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male (44) 44
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prospective studies (27) 27
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analysis (16) 16
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general & internal medicine (15) 15
surgery (15) 15
respiratory system (14) 14
spain (14) 14
critical care medicine (13) 13
risk factors (13) 13
care and treatment (12) 12
medicine (11) 11
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abridged index medicus (10) 10
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multidisciplinary sciences (9) 9
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science (9) 9
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postoperative complications - diagnosis (8) 8
prognosis (8) 8
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research article (8) 8
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cardiac & cardiovascular systems (6) 6
cardiovascular system & cardiology (6) 6
health aspects (6) 6
microbiology (6) 6
oxidative stress (6) 6
sensitivity and specificity (6) 6
anesthesia (5) 5
biology (5) 5
blasting (5) 5
brain (5) 5
cancer (5) 5
clinical trials (5) 5
colorectal cancer (5) 5
continuous positive airway pressure (5) 5
diagnosis (5) 5
europe (5) 5
extravascular lung water (5) 5
genes (5) 5
heating (5) 5
hospital mortality (5) 5
indexing scheme relating to materials, material properties ormaterial characteristics for machines, engines or pumps otherthan non-positive-displacement machines or engines (5) 5
indexing schemes relating to engines or pumps in varioussubclasses of classes f01-f04 (5) 5
intensive care units (5) 5
lighting (5) 5
lung cancer (5) 5
lung neoplasms - diagnosis (5) 5
mechanical engineering (5) 5
non-invasive ventilation (5) 5
one-lung ventilation (5) 5
positive displacement machines for liquids (5) 5
postoperative period (5) 5
postoperative pulmonary complications (5) 5
pumps (5) 5
pumps for liquids or elastic fluids (5) 5
retrospective studies (5) 5
severity of illness index (5) 5
studies (5) 5
surveys and questionnaires (5) 5
weapons (5) 5
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anaesthesia (4) 4
biochemistry & molecular biology (4) 4
biology and life sciences (4) 4
blood (4) 4
clinical protocols (4) 4
cohort studies (4) 4
hemodynamic monitoring (4) 4
infectious diseases (4) 4
intensive care (4) 4
length of stay (4) 4
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BMJ open, ISSN 2044-6055, 07/2017, Volume 7, Issue 7, pp. e016765 - e016765
Journal Article
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology, ISSN 1617-7959, 4/2018, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. 449 - 464
Journal Article
Cancer biology & therapy, ISSN 1538-4047, 10/2007, Volume 6, Issue 10, pp. 1600 - 1605
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Duque-Sosa, Paula and Martínez-Urbistondo, Diego and Echarri, Gemma and Callejas, Raquel and Iribarren, María Josefa and Rábago, Gregorio and Monedero, Pablo and García-Fernández, Nuria and García, Carolina and Barrios, José María and Novoa, Emma and Hualde, Julio Barado and Pascual, Óscar Agudo and Álvarez, Sara Cordón and Astillero, Isidro Paredes and Moreira, Beatriz Castaño and Iradier, Paloma Herrador and Caballero, Laura-Mercedes Puerto and Maté, Raquel González and Hernández, Jesús Porro and Crespo, María-José Torres and Pañero, Blanca Mateos and Bronchal, María-Jesús Domínguez and García-Heras, Elisa Ávila and Refojo, Felisa Álvarez and Arias, Laura Fernández and Suárez, Félix Ezequiel Fernández and Fraile, Lisardo Iglesias and Roux, Carmen and Belda, Isabel and Matute, Purificación and Gómez, Eduardo Tamayo and Álvarez-Fuente, Elisa and Ruiz-Granado, Patricia and Aguilar, Gerardo and García-Márquez, Carlos and Fernando, Carlos and Puig, Jaume and Carbonell, José Antonio and Arocas, Blanca and Badenes, Rafael and Pastor, Ernesto and Gómez, Alba and Belda, F. Javier and Rodríguez, Miguel Olmos and Bárcena, Maite Arteta and Hernández, Juan Antonio Ballester and Loureiro, Miguel Ángel Pereira and Caamaño, Rafael Pita-Romero and Martínez, María Ángela Varela and Vázquez, Vanesa Vilanova