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by Southey, Melissa C and Goldgar, David E and Winqvist, Robert and Pylkäs, Katri and Couch, Fergus and Tischkowitz, Marc and Foulkes, William D and Dennis, Joe and Michailidou, Kyriaki and van Rensburg, Elizabeth J and Heikkinen, Tuomas and Nevanlinna, Heli and Hopper, John L and Dörk, Thilo and Claes, Kathleen BM and Reis-Filho, Jorge and Teo, Zhi Ling and Radice, Paolo and Catucci, Irene and Peterlongo, Paolo and Tsimiklis, Helen and Odefrey, Fabrice A and Dowty, James G and Schmidt, Marjanka K and Broeks, Annegien and Hogervorst, Frans B and Verhoef, Senno and Carpenter, Jane and Clarke, Christine and Scott, Rodney J and Fasching, Peter A and Haeberle, Lothar and Ekici, Arif B and Beckmann, Matthias W and Peto, Julian and dos-Santos-Silva, Isabel and Fletcher, Olivia and Johnson, Nichola and Bolla, Manjeet K and Sawyer, Elinor J and Tomlinson, Ian and Kerin, Michael J and Miller, Nicola and Marme, Federik and Burwinkel, Barbara and Yang, Rongxi and Guénel, Pascal and Truong, Thérèse and Menegaux, Florence and Sanchez, Marie and Bojesen, Stig and Nielsen, Sune F and Flyger, Henrik and Benitez, Javier and Zamora, M Pilar and Perez, Jose Ignacio Arias and Menéndez, Primitiva and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Neuhausen, Susan and Ziogas, Argyrios and Clarke, Christina A and Brenner, Hermann and Arndt, Volker and Stegmaier, Christa and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brüning, Thomas and Ko, Yon-Dschun and Muranen, Taru A and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Blomqvist, Carl and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Antonenkova, Natalia N and Lindblom, Annika and Margolin, Sara and Mannermaa, Arto and Kataja, Vesa and Kosma, Veli-Matti and Hartikainen, Jaana M and Spurdle, Amanda B and Investigators, kConFab and Wauters, Els and Smeets, Dominiek and Beuselinck, Benoit and Floris, Giuseppe and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Rudolph, Anja and Seibold, Petra and Flesch-Janys, Dieter and Olson, Janet E and Vachon, Celine and Pankratz, Vernon S and McLean, Catriona and Haiman, Christopher A and Henderson, Brian E and Schumacher, Fredrick and Le Marchand, Loic and Kristensen, Vessela and Alnæs, Grethe Grenaker and Zheng, Wei and Hunter, David J and ... and Australian Ovarian Canc Study Grp and kConFab Investigators and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
Journal of Medical Genetics, ISSN 0022-2593, 12/2016, Volume 53, Issue 12, pp. 800 - 811
Journal Article
by Dunham, Ian and Kundaje, Anshul and Aldred, Shelley F and Collins, Patrick J and Davis, Carrie A and Doyle, Francis and Epstein, Charles B and Frietze, Seth and Harrow, Jennifer and Kaul, Rajinder and Khatun, Jainab and Lajoie, Bryan R and Landt, Stephen G and Lee, Bum-Kyu and Pauli, Florencia and Rosenbloom, Kate R and Sabo, Peter and Safi, Alexias and Sanyal, Amartya and Shoresh, Noam and Simon, Jeremy M and Song, Lingyun and Trinklein, Nathan D and Altshuler, Robert C and Birney, Ewan and Brown, James B and Cheng, Chao and Djebali, Sarah and Dong, Xianjun and Ernst, Jason and Furey, Terrence S and Gerstein, Mark and Giardine, Belinda and Greven, Melissa and Hardison, Ross C and Harris, Robert S and Herrero, Javier and Hoffman, Michael M and Iyer, Sowmya and Kellis, Manolis and Kheradpour, Pouya and Lassmann, Timo and Li, Qunhua and Lin, Xinying and Marinov, Georgi K and Merkel, Angelika and Mortazavi, Ali and Parker, Stephen C. J and Reddy, Timothy E and Rozowsky, Joel and Schlesinger, Felix and Thurman, Robert E and Wang, Jie and Ward, Lucas D and Whitfield, Troy W and Wilder, Steven P and Wu, Weisheng and Xi, Hualin S and Yip, Kevin Y and Zhuang, Jiali and Bernstein, Bradley E and Green, Eric D and Gunter, Chris and Snyder, Michael and Pazin, Michael J and Lowdon, Rebecca F and Dillon, Laura A. L and Adams, Leslie B and Kelly, Caroline J and Zhang, Julia and Wexler, Judith R and Good, Peter J and Feingold, Elise A and Crawford, Gregory E and Dekker, Job and Elnitski, Laura and Farnham, Peggy J and Giddings, Morgan C and Gingeras, Thomas R and Guigó, Roderic and Hubbard, Timothy J and Kent, W. James and Lieb, Jason D and Margulies, Elliott H and Myers, Richard M and Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Tenenbaum, Scott A and Weng, Zhiping and White, Kevin P and Wold, Barbara and Yu, Yanbao and Wrobel, John and Risk, Brian A and Gunawardena, Harsha P and Kuiper, Heather C and Maier, Christopher W and Xie, Ling and Chen, Xian and Mikkelsen, Tarjei S and Gillespie, Shawn and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 09/2012, Volume 489, Issue 7414, pp. 57 - 74
