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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 7/2010, Volume 107, Issue 27, pp. 12168 - 12173
Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 06/2017, Volume 76, Issue Suppl 2, p. 38
Osteoarthritis (OA) has long been considered as the consequence of tear and wear due to mechanical triggers. In that paradigm, the increased risk of OA in... 
Hypertension | Obesity | Phenotypes | Adipose tissue | Diabetes mellitus | Dyslipidemia | Arthritis | Drug delivery | Drug screening | Metabolism | Joint diseases | Genotype & phenotype | Hypotheses | Hyperglycemia | Diabetes | Drug discovery | Cardiovascular diseases | Osteoarthritis | Metabolic disorders
Journal Article
by Mehta, P and Holder, S and Fisher, B and Vincent, T and Nadesalingam, K and Maciver, H and Shingler, W and Bakshi, J and Hassan, S and D'Cruz, D and Chan, A and Litwic, A. E and McCrae, F and Seth, R and Nandagudi, A and Jury, E and Isenberg, D and Karjigi, U and Paul, A and Rees, F and O'Dowd, E and Kinnear, W and Johnson, S and Lanyon, P and Stevens, R and Narayan, N and Marguerie, C and Robinson, H and Ffolkes, L and Worsnop, F and Ostlere, L and Kiely, P and Dharmapalaiah, C and Hassan, N and Bharadwaj, A and Skibinska, M and Gendi, N and Davies, E. J and Akil, M and Kilding, R and Ramachandran Nair, J and Walsh, M and Farrar, W and Thompson, R. N and Borukhson, L and McFadyen, C and Singh, D and Rajagopal, V and Chan, A. M. L and Wearn Koh, L and Christie, J. D and Croot, L and Gayed, M and Disney, B and Singhal, S and Grindulis, K and Reynolds, T. D and Conway, K and Williams, D and Quin, J and Dean, G and Churchill, D and Walker-Bone, K. E and Goff, I and Reynolds, G and Grove, M and Patel, P and Lazarus, M. N and Roncaroli, F and Gabriel, C and Kinderlerer, A. R and Nikiphorou, E and Hall, F. C and Bruce, E and Gray, L and Krutikov, M and Wig, S and Bruce, I and D'Agostino, M. A and Wakefield, R and Berner Hammer, H and Vittecoq, O and Galeazzi, M and Balint, P and Filippucci, E and Moller, I and Iagnocco, A and Naredo, E and Ostergaard, M and Gaillez, C and Kerselaers, W and Van Holder, K and Le Bars, M and Stone, M. A and Williams, F and Wolber, L and Karppinen, J and Maatta, J and Thompson, B and Atchia, I and ... and on behalf of the British Society for Rheumatology Biologics Registers and OMERACT US Task Force and BSRBR Control Centre Consortium and British Society for Rheumatology Biologics Registers Control Centre Consortium and British Society for Rheumatology Biologics Register Control Centre Consortium and on behalf of the BSRBR
Rheumatology, ISSN 1462-0324, 04/2013, Volume 52, Issue suppl 1, pp. i56 - i94
Journal Article