and Álvarez, Alexo López and Lorenzo, Carlos Esteva and Fernández, Adriana Román and Tamayo, Jorge Pereira and Rodríguez, Gerardo Baños and Lamas, Miriam Vázquez and Martínez, Soledad Just and Gómez, Ana Campos and Sigüenza, Juan Bernardo Flores and García, Elisabet Berastegui and Contreras, José María Manciño and Irriguible, Teresa Tomasa and Martí, Pilar Ricart and Del Campo, María Teresa Misis and Núñez, Álvaro German Salcedo and Brey, Aroa Gómez and Collado, Isabel Gragera and Casas, Rosa Barrios and Garcipérez, J. Francisco and Giralt, Sara Sánchez and Rico, Guadalupe Acedo and Toha, Ángel Candela and Roux, Diego Parise and Martín, Luis Gajate and Borja, Marcos Martínez and Pajares, Angélica De Pablo and De Las Heras, Beatriz Prada and Martín, Elena Elías and Pérez, Pilar Arribas and Dapena, Raquel Casas and López, Sara Alonso and TorrentsFernández, Ma Asunción and González, María Dolores Carrasco and PerisCuello, Xavier and RomaGarcía-Campomanes, Francesc and Del Campo, Álvaro García and Seoane, Enrique Calderón and Palacios, Virginia Burgos and Álvarez, Ángela Canteli and Cardenal, Miguel Fernando Llano and Beláustegui, Manuel Cobo and Lera, Marta Ruiz and Martínez, Natalia Royuela and Genovés, David Bixquert and Moreno, Carlos L. Albacete and Rubio, Rubén Jara and Fernández, Francisco Javier González and Cuadros, Sonia Ibáñez and Márquez, Emilio Álvarez and ... and Spanish Grp Renal Dysfunction Card and Spanish group of renal dysfunction in cardiac surgery (GEDRCC-2)
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 02/2017, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. e0172021 - e0172021
Journal Article
by Ferrando, Carlos and Soro, Marina and Unzueta, Carmen and Suarez-Sipmann, Fernando and Canet, Jaume and Librero, Julián and Pozo, Natividad and Peiró, Salvador and Llombart, Alicia and León, Irene and India, Inmaculada and Aldecoa, Cesar and Díaz-Cambronero, Oscar and Pestaña, David and Redondo, Francisco J and Garutti, Ignacio and Balust, Jaume and García, Jose I and Ibáñez, Maite and Granell, Manuel and Rodríguez, Aurelio and Gallego, Lucía and de la Matta, Manuel and Gonzalez, Rafael and Brunelli, Andrea and García, Javier and Rovira, Lucas and Barrios, Francisco and Torres, Vicente and Hernández, Samuel and Gracia, Estefanía and Giné, Marta and García, María and García, Nuria and Miguel, Lisset and Sánchez, Sergio and Piñeiro, Patricia and Pujol, Roger and García-del-Valle, Santiago and Valdivia, José and Hernández, María J and Padrón, Oto and Colás, Ana and Puig, Jaume and Azparren, Gonzalo and Tusman, Gerardo and Villar, Jesús and Belda, Javier and Acosta, Jesús and Aguilar, Gerardo and Alberola, María José and Alcón, Amalia and Alonso, Jose M and Alonso, María Dolores and Anaya, Rafael and Argente, María Pilar and Agilaga, Marta and Arocas, Blanca and Asensio, Ana and Ayas, Begoña and Ayuso, Mercedes and Balandrón, Victor and Barrio, María and Bejarano, Natalia and Benítez, Inmaculada and Cabrera, Sergio and Carbonell, Jose A and Carramiñana, Albert and Carrizo, Juan and Cegarra, Virginia and Chamorro, Estefanía and Charco, Pedro and Cruz, Patricia and Daviu, Francisco and De Fez, Mario and De Miguel, Ángeles and Del Río, Elena and Delgado, Carlos and Díaz, Ruben and Díaz, Susana and Díez, Fernando and Dosdá, Rosa and Duca, Alejandro and Etulain, Ma Justina and Fernández, Carmen and Franco, Tania and Fuentes, Isabel and Gallego, Clara and Gallego-Casilda, Alberto and Galve, Ana Isabel and Garcés, Cristina and García, Mercedes and García, Pablo and Garrigues, Beatriz and Gilabert, Vicente and González, Domingo and Gutiérrez, Andrea and Hernández, Inmaculada and Izquierdo, Ana and Jurado, Ana and ... and Individualized PeRioperative Open-lung VEntilation (iPROVE) Network and Individualized PeRioperative
The lancet respiratory medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 03/2018, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 193 - 203
The effects of individualised perioperative lung-protective ventilation (based on the open-lung approach [OLA]) on postoperative complications is unknown. We... 
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Journal Article