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by Sobrino-Vegas, Paz and Monge Corella, Susana and Serrano-Villar, Sergio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Masiá, Mar and López Rodríguez, Cristina and Padilla, Sergio and Navarro, Andrés and Montolio, Fernando and Robledano García, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Blanco, José Ramón and Santos, Ignacio and Del Romero, Jorge and Segura, Ferrán and Portilla, Joaquín and Guillén, Santiago Moreno and Del Amo, Julia and García, Federico and Ángeles Muñoz, María and Hernando Sebastián, Victoria and Alejos Ferreras, Belén and Álvarez, Débora and Monge, Susana and Jarrín, Inmaculada and Rivero, Yaiza and González Blázquez, Cristina and Muñoz-Fernández, M. Ángeles and García-Merino, Isabel and Gómez Rico, Coral and Gallego De La Fuente, Jorge and García Torre, Almudena and Portilla Sogorb, Joaquín and Merino De Lucas, Esperanza and Bañuls, Sergio Reus and Martínez, Vicente Boix and Oncina, Livia Giner and Pastor, Carmen Gadea and Portilla Tamarit, Irene and Toledo, Patricia Arcaina and Gómez Sirvent, Juan Luis and Rodríguez Fortúnez, Patricia and Alemán Valls, María Remedios and Del Mar Alonso Socas, María and López Lirola, Ana María and Hernández Hernández, María Inmaculada and Díaz-Flores, Felicitas and Soriano, Vicente and Labarga, Pablo and Barreiro, Pablo and Rivas, Pablo and Blanco, Francisco and Carbonero, Luz Martín and Vispo, Eugenia and Solera, Carmen and Asensi, Victor and Valle, Eulalia and Cartón, José Antonio and Miró, José M and López-Dieguez, María and Manzardo, Christian and Zamora, Laura and Pérez, Iñaki and García, Ma. Teresa and Ligero, Carmen and Blanco, José Luis and García-Alcaide, Felipe and Martínez, Esteban and Mallolas, Josep and Gatell, José M and Rubio, Rafael and Pulido, Federico and Fiorante, Silvana and Llenas, Jara and Rodríguez, Violeta and Matarranz, Mariano and Iribarren, José Antonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez-Arrondo, Francisco and Von Wichmann, Miguel Angel and Tomé, Lidia Pascual and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Ma. Jesús and Galparsoro, Harkaitz Azkune and Clotet, Bonaventura and Tural, Cristina and Ruiz, Lidia and Miranda, Cristina and Muga, Roberto and Tor, Jordi and Sanvisens, Arantza and Berenguer, Juan and López Bernaldo De Quirós, Juan Carlos and Miralles, Pilar and Ochaíta, Jaime Cosín and Gutiérrez Cuellar, Isabel Á and Ramírez Schacke, Margarita and Padilla Ortega, Belén and ... and CoRIS
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 12/2014, Volume 9, Issue 12, pp. e116226 - e116226
..., Spain Jorge del Romero Affiliation: Centro Sanitario Sandoval, Madrid, Spain Ferrán Segura Affiliation: Hospital Universitari Parc Taulí, Sabadell, Spain Joaquín... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Prospective Studies | Hepacivirus - immunology | HIV Infections - epidemiology | HIV Infections - virology | Humans | Middle Aged | Risk Factors | Substance Abuse, Intravenous - epidemiology | Male | Incidence | Young Adult | Hepatitis C - diagnosis | Spain - epidemiology | Hepatitis C - epidemiology | Hepatitis C - virology | Sexuality | Substance Abuse, Intravenous - virology | Adult | Female | Poisson Distribution | Aged | Highly active antiretroviral therapy | Antiviral agents | Care and treatment | HIV patients | Hepatitis C virus | HIV (Viruses) | Health aspects | Drug abuse | Sexually transmitted diseases--STD | Sex | Viruses | Infections | Serology | Medical diagnosis | Epidemiology | Risk factors | Hepatitis | Immunology | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Antiretroviral agents | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Poisson density functions | Statistical analysis | Health risks | Regression analysis | Risk analysis | Patients | Seroconversion | Antiretroviral therapy | CD4 antigen | Hepatitis C | Health risk assessment | Index Medicus | Espanya | VIH (Virus) | HIV-positive persons | Persones seropositives | Spain | STD | Sexually transmitted diseases | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome | AIDS | HIV | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article
