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by Knip, Mikael and Åkerblom, Hans K and Altaji, Eva and Becker, Dorothy and Bruining, Jan and Castano, Luis and Danne, Thomas and De Beaufort, Carine and Dosch, Hans-Michael and Dupre, John and Fraser, William D and Howard, Neville and Ilonen, Jorma and Konrad, Daniel and Kordonouri, Olga and Krischer, Jeffrey P and Lawson, Margaret L and Ludvigsson, Johnny and Madacsy, Laszlo and Mahon, Jeffrey L and Ormisson, Anne and Palmer, Jerry P and Pozzilli, Paolo and Savilahti, Erkki and Serrano-Rios, Manuel and Songini, Marco and Taback, Shayne and Vaarala, Outi and White, Neil H and Virtanen, Suvi M and Wasikowa, Renata and Mandrup-Poulsen, Thomas and Arjas, Elja and Lernmark, Åke and Läärä, Esa and Schmidt, Barbara and Hyytinen, Mila and Koski, Katriina and Koski, Matti and Merentie, Kristiina and Pajakkala, Eeva and Reunanen, Antti and Salonen, Marja and Terhonen, Tuija and Virkkunen, Seija and Cuthbertson, David and Gainer, Bruce and Hadley, David and Malloy, Jamie and Nallamshetty, Lavanya and Shanker, Linda and Bradley, Brenda and Lough, Gigi and Fraser, William and Sermer, Mathew and Taback, Shayne and Franciscus, Margaret and Nucci, Anita and Palmer, Jerry and Alahuhta, Kirsi and Bärlund, Sonja and Korhonen, Tuuli and Kovanen, Lea and Lehtonen, Eveliina and Niinistö, Sari and Pekkala, Minna and Sorkio, Susa and Toivanen, Liisa and Vähätalo, Liisa and Uusitalo, Ulla and Öhman, Taina and Bongiorno, Ros and Catteau, Jacki and Fraser, Glenda and Lloyd, Margaret and Crock, Patricia and Giles, Michelle and Siech, Krystyna and See, Denise Wong and Brown, Christina and Craig, Maria and Johnston, Amanda and Bere, Lynda J and Clarson, Cheril L and Jenner, Morris and McManus, Ruth and Renato, Natale and Lovell, Marge and Higo, Debbie and Kent, Nancy and Kwan, Jennifer and Marshall, Colleen and Metzger, Daniel and Chanoine, Jean-Pierre and Stewart, Laura and Thompson, David and Edwards, Alun and Lange, Ian and Mercer, Julia and Pacaud, Daniele and ... and TRIGR Study Group and Writing Group for the TRIGR Study Group and Medicinska fakulteten and Region Östergötland and Barn- och ungdomskliniken i Linköping and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Barn- och kvinnocentrum and Avdelningen för barns och kvinnors hälsa
JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 01/2018, Volume 319, Issue 1, pp. 38 - 48
Journal Article
by Nucci, Anita M and Virtanen, Suvi M and Sorkio, Susa and Bärlund, Sonja and Cuthbertson, David and Uusitalo, Ulla and Lawson, Margaret L and Salonen, Marja and Berseth, Carol L and Ormisson, Anne and Lehtonen, Eveliina and Savilahti, Erkki and Becker, Dorothy J and Dupré, John and Krischer, Jeffrey P and Knip, Mikael and Åkerblom, Hans K and Mandrup‐Poulsen, Thomas and Arjas, Elias and Läärä, Esa and Lernmark, Åke and Schmidt, Barbara and Krischer, Jeffrey P and Åkerblom, Hans K and Hyytinen, Mila and Knip, Mikael and Koski, Katriina and Koski, Matti and Pajakkala, Eeva and Salonen, Marja and Cuthbertson, David and Krischer, Jeffrey P and Shanker, Linda and Bradley, Brenda and Dosch, Hans‐Michael and Dupré, John and Fraser, William and Lawson, Margaret and Mahon, Jeffrey L and Sermer, Mathew and Taback, Shayne P and Becker, Dorothy and Franciscus, Margarret and Nucci, Anita and Palmer, Jerry and Pekkala, Minna and Virtanen, Suvi M and Catteau, Jacki and Howard, Neville and Crock, Patricia and Craig, Maria and Clarson, Cheril L and Bere, Lynda and Thompson, David and Metzger, Daniel and Kwan, Jennifer and Stephure, David K and Pacaud, Daniele and Ho, Josephine and Schwarz, Wendy and Girgis, Rose and Thompson, Marilyn and Taback, Shayne P and Catte, Daniel and Lawson, Margaret L and Bradley, Brenda and Daneman, Denis and Sermer, Mathew and Martin, Mary‐Jean and Morin, Valérie and Frenette, Lyne and Ferland, Suzanne and Sanderson, Susan and Heath, Kathy and Huot, Céline and Gonthier, Monique and Thibeault, Maryse and Legault, Laurent and Laforte, Diane and Cummings, Elizabeth A and Scott, Karen and Bridger, Tracey and Crummell, Cheryl and Newman, Sharon and Houlden, Robyn and Breen, Adriana and Carson, George and Kelly, Sheila and Sankaran, Koravangattu and Penner, Marie and White, Richard A and Hardy Brown, Karolyn and King, Nancy and Popkin, James and Robson, Laurie and Coles, Karen and Al Taji, Eva and Aldhoon, Irena and Mendlova, Pavla and Vavrinec, Jan and ... and TRIGR Investigators
Maternal & Child Nutrition, ISSN 1740-8695, 07/2017, Volume 13, Issue 3, p. n/a
Journal Article
Journal Article
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