Journal Article
by Sullivan, Patrick and Yuan, Maoli and Coleman, John and Destefano, Joanne and Zhang, Xinsheng and Yates, Nicole and Barouch, Dan and Ackerman, Margaret and Decamp, Allan and Alter, Galit and Tomaras, Georgia and Tomaras, Georgia and Montefiori, David and Montefiori, David and Rasmussen, Beth and Morrow, Gavin and Koff, Wayne and Kashuba, Angela and Kashuba, Angela and Mascola, John and Picker, Louis and Kent, Stephen and Selhorst, Philippe and Masson, Lindi and Ngandu, Nobubelo and Rademeyer, Cecilia and Karim, Quarraisha Abdool and Kijak, Gustavo and Barouch, Dan and Rasheed, Ata Ur and Havenar-Daughton, Colin and Pham, Matthew and Kovalenkov, Yevgeniy and Gumber, Sanjeev and Johnson, Matthew and Wrammert, Jens and Villinger, Francois and Haynes, Barton and Haynes, Barton and Fox, Christopher and Reed, Steve and Vasilakos, John and Tomai, Mark and Crotty, Shane and Ahmed, Rafi and Pulendran, Bali and Fukazawa, Yoshinori and Lifson, Jeffrey and Lifson, Jeffrey and Moore, Penny and Chatora, Kumbirai and Skorochod, Elisabeth and Madidi, Ngonidzashe and Gomez, Anabel and Ncube, Getrude and Sundaram, Maaya and Kretschmer, Steve and Pauthner, Matthias and Briney, Bryan and Lee, Jeong Hyun and Saye-Francisco, Karen and Hsueh, Jessica and Ramos, Alejandra and Le, Khoa and Jones, Meaghan and Jardine, Joseph and Bastidas, Raiza and Sarkar, Anita and Liang, Chi-Hui and Wilson, Ian and Ward, Andrew and Zhu, Jiang and Poignard, Pascal and Burton, Dennis and Krebs, Shelly and Law, Wiliam and Gift, Syna and Chenine, Agnes and Rolland, Morgane and Moody, M. Anthony and Jarosinski, Marissa and Georgiev, Ivelin and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Asokan, Mangaiarkarasi and Bailer, Robert T and Cale, Evan M and Louder, Mark and Kwong, Peter D and Polonis, Victoria and Tovanabutra, Sodsai and Robb, Merlin and Mascola, John R and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Madzorera, Vimbai S and Doria-Rose, Nicole A and Morris, Lynn and Moore, Penny L and Anthony, Colin and ...
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2016, Volume 32, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 409
Journal Article
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2018, Volume 34, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 407
Journal Article
Neuron, ISSN 0896-6273, 2011, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp. 482 - 494
Transient receptor potential melastatin-3 (TRPM3) is a broadly expressed Ca -permeable nonselective cation channel. Previous work has demonstrated robust... 
TEMPERATURE | TRPV4 | CATION CHANNEL | ION-CHANNEL | PREGNENOLONE SULFATE | VANILLOID RECEPTOR-1 | COLD | CAPSAICIN-RECEPTOR | NEUROSCIENCES | MICE LACKING | EVOKED ACTIVATION | Hyperalgesia - chemically induced | Telemetry - methods | Calcium - metabolism | Capsaicin - pharmacology | Humans | Ganglia, Spinal - cytology | Transient Receptor Potential Channels - deficiency | Inflammation - metabolism | Time Factors | Behavior, Animal - drug effects | Sensory Receptor Cells - metabolism | Disease Models, Animal | Membrane Potentials - drug effects | Plant Oils - pharmacology | Trigeminal Ganglion - cytology | Mice, Knockout | Blood Glucose - drug effects | Patch-Clamp Techniques | Hyperalgesia - genetics | Transient Receptor Potential Channels - genetics | Gene Expression Regulation - radiation effects | TRPM Cation Channels - genetics | Blood Glucose - genetics | Mice | Inflammation - chemically induced | Mustard Plant | Pain Threshold - physiology | TRPM Cation Channels - deficiency | Membrane Potentials - genetics | Pregnenolone - adverse effects | Dose-Response Relationship, Drug | Transfection - methods | Bridged Bicyclo Compounds, Heterocyclic - therapeutic use | Freund's Adjuvant - adverse effects | Pain Threshold - drug effects | Nifedipine - pharmacology | Hot Temperature - adverse effects | Hyperalgesia - metabolism | Gene Expression Regulation - genetics | Mice, Inbred C57BL | Pain Measurement - drug effects | Calcium Channel Blockers - pharmacology | Pain Measurement - methods | Animals | Sensory Receptor Cells - drug effects | TRPM Cation Channels - antagonists & inhibitors | Hyperalgesia - drug therapy | TRPA1 Cation Channel | Inflammation - genetics | Acrylamides - therapeutic use | TRPM Cation Channels - metabolism | Cell Line, Transformed | Chemotherapy | Progesterone | Sulfates | Cancer | Heat | Behavior | Cold | Neurons | Rodents
Journal Article
Environmental Health Perspectives, ISSN 0091-6765, 1/2011, Volume 119, Issue 1, pp. 138 - 143
Journal Article