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by Quirrenbach, A and Amado, P. J and Ribas, I and Reiners, A and Caballero, J. A and Seifert, W and Aceituno, J and Azzaro, M and Baroch, D and Barrado, D and Bauer, F and Becerril, S and Bèjar, V. J. S and Benítez, D and Brinkmöller, M and Cardona Guillén, C and Cifuentes, C and Colomé, J and Cortés-Contreras, M and Czesla, S and Dreizler, S and Frölich, K and Fuhrmeister, B and Galadí-Enríquez, D and González Hernández, J. I and González Peinado, R and Guenther, E. W and de Guindos, E and Hagen, H.-J and Hatzes, A. P and Hauschildt, P. H and Helmling, J and Henning, Th and Herbort, O and Hernández Castaño, L and Herrero, E and Hintz, D and Jeffers, S. V and Johnson, E. N and de Juan, E and Kaminski, A and Klahr, H and Kürster, M and Lafarga, M and Sairam, L and Lampón, M and Lara, L. M and Launhardt, R and López del Fresno, M and López-Puertas, M and Luque, R and Mandel, H and Marfil, E. G and Martín, E. L and Martín-Ruiz, S and Mathar, R. J and Montes, D and Morales, J. C and Nagel, E and Nortmann, L and Nowak, G and Pallé, E and Passegger, V.-M and Pavlov, A and Pedraz, S and Pérez-Medialdea, D and Perger, M and Rebolo, R and Reffert, S and Rodríguez, E and Rodríguez López, C and Rosich, A and Sabotta, S and Sadegi, S and Salz, M and Sánchez-López, A and Sanz-Forcada, J and Sarkis, P and Schäfer, S and Schiller, J and Schmitt, J. H. M. M and Schöfer, P and Schweitzer, A and Shulyak, D and Solano, E and Stahl, O and Tala Pinto, M and Trifonov, T and Zapatero Osorio, M. R and Yan, F and Zechmeister, M and Abellán, F. J and Abril, M and Alonso-Floriano, F. J and Ammler-von Eiff, M and Anglada-Escudé, G and Anwand-Heerwart, H and Arroyo-Torres, B and Berdiñas, Z. M and Bergondy, G and ...
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 7/2018, Volume 10702, pp. 107020W - 107020W-18
The design and construction of CARMENES has been presented at previous SPIE conferences. It is a next-generation radial-velocity instrument at the 3.5m... 
Cool Stars | Optical Instrumentation | M Dwarfs | Spectrographs | Near-Infrared Instrumentation | Extrasolar Planets
Conference Proceeding
Physiology & Behavior, ISSN 0031-9384, 1985, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp. 607 - 616
Journal Article
Physiology & Behavior, ISSN 0031-9384, 01/1985, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp. 607 - 616
Male hamsters were tested for copulatory behavior (CB) with receptive females, for investigatory responses to the females' ano-genital region (A/G), and for... 
hamsters | testosterone | mating behavior
Journal Article
Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, ISSN 1071-1813, 1998, Volume 2, pp. 1378 - 1382
Conference Proceeding
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