Journal Article
2016, Vydání první., Spisy Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity, ISBN 9788021082915, Volume 445., 157 pages
by Queiroz, Nuno and Humphries, Nicolas E and Couto, Ana and Vedor, Marisa and da Costa, Ivo and Sequeira, Ana M. M and Mucientes, Gonzalo and Santos, António M and Abascal, Francisco J and Abercrombie, Debra L and Abrantes, Katya and Acuña-Marrero, David and Afonso, André S and Afonso, Pedro and Anders, Darrell and Araujo, Gonzalo and Arauz, Randall and Bach, Pascal and Barnett, Adam and Bernal, Diego and Berumen, Michael L and Bessudo Lion, Sandra and Bezerra, Natalia P. A and Blaison, Antonin V and Block, Barbara A and Bond, Mark E and Bonfil, Ramón and Bradford, Russell W and Braun, Camrin D and Brooks, Edward J and Brooks, Annabelle and Brown, Judith and Bruce, Barry D and Byrne, Michael E and Campana, Steven E and Carlisle, Aaron B and Chapman, Demian D and Chapple, Taylor K and Chisholm, John and Clarke, Christopher R and Clua, Eric G and Cochran, Jesse E. M and Crochelet, Estelle C and Dagorn, Laurent and Daly, Ryan and Cortés, Daniel Devia and Doyle, Thomas K and Drew, Michael and Duffy, Clinton A. J and Erikson, Thor and Espinoza, Eduardo and Ferreira, Luciana C and Ferretti, Francesco and Filmalter, John D and Fischer, G. Chris and Fitzpatrick, Richard and Fontes, Jorge and Forget, Fabien and Fowler, Mark and Francis, Malcolm P and Gallagher, Austin J and Gennari, Enrico and Goldsworthy, Simon D and Gollock, Matthew J and Green, Jonathan R and Gustafson, Johan A and Guttridge, Tristan L and Guzman, Hector M and Hammerschlag, Neil and Harman, Luke and Hazin, Fábio H. V and Heard, Matthew and Hearn, Alex R and Holdsworth, John C and Holmes, Bonnie J and Howey, Lucy A and Hoyos, Mauricio and Hueter, Robert E and Hussey, Nigel E and Huveneers, Charlie and Irion, Dylan T and Jacoby, David M. P and Jewell, Oliver J. D and Johnson, Ryan and Jordan, Lance K. B and Jorgensen, Salvador J and Joyce, Warren and Keating Daly, Clare A and Ketchum, James T and Klimley, A. Peter and Kock, Alison A and Koen, Pieter and Ladino, Felipe and Lana, Fernanda O and Lea, James S. E and Llewellyn, Fiona and Lyon, Warrick S and MacDonnell, Anna and Macena, Bruno C. L and Marshall, Heather and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 07/2019, Volume 572, Issue 7770, pp. 461 - 466
Journal Article
1997, 1. ed., ISBN 9789583305108, 139
Clinical Cancer Research, ISSN 1078-0432, 01/2005, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 459 - 465
Journal Article
Scientific reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 03/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 3933 - 3933
... biocompatibility of a high- plasticity calcium-silicate based material Cláudio M. A. Ferreira1, Luciana M. sassone1, Alexia s. Gonçalves2, Jorge José de Carvalho2, Christopher... