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exact sciences and technology (200) 200
nursing (194) 194
adolescent (190) 190
rats (188) 188
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child (165) 165
degenerative and inherited degenerative diseases of the nervous system. leukodystrophies. prion diseases (160) 160
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metallurgy (118) 118
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applied sciences (115) 115
psychology (112) 112
pediatrics (110) 110
mice, transgenic (109) 109
health aspects (106) 106
treatment outcome (104) 104
oxidative stress (101) 101
pregnancy (96) 96
parkinson's disease (93) 93
fuels (92) 92
life sciences (91) 91
mitochondria (91) 91
mutation (91) 91
methods (90) 90
multidisciplinary sciences (90) 90
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by Litaudon, X and Abreu, P and Afzal, M and Aggarwal, K.M and Aho-Mantila, L and Aiba, N and Alegre, D and Alessi, E and Aleynikov, P and Alfier, A and Alkseev, A and Alves, E and Arena, P and Arshad, S and Ashikawa, N and Asunta, O and Austin, Y and Bacharis, M and Baião, D and Bailey, S and Baker, A and Balboa, I and Balden, M and Barnard, M.A and Barnes, M and Baron Wiechec, A and Baruzzo, M and Bastow, R and Batista, A and Batistoni, P and Baughan, R and Beal, J and Beaumont, P.S and Beckers, M and Beckett, B and Belli, F and Bellinger, M and Belonohy, É and Bernert, M and Bertalot, L and Besliu, C and Beurskens, M and Bieg, B and Bigi, M and Binda, F and Björkas, C and Blanchard, P and Bobkov, V and Bodnár, G and Bolshakova, I and Bonanomi, N and Borodkina, I and Botrugno, A and Bottereau, C and Bowman, C and Boyer, H.J and Braic, V and Bravanec, R and Brix, M and Broeckx, W and Bros awski, A and Budny, R and Bulman, M and Burckhart, A and Bykov, I and Cahyna, P and Campling, D.C and Cane, J and Cannas, B and Carman, P and Carr, M and Carralero, D and Cecil, E and Challis, C.D and Chandler, M and Chandra, D and Chang, C.S and Chapman, S.C and Clements, C and Cleverly, M and Coates, P.A and Cobalt, A and Coccorese, V and Cocilovo, V and Coda, S and Coelho, R and Collins, S and Conway, N and Corradino, C and Cox, M.P and Craven, R and Croft, D and Crombé, K and Cseh, G and Cufar, A and Czarnecka, A and Dalgliesh, P and Dalley, S and de la Cal, E and de Pablos, J. L and ... and Jet Contributors and JET Contributors and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. (PPPL), Princeton, NJ (United States)
Nuclear fusion, ISSN 0029-5515, 10/2017, Volume 57, Issue 10, p. 102001
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2012, Volume 366, Issue 20, pp. 1859 - 1869
Journal Article
by Lerche, E and Van Eester, D and Craciunescu, T and Nocente, M and Nabais, F and Bielecki, J and Bilato, R and Bobkov, V and Crombé, K and Faustin, J.M and Fitzgerald, M and Gallart, D and Giacomelli, L and Golfinopoulos, T and Hubbard, A.E and Porkolab, M and Sharapov, S.E and Bonoli, P and Cziegler, I and Diallo, A and Edlund, E and Ennever, P and Faust, I and Gao, C and Greenwald, M and Hughes, J.W and Hutchinson, I.H and LaBombard, B and Loarte, A and Mumgaard, R and Reinke, M.L and Shiraiwa, S and Snyder, P and Terry, D and Theiler, C and Walk, J.R and Wallace, G.M and White, A and Whyte, D and Wolfe, S.M and Wright, J and Abduallev, S and Abreu, P and Afzal, M and Aggarwal, K.M and Ahn, J.H and Aho-Mantila, L and Airila, M and Albanese, R and Aldred, V and Alessi, E and Aleynikov, P and Alkseev, A and Alper, B and Alves, E and Ambrosino, R and Andersson Sundén, E and Angelone, M and Angioni, C and Ash, A and Ashikawa, N and Asunta, O and Avotina, L and Axton, M.D and Balshaw, N and Barnard, M.A and Barnes, M and Barnsley, R and Barrera Orte, L and Basiuk, V and Batista, A and Beckers, M and Becoulet, A and Bekris, N and Bellinger, M and Ben Ayed, N and Bieg, B and Biewer, T and Bigi, M and Bisoff, A and Blackburn, J and Blackman, K and Blackman, T.R and Blatchford, P and Bodnár, G and Booth, J and Borodin, D and Bottereau, C and Boulting, P and Bourdelle, C and Bower, C and Boyd, C and Brennan, P.D and Breton, S and Brett, A and Bright, M.D.J and Broeckx, W and Broslawski, A and Brown, M and Bucalossi, J and ... and Alcator C-Mod Team and JET Contributors and The Alcator C-Mod Team
