong, William and Zhou, Weigong and Menon, Manoj and Baluyot, Francis S and Bayquen, Marcelo V and Boyd, Monicka J and De Los Santos, Lisa A and France, Martin E and Galloway, Lora L and Hudson, Theron J and Lorenzo, Angel and Mantay, Ludwig and Murray, Patrick H and Niemeyer, Debra M and New York City Anthrax Investigatio and the New York City Anthrax Investigation Working Group
Emerging Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1080-6040, 06/2003, Volume 9, Issue 6, pp. 689 - 696
Journal Article
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