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percutaneous coronary intervention - methods (1) 1
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by Roffi, Marco and Patrono, Carlo and Collet, Jean-Philippe and Mueller, Christian and Valgimigli, Marco and Aneotti, Felicita and Bax, Jeroen J and Borger, Michael A and Brotons, Carlos and Chew, Derek P and Gencer, Baris and Hasenfuss, Gerd and Kjeldsen, Keld and Lancellotti, Patrizio and Landmesser, Ulf and Mehilli, Julinda and Mukherjee, Debabrata and Storey, Robert F and Windecker, Stephan and Baumgartner, Helmut and Gaemperli, Oliver and Achenbach, Stephan and Agewall, Stefan and Badimon, Lina and Baigent, Colin and Bueno, Héctor and Bugiardini, Raffaele and Carerj, Scipione and Casselman, Filip and Cuisset, Thomas and Erol, Çetin and Fitzsimons, Donna and Halle, Martin and Hamm, Christian and Hildick-Smith, David and Huber, Kurt and Ilioomitis, Efstathios and James, Stefan and Lewis, Basil S and Lip, Gregory Y. H and Piepoli, Massimo F and Richter, Dimitrios and Rosemann, Thomas and Sechtem, Udo and Steg, Ph Gabriel and Vrints, Christian and Luis Zamorano, Jose and Zamorano, Jose Luis and Aboyans, Victor and Barón-Esquivias, Gonzalo and Dean, Veronica and Kirchhof, Paulus and Kolh, Philippe and Nihoyannopoulos, Petros and Ponikowski, Piotr and Torbicki, Adam and Vaz Carneiro, Antonio and Chilingaryan, Aram and Weidinger, Franz and Najafov, Ruslan and Sinnaeve, Peter R and Terzić, Ibrahim and Postadzhiyan, Arman and Milicić, Davor and Eftychiou, Christos and Widimsky, Petr and Bang, Lia and El Etriby, Adel and Marandi, Toomas and Pietilä, Mikko and Kedev, Sasko and Koning, René and Aladashvili, Alexander and Neumann, Franz-Josef and Tsioufis, Kostantinos and Becker, Dávid and Guõnason, Thorarinn and Matetzky, Shlomi and Bolognese, Leonardo and Mussagaliyeva, Aisulu and Beishenkulov, Medet and Latkovskis, Gustavs and Serpytis, Pranas and Pereira, Bruno and Magri, Jane and Grosu, Aurel and Abir-Khalil, Saadia and Larsen, Alf Inge and Budaj, Anzej and Mimoso, Jorge M. Vieira and Ginghina, Carmen and Averkov, Oleg and Nedeljkovic, Milan A and Studencan, Martin and Barrabés, José A and Held, Claes and Rickli, Hans and Peters, Ron J. G and Mourali, Mohamed Sami and Atalar, Enver and ... and ESC Scientific Document Group and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, centrumbildningar mm and Uppsala kliniska forskningscentrum (UCR)
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 2016, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 267 - +
Journal Article
by Ponikowski, Piotr and Voors, Adriaan A and Anker, Stefan D and Bueno, Héctor and Cleland, John G. F and Coats, Andrew J. S and Falk, Volkmar and González‐Juanatey, José Ramón and Harjola, Veli‐Pekka and Jankowska, Ewa A and Jessup, Mariell and Linde, Cecilia and Nihoyannopoulos, Petros and Parissis, John T and Pieske, Burkert and Riley, Jillian P and Rosano, Giuseppe M. C and Ruilope, Luis M and Ruschitzka, Frank and Rutten, Frans H and van der Meer, Peter and Filippatos, Gerasimos and McMurray, John J. V and Aboyans, Victor and Achenbach, Stephan and Agewall, Stefan and Al‐Attar, Nawwar and Atherton, John James and Bauersachs, Johann and John Camm, A and Carerj, Scipione and Ceconi, Claudio and Coca, Antonio and Elliott, Perry and Erol, Çetin and Ezekowitz, Justin and Fernández‐Golfín, Covadonga and Fitzsimons, Donna and Guazzi, Marco and Guenoun, Maxime and Hasenfuss, Gerd and Hindricks, Gerhard and Hoes, Arno W and Iung, Bernard and Jaarsma, Tiny and Kirchhof, Paulus and Knuuti, Juhani and Kolh, Philippe and Konstantinides, Stavros and Lainscak, Mitja and Lancellotti, Patrizio and Lip, Gregory Y. H and Maisano, Francesco and Mueller, Christian and Petrie, Mark C and Piepoli, Massimo F and Priori, Silvia G and Torbicki, Adam and Tsutsui, Hiroyuki and van Veldhuisen, Dirk J and Windecker, Stephan and Yancy, Clyde and Zamorano, Jose Luis and Aboyans, Victor and Achenbach, Stephan and Agewall, Stefan and Badimon, Lina and n‐Esquivias, Gonzalo Baro´ and Baumgartner, Helmut and Bax, Jeroen J and Bueno, He´ctor and Carerj, Scipione and Dean, Veronica and Erol, Çetin and Fitzsimons, Donna and Gaemperli, Oliver and Kirchhof, Paulus and Kolh, Philippe and Lancellotti, Patrizio and Lip, Gregory Y. H and Nihoyannopoulos, Petros and Piepoli, Massimo F and Ponikowski, Piotr and Roffi, Marco and Torbicki, Adam and Carneiro, Anto´nio Vaz and Windecker, Stephan and Sisakian, Hamayak S and Isayev, Elnur and Kurlianskaya, Alena and Mullens, Wilfried and Tokmakova, Mariya and Agathangelou, Petros and Melenovsky, Vojtech and Wiggers, Henrik and Hassanein, Mahmoud and Uuetoa, Tiina and Lommi, Jyri and Kostovska, Elizabeta Srbinovska and Juillière, Yves and ...
European Journal of Heart Failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 08/2016, Volume 18, Issue 8, pp. 891 - 975
Journal Article