by Parsons, Camille M and Judge, Andrew and Leyland, Kirsten and Bruyère, Olivier and Petit Dop, Florence and Chapurlat, Roland and Reginster, Jean‐Yves and Edwards, Mark H and Dennison, Elaine M and Cooper, Cyrus and Inskip, Hazel and Christiansen, C and Delmas, P and Genant, H and Zacher, J and Bellamy, N and Speirs, C and Bréart, G and Meyer, O and Gensburger, D and Arlot, M and Roux, J.‐P and Deroisy, R and Sambrook, P and Leeb, B and Verbruggen, A and Bensen, W and Hala, T and Holm‐Bentzen, M and Valter, I and Chevalier, X and Swoboda, B and Adami, S and Kloppenburg, M and Grazuleviciute, E and Badurski, J and Branco, J and Nasonov, E and Navarro, F and Spector, T and Barnsley, L and Hall, S and Jones, G and Klestov, A and March, L and Nash, P and Romas, E and Will, R and Erlacher, L and Leeb, F. B and Resch, H and Rainer, F and Zamani, O and Appelboom, T and Devogelaer, J. P and Kvasz, A and Raeman, F and Verbruggen, A and Beaulieu, A. D and Bensen, W. G and Brown, J and Cividino, A. A and Morin, F and Olszynski, W. P and Raynauld, J. P and Thorne, J. C and Hala, T and Pavelka, K and Alexandersen, P and Hoeck, H. C and Holm‐Bentzen, M and Lundqvist, P and Valter, I and Aim, L and Audouy, P and Beaunier, P and Benhamou, C. L and Berenbaum, F and Chabaud, E and Chalet, D and Chevalier, X and Cohen‐Solal, M and Delbecq, D and Euller‐Ziegler, L and Fardellone, P and Hilliquin, P and Jacquety, E and Jude, N and Lechevalier, D and Mouchet, J. C and Richette, P and Sainte Lorette, E and Schaeverbeke, T and Sebbah, A and Vignot, E and Brabant, T and Burmester, G. R and Grifka, J and Müller, P. E. M and Swoboda, B and ... and SEKOIA Study Grp and SEKOIA Study Group and the SEKOIA Study Group
Arthritis Care & Research, ISSN 2151-464X, 02/2019, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 300 - 307
Objective Osteoarthritis-related changes in joint space measurements over time are small and sensitive to measurement error. The Reliable Change Index (RCI)... 
Journal Article
by Campbell, R and Hofmann, D and Hatch, S and Gordon, P and Lempp, H and Das, L and Blumbergs, P and Limaye, V and Vermaak, E and McHugh, N and Edwards, M. H and Jameson, K and Sayer, A. A and Dennison, E and Cooper, C and Salvador, F. B and Huertas, C and Isenberg, D and Jackson, E. J and Middleton, A and Churchill, D and Walker-Bone, K and Worsley, P. R and Mottram, S and Warner, M and Morrissey, D and Gadola, S and Carr, A and Stokes, M and Srivastava, R. N and Sanghi, D and Elbaz, A and Mor, A and Segal, G and Drexler, M and Norman, D and Peled, E and Rozen, N and Goryachev, Y and Debbi, E. M and Haim, A and Wolf, A and Debi, R and Cohen, M. S and Igolnikov, I and Bar Ziv, Y and Benkovich, V and Bernfeld, B and Collins, J and Moots, R. J and Clegg, P. D and Milner, P. I and Ejtehadi, H. D and Nelson, P. N and Wenham, C and Balamoody, S and Hodgson, R and Conaghan, P and Wilkie, R and Blagojevic, M and Jordan, K. P and Mcbeth, J and Peffers, M. J and Beynon, R. J and Thornton, D. J and Chapman, R and Chapman, V and Walsh, D and Kelly, S and Hui, M and Zhang, W and Doherty, S and Rees, F and Muir, K and Maciewicz, R and Doherty, M and Snelling, S and Davidson, R. K and Swingler, T and Price, A and Clark, I and Stockley, E and Hathway, G and Faas, H and Auer, D and Hirsch, G and Hale, E and Kitas, G and Klocke, R and Abraham, A and Pearce, M. S and Mann, K. D and Francis, R. M and Birrell, F and Tucker, M and Mellon, S. J and Jones, L and Price, A. J and Dieppe, P. A and Gill, H. S and ...
