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analysis (1) 1
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clinical trials, phase ii as topic - ethics (1) 1
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disease outbreaks - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
distribution (1) 1
dna (1) 1
dna sequencing (1) 1
dynamics (1) 1
ebola vaccine (1) 1
ebola vaccines - adverse effects (1) 1
ebola vaccines - therapeutic use (1) 1
ebola virus (1) 1
ebola virus infections (1) 1
ebolavirus - classification (1) 1
ebolavirus - genetics (1) 1
ebolavirus - pathogenicity (1) 1
electrical currents (1) 1
eligibility determination (1) 1
employees (1) 1
epidemiological monitoring (1) 1
ethics (1) 1
evolution (1) 1
genetic aspects (1) 1
genome, viral - genetics (1) 1
genomes (1) 1
guinea - epidemiology (1) 1
health knowledge, attitudes, practice (1) 1
health workers (1) 1
hemorrhagic fever, ebola - epidemiology (1) 1
hemorrhagic fever, ebola - immunology (1) 1
hemorrhagic fever, ebola - prevention & control (1) 1
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life sciences (1) 1
low- and middle-income countries (1) 1
medicine (1) 1
medicine, research & experimental (1) 1
methods (1) 1
multicenter studies as topic - ethics (1) 1
multicenter studies as topic - standards (1) 1
multidisciplinary sciences (1) 1
mutagenesis - genetics (1) 1
mutation rate (1) 1
nanopore sequencer (1) 1
nucleotide sequencing (1) 1
outbreak (1) 1
pathogens (1) 1
patient selection - ethics (1) 1
phylogenetics (1) 1
practice guidelines (1) 1
practice guidelines as topic - standards (1) 1
prevalence studies (1) 1
prevention (1) 1
research participants (1) 1
research personnel - ethics (1) 1
research personnel - psychology (1) 1
research personnel - standards (1) 1
research subjects - psychology (1) 1
risk factors (1) 1
sequence analysis, dna - instrumentation (1) 1
sequence analysis, dna - methods (1) 1
sierra-leone (1) 1
site staff (1) 1
surveillance (1) 1
time factors (1) 1
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by Quick, Joshua and Loman, Nicholas J and Duraffour, Sophie and Simpson, Jared T and Severi, Ettore and Cowley, Lauren and Bore, Joseph Akoi and Koundouno, Raymond and Dudas, Gytis and Mikhail, Amy and Ouédraogo, Nobila and Afrough, Babak and Bah, Amadou and Baum, Jonathan H. J and Becker-Ziaja, Beate and Boettcher, Jan Peter and Cabeza-Cabrerizo, Mar and Camino-Sánchez, Álvaro and Carter, Lisa L and Doerrbecker, Juliane and Enkirch, Theresa and Garciá-Dorival, Isabel and Hetzelt, Nicole and Hinzmann, Julia and Holm, Tobias and Kafetzopoulou, Liana Eleni and Koropogui, Michel and Kosgey, Abigael and Kuisma, Eeva and Logue, Christopher H and Mazzarelli, Antonio and Meisel, Sarah and Mertens, Marc and Michel, Janine and Ngabo, Didier and Nitzsche, Katja and Pallasch, Elisa and Patrono, Livia Victoria and Portmann, Jasmine and Repits, Johanna Gabriella and Rickett, Natasha Y and Sachse, Andreas and Singethan, Katrin and Vitoriano, Inês and Yemanaberhan, Rahel L and Zekeng, Elsa G and Racine, Trina and Bello, Alexander and Sall, Amadou Alpha and Faye, Ousmane and Faye, Oumar and Magassouba, N'Faly and Williams, Cecelia V and Amburgey, Victoria and Winona, Linda and Davis, Emily and Gerlach, Jon and Washington, Frank and Monteil, Vanessa and Jourdain, Marine and Bererd, Marion and Camara, Alimou and Somlare, Hermann and Camara, Abdoulaye and Gerard, Marianne and Bado, Guillaume and Baillet, Bernard and Delaune, Déborah and Nebie, Koumpingnin Yacouba and Diarra, Abdoulaye and Savane, Yacouba and Pallawo, Raymond Bernard and Gutierrez, Giovanna Jaramillo and Milhano, Natacha and Roger, Isabelle and Williams, Christopher J and Yattara, Facinet and Lewandowski, Kuiama and Taylor, James and Rachwal, Phillip and Turner, Daniel J and Pollakis, Georgios and Hiscox, Julian A and Matthews, David A and O'Shea, Matthew K and Johnston, Andrew McD and Wilson, Duncan and Hutley, Emma and Smit, Erasmus and Di Caro, Antonino and Wolfel, Roman and Stoecker, Kilian and Fleischmann, Erna and Gabriel, Martin and Weller, Simon A and Koivogui, Lamine and Diallo, Boubacar and Keita, Sakoba and Rambaut, Andrew and Formenty, Pierre and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 02/2016, Volume 530, Issue 7589, pp. 228 - 232
Journal Article
by Lhomme, E and Modet, C and Augier, A and Faye, S and Dabakuyo-Yonli, TS and Levy-Marchal, C and D'Ortenzio, E and Yazdanpanah, Y and Chene, G and Beavogui, AH and Richert, L and Abdoulaye, C and Aboulhab, J and Akpa, E and Akoo, P and Akpata, R and Albert, S and Ale, B and Anoma, S and Andrews, BC and Assiandi, SS and Badio, M and Bagayoko, A and Bakare, N and Balde, A and de Saint Fare, EB and Barrington, K and Baseler, B and Bauder, A and Bauduin, C and Bawo, L and Belson, M and Bererd, M and Beyslow, T and Binachon, B and Blie, J and Bockstal, V and Boire, Y and Boison, P and Bolay, F and Boly, A and Borg, AG and Bowers, D and Browne, S and Cagnard, B and Cahill, K and Cash, J and Camara, K and Camara, M and Campion, C and Chai, SP and Chambelin, F and Chieck, K and Ciancia, S and Cisse, PN and Clide, E and Colin, C and Coller, BA and Conde, DS and Cone, K and Connor, L and Couffin-Cardiergues, S and Coulibaly, F and Coulibaly, M and Dabakuyo-Yonli, S and Damerval, T and Davids, B and Deen, GF and Dekeyster, E and Delfraissy, JF and Delmas, C and Dembele, R and Diakite, M and Diallo, A and Diarra, A and Diawara, O and Diop, S and Diouf, W and Doepel, L and Doumbia, S and Doumbia, MM and Douoguih, M and DuChene, A and Duvenhage, M and Eckes, R and Egan, A and Enria, L and Esperou, H and Etienne, C and Eyler, A and Fernandez, J and Fleck, S and Franklin, K and Fusco, D and Gaddah, A and Gaignet, M and Gallagher, K and Gray, M and Gozalbes, JG and Greenwood, B and ... and PREVAC Study Team and PREVAC study team and the PREVAC study team
TRIALS, ISSN 1745-6215, 07/2019, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp. 422 - 6
Journal Article
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