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ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2013, Volume 24, Issue 9, pp. 2342 - 2349
Journal Article
by Kubicka Prof, Stefan and Greil, R and André, T and Bennouna, J and Sastre, J and Van Cutsem, E and Von Moos, R and Österlund, P and Reyes-Rivera, I and Müller, T and Makrutzki, M and Arnold, D and Andel, J and Balcke, P and Benedicic, B and Eisterer, W and Fridrik, M and Jagdt, B and Keil, F and Kretschmer, A and Krippl, P and Oexle, H and Pecherstorfer, M and Samonigg, H and Schmid, M and Thaler, J and Tinchon, C and Weiss, H and Arts, J and De Man, M and Demolin, G and Janssens, J and Polus, M and Benczikova, B and Melichar, B and Prausova, J and Vitek, P and Andersen, F.Z and Jensen, B.B and Keldsen, N and Østerlind, K and Vistisen, K and Elme, A and Magi, A and Ojamaa, K and Ristamäki, R and Salminen, T and Ben Abdelghani, M and Bouche, O and Borg, C and Bouhier-Leporrier, K and Breysacher, G and Chone, L and Clavero Fabri, M.-C and Deplanque, G and Desseigne, F and Dourthe, L.-M and Ezenfis, J and Faroux, R and François, E and Garnier, C and Gaspard, M.-H and Hebbar, M and Illory, J.F and Kaminsky, M.-C and Lecomte, T and Legoux, J.-L and Levache, B and Lobry, C and Lotz, J.-P and Mabro, M and Manet-Lacombe, S and Manfredi, S and Matysiak Budnik, T and Miglianico, L and Mineur, L and Moullet, I and Naman, H and Nouyrigat, P and Oziel-Taieb, S and Perrier, H and Pezet, D and Philip, J and Pottier, V and Porneuf, M and Ramdani, M and Re, D and Rinaldi, Y and Spaeth, D and Taieb, J and Terrebonne, E and Texereau, P and Thirot Bidault, A and Tournigand, C and Tubiana-Mathieu, N and Vantelon, J.-M and Viret, F and Ychou, M and Bangerter, M and Bertram, M.E and ...
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2013, Volume 24, Issue 9, pp. 2342 - 2349
Journal Article
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