Nature physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 10/2017, Volume 13, Issue 10, pp. 973 - 978
Journal Article
by Mohamed, Somaia and Johnson, Gary R and Sevilimedu, Varadan and Rao, Sanjai D and Hicks, Paul B and Chen, Peijun and Lauro, Kimberly and Jurjus, George and Pilkinton, Patricia and Davis, Lori and Wilcox, James A and Iranmanesh, Ali and Sapra, Mamta and Aslam, Muhammad and Michalets, James and Thase, Michael and Zisook, Sidney and Biswas, K and Gerrity, M and Gleason, T.C and Kilbourne, A and Lebowitz, B and Marder, S and Wisniewski, S.R and Arndt, S and Clayton, P.J and Cook, I.A and Glick, I.D and Miller, A and Villarreal, G and Tapp, A and Jones, K.A and Fareed, A and Fischer, B.A and Loreck, D.J and Finkel, M.S and Beresford, T and Khatkhate, G and Marri, S and Davis, V and Mayeda, A.R and Niculescu, A.B and Anderson, K.D and Fernando, R and Albers, L.J and Juergens, T.M and Nasdahl, C.S and Nogues, C.A and Larson, G and Anderson, W.G and Klatt, M and Westermeyer, J and Yoon, G and Ramaswamy, S and Suppes, T and Connolly, K.R and Carrera, C.J and Thompson, S.I and Kasckow, J and Hurley, R and LaMotte, J and Rosenlicht, N and Lieske, S and Svrakic, D.M and Lustman, P.J and Winston, J.L and Williams, S.S and Little, J.T and D'Souza, D.C and Carty, J and Canive, J and Toney, G and Agrawal, D and Klizieh, N and Lyon, L and Farmer, J and Makela, E and Nicholls, J and Will, J and Salles-Shahid, K and Buchanan, R and Harrison-Restelli, C and Himelhoch, S and Nelson, E and Beal, D.M and Sullivan, P and Vogt, J and Ignatowski, M and Wasserstein, M and Wongngamnit, N and Bhagar, H and Demark, T and Bhat, V.G and Mihas, A and Hayton, A and Reist, C and Nguyen, C and Ahearn, E and Krahn, D and Dutra, K and ... and CSP 576 VAST-D Investigators and for the CSP#576 VAST-D Investigators
The journal of clinical psychiatry, ISSN 0160-6689, 08/2020, Volume 81, Issue 4
Journal Article
by Sommers, S. R and Jump, R. L and Halmos, B and Hassam-Malani, L and McGirt, M. J and Thompson, R. C and Hunter, K and Chamberlain, M. C and Le, E. M and Lee, E. L. T and Sadighi, Z. S and Pearlman, M. L and Slopis, J. M and Vats, T. S and Khatua, S and DeVito, N. C and Yu, M and Chen, R and Pan, E and Cloughesy, T and Raizer, J and Drappatz, J and Gerena-Lewis, M and Yacoub, S and Desjardin, A and Groves, M. D and DeGroot, J and Loghin, M and Hess, K and Ictech, S and Yung, W. A and Porter, A. B and Dueck, A. C and Karlin, N. J and Silber, J and Panageas, K. S and Iwamoto, F. M and Cloughesy, T. F and Rivera, A. L and Eichler, A. F and Louis, D. N and Paleologos, N. A and Fisher, B. J and Ashby, L. S and Cairncross, J. G and Roldan, G. B and Wen, P. Y and Shiff, D and Rocque, B. G and Mason, W. P and Weaver, S. A and Green, R. M and Kamar, F. G and Jhanwar, S. C and Rosenblum, M. K and Lassman, A. B and Cachia, D and Alderson, L and Moser, R and Smith, T and Yunus, S and Saito, K and Mukasa, A and Narita, Y and Shinoura, N and Flechl, B and Ackerl, M and Sax, C and Dieckmann, K and Crevenna, R and Widhalm, G and Preusser, M and Marosi, C and Ay, C and Dunkler, D and Pabinger, I and Belongia, M and Jogal, S and Schlingensiepen, K.-H and Mahapatra, A. K and Venkataramana, N. K and Oliushine, V and Parfenov, V and Poverennova, I and Jachimczak, P and Heinrichs, H and Mammoser, A. G and Shonka, N. A and de Groot, J. F and Shibahara, I and Kumabe, T and Saito, R and Kanamori, M and Yamashita, Y and Watanabe, M and Ishioka, C and Tominaga, T and Silvani, A and Lamperti, E and Botturi, A and ...