Rheumatology, ISSN 1462-0324, 05/2012, Volume 51, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii93 - iii139
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Werren, John H and Richards, Stephen and Desjardins, Christopher A and Niehuis, Oliver and Gadau, Juergen and Colbourne, John K and Beukeboom, Leo W and Desplan, Claude and Elsik, Christine G and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J. P and Kitts, Paul and Lynch, Jeremy A and Murphy, Terence and Oliveira, Deodoro C. S. G and Smith, Christopher D and van de Zande, Louis and Worley, Kim C and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Aerts, Maarten and Albert, Stefan and Anaya, Victor H and Anzola, Juan M and Barchuk, Angel R and Behura, Susanta K and Bera, Agata N and Berenbaum, May R and Bertossa, Rinaldo C and Bitondi, Marcia M. G and Bordenstein, Seth R and Bork, Peer and Bornberg-Bauer, Erich and Brunain, Marleen and Cazzamali, Giuseppe and Chaboub, Lesley and Chacko, Joseph and Chavez, Dean and Childers, Christopher P and Choi, Jeong-Hyeon and Clark, Michael E and Claudianos, Charles and Clinton, Rochelle A and Cree, Anew G and Cristino, Alexane S and Dang, Phat M and Darby, Alistair C and de Graaf, Dirk C and Devreese, Bart and Dinh, Huyen H and Edwards, Rachel and Elango, Navin and Elhaik, Eran and Ermolaeva, Olga and Evans, Jay D and Foret, Sylvain and Fowler, Gerald R and Gerlach, Daniel and Gibson, Joshua D and Gilbert, Donald G and Graur, Dan and Grunder, Stefan and Hagen, Darren E and Han, Yi and Hauser, Frank and Hultmark, Dan and Hunter, Henry C and Jhangian, Shalini N and Jiang, Huaiyang and Johnson, Reed M and Jones, Anew K and Junier, Thomas and Kadowaki, Tatsuhiko and Kamping, Albert and Kapustin, Yuri and Kechavarzi, Bobak and Kim, Jaebum and Kim, Jay and Kiryutin, Boris and Koevoets, Tosca and Kovar, Christie L and Kriventseva, Evgenia V and Kucharski, Robert and Lee, Heewook and Lee, Sana L and Lees, Kristin and Lewis, Lora R and Loehlin, David W and Logsdon, John M and Lopez, Jacqueline A and Lozado, Ryan J and Maglott, Donna and Maleszka, Ryszard and Mayampurath, Anoop and Mazur, Danielle J and McClure, Marcella A and Moore, Anew D and Morgan, Margaret B and Muller, Jean and Munoz-Torres, Monica C and Muzny, Donna M and Nazareth, Lynne V and ... and Nasonia Genome Working Grp and Nasonia Genome Working Group and The Nasonia Genome Working Group and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för molekylärbiologi (Medicinska fakulteten) and Umeå universitet
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 1/2010, Volume 327, Issue 5963, pp. 343 - 348
We report here genome sequences and comparative analyses of three closely related parasitoid wasps: Nasonia vitripennis, N giraulti, and N. longicomis.... 
Parasitoids | Venoms | Wolbachia | Medical genetics | Evolutionary genetics | Reports | Genomes | Biology | Insect genomes | Insect genetics | Research universities | VITRIPENNIS | HYMENOPTERA | SOCIAL INSECTS | DNA METHYLATION | APIS-MELLIFERA | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENES | PTEROMALIDAE | HONEYBEE | WASP NASONIA | DROSOPHILA | Molecular Sequence Data | Male | Wasps - genetics | Genetic Variation | DNA Methylation | Wolbachia - genetics | Wasp Venoms - chemistry | Arthropods - parasitology | Recombination, Genetic | Genetic Speciation | Wasp Venoms - toxicity | Female | Wasps - physiology | Genome, Insect | Host-Parasite Interactions | Insect Proteins - metabolism | Insect Viruses - genetics | Genes, Insect | Insect Proteins - genetics | Gene Transfer, Horizontal | Insecta - genetics | Sequence Analysis, DNA | DNA Transposable Elements | Biological Evolution | Animals | Quantitative Trait Loci | Developmental genetics | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Wasps | Agricultural pests | Methods | Animal populations | Parasites | Insects | Evolutionary biology | Genomics | Index Medicus | Biological Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Biokemi och molekylärbiologi | Biologiska vetenskaper | Cell and molecular biology | Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Biologi | Natural Sciences | Molecular biology | Cell- och molekylärbiologi | Molekylärbiologi
Journal Article