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Cell proliferation | Calcium | Cell adhesion | Solubility | Biocompatibility | Cytotoxicity | Cell viability | Osteoblasts | Physicochemical properties | Apoptosis | Cell adhesion & migration | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Akkerman, Onno and Aleksa, Alena and Alffenaar, Jan-Willem and Al-Marzouqi, Nada Hassan and Arias-Guillén, Miguel and Belilovski, Evgeny and Bernal, Enrique and Boeree, Martin J and Borisov, Sergey E and Bruchfeld, Judith and Cadiñanos Loidi, Julen and Cai, Qingshan and Caminero, Jose A and Cebrian Gallardo, Jose Joaquín and Centis, Rosella and Codecasa, Luigi Ruffo and D’Ambrosio, Lia and Dalcolmo, Margareth and Danila, Edvardas and Dara, Masoud and Davidavičienė, Edita and Davies Forsman, Lina and De Los Rios Jefe, Jorge and Denholm, Justin and Duarte, Raquel and Elamin, Seifeldin Eltaeb and Ferrarese, Maurizio and Filippov, Alexey and Ganatra, Shashank and Garcia, Ana and García-García, José-María and Gayoso, Regina and Giraldo Montoya, Angela Maria and Gomez Rosso, Roscio Gomez and Gualano, Gina and Hoefsloot, Wouter and Ilievska-Poposka, Biljana and Jonsson, Jerker and Khimova, Elena and Kuksa, Liga and Kunst, Heinke and Laniado-Laborín, Rafael and Li, Yang and Magis-Escurra, Cecile and Manfrin, Vinicio and Manga, Selene and Marchese, Valentina and Martínez Robles, Elena and Maryandyshev, Andrei and Matteelli, Alberto and Migliori, Giovanni Battista and Mullerpattan, Jai B and Munoz-Torrico, Marcela and Mustafa Hamdan, Hamdan and Nieto Marcos, Magnolia and Noordin, Noorliza Mohamad and Palmero, Domingo Juan and Palmieri, Fabrizio and Payen, Marie-Christine and Piubello, Alberto and Pontali, Emanuele and Pontarelli, Agostina and Quirós, Sarai and Rendon, Adrian and Skrahina, Alena and Šmite, Agnese and Solovic, Ivan and Sotgiu, Giovanni and Souleymane, Mahamadou Bassirou and Spanevello, Antonio and Stošić, Maja and Tadolini, Marina and Tiberi, Simon and Udwadia, Zarir Farokh and van den Boom, Martin and Vescovo, Marisa and Viggiani, Pietro and Visca, Dina and Zhurkin, Dmitry and Zignol, Matteo and The members of the International Study Group on new anti-tuberculosis drugs and adverse events monitoring and Int Study Grp New AntiTB Drugs Adv and members of the International Study Group on new anti-tuberculosis drugs and adverse events monitoring
International journal of infectious diseases, ISSN 1201-9712, 06/2019, Volume 83, pp. 72 - 76
•WHO recommends countries monitor the safety profile of new drugs and regimens.•WHO developed the active TB drug safety monitoring and management (aDSM)... 
MDR-TB | Tuberculosis | Adverse events | Delamanid | Monitoring | Bedaquiline | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Infectious Diseases | Science & Technology | Complications and side effects | Drug resistance in microorganisms | Antitubercular agents | Drug therapy
Journal Article
Southwestern Entomologist, ISSN 0147-1724, 2014, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp. 201 - 203
... http://www.bioone.org/na101/home/literatum/publisher/bioone/journals/content/swen/2014/059.039.0100/059.039.0100/20140409/059.039.0100.cover.jpg Jorge M. Naranjo... 
Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Entomology | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by Manzardo, Christian and Londoño, Maria C and Castells, LLuís and Testillano, Milagros and Luis Montero, José and Peñafiel, Judit and Subirana, Marta and Moreno, Ana and Aguilera, Victoria and Luisa González‐Diéguez, María and Calvo‐Pulido, Jorge and Xiol, Xavier and Salcedo, Magdalena and Cuervas‐Mons, Valentin and Manuel Sousa, José and Suarez, Francisco and Serrano, Trinidad and Ignacio Herrero, Jose and Jiménez, Miguel and Fernandez, José R and Giménez, Carlos and del Campo, Santos and Esteban‐Mur, Juan I and Crespo, Gonzalo and Moreno, Asunción and de la Rosa, Gloria and Rimola, Antoni and Miro, Jose M and Suárez, F and Castro, M.A and López, S and Pedreira, J.D and Vázquez, P and Agüero, F and Blanch, J and Brunet, M and Calatayud, D and Cervera, C and Lazzari, E and Fondevila, C and Forner, A and Fuster, J and Forns, X and Gil, A and Gatell, J.M and Laguno, M and Lligoña, A and Mallolas, J and Murillas, J and