Neuro-oncology (Charlottesville, Va.), ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2011, Volume 13, Issue suppl_3, pp. iii41 - iii68
Journal Article
by Park, C.-K and Kim, Y.-H and Kim, J. W and Kim, T. M and Choi, S. H and Kim, Y. J and Choi, B. S and Lee, S.-H and Kim, C.-Y and Kim, I. H and Lee, D. Z and Kheder, A and Forbes, M and Hadjivassiliou, M and Shonka, N. A and Kessinger, A and Aizenberg, M. R and Weller, M and Meisner, C and Platten, M and Simon, M and Papsdorf, K and Sabel, M and Braun, C and Reifenberger, G and Wick, W and Alexandru, D and Haghighi, B and Muhonen, M. G and Chamberlain, M. C and Sumrall, A. L and Burri, S and Brick, W and Asher, A and Murillo-Medina, K and Guerrero-Maldonado, A and Ramiro, A. J and Cervantes-Sanchez, G and Erazo-Valle-Solis, A. A and Sperduto, P. W and Shanley, R and Luo, X and Kased, N and Sneed, P. K and Roberge, D and Chao, S and Weil, R and Suh, J and Bhatt, A and Jensen, A and Brown, P. D and Shih, H and Kirkpatrick, J and Gaspar, L. E and Fiveash, J and Chiang, V and Knisely, J and Sperduto, C. M and Lin, N and Mehta, M. P and Anderson, M. D and Raghunathan, A and Aldape, K. D and Fuller, G. N and Gilbert, M. R and Robins, H. I and Wang, M and Chakravarti, A and Grimm, S and Penas-Prado, M and Chaudhary, R and Anderson, P. J and Elinzano, H and Gilbert, R. A and Mehta, M and Aoki, T and Ueba, T and Arakawa, Y and Miyatake, S.-I and Tsukahara, T and Miyamoto, S and Nozaki, K and Taki, W and Matsutani, M and Shakur, S. F and Bit-Ivan, E and Watkin, W. G and Farhat, H. I and Merrell, R. T and Zwinkels, H and Dorr, J and Kloet, A and Vecht, C. J and Bogdahn, U and Stockhammer, G and Mahapatra, A and Hau, P and Schuknecht, B and van den Bent, M and Heinrichs, H and ... and The OSAG-101Study Group and Philip H. Gutin on behalf of the EF-11 trial investigators and for the German Glioma Network
Neuro-oncology (Charlottesville, Va.), ISSN 1522-8517, 10/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 6, pp. vi65 - vi85
Journal Article
by Gray, Richard and Ives, Natalie and Rick, Caroline and Patel, Smitaa and Gray, Alastair and Jenkinson, Crispin and McIntosh, Emma and Wheatley, Keith and Williams, Adrian and Clarke, Carl E and Sandercock, P and Baigent, C and Crome, P and Williams, A and Abbott, R and Baker, M and Castleton, B and Clarke, C. E and Counsell, C and Deb, A. K and Fairweather, S and Fitzpatrick, R and Gray, A and Ives, N and Jenkinson, C and MacPhee, G and Malone, T and Mant, D and McIntosh, E and Ming, A and Morrish, P and Ohri, P and Pearce, V and Wood, B and Worth, P and Au, P and Boodell, T and Cheed, V and Clarke, C. E and Daniels, J and Dowling, F and Edmondson, A and Gray, R and Hawker, R and Herd, C and Hilken, N and Ives, N and Kaur, S and Ottridge, R and Patel, S and Peto, L and Rick, C and Sidile, C and Tomlinson, C and Tyler, E and Wheatley, K and Winkles, N and Gray, A and McIntosh, E and Kent, S and Fitzpatrick, R and Jenkinson, C and Caie, L and Caslake, R and Coleman, R and Counsell, C and Crowley, P and Gerrie, L and Gordon, J and Harris, C and Leslie, V and Macleod, M. A and Taylor, K and Barker, R and Forsyth, D and Halls, M and Lennox, G and Young, J and Azie, Wirral E and Barrett, J and Monaghan, A and Turnbull, C and Vanek, H and Blake, D and Manford, M and Thangarajah, N and Johnson, M and Wallis, P and Carr, P and Cochrane, L and Prescott, R and Rose, A and Drover, M and Karunaratne, P and McLaren, A and Jones, E and Nasar, M and Bayliss, M and Jones, P and Lewis, B and ... and PD MED Collaborative Grp
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2014, Volume 384, Issue 9949, pp. 1196 - 1205
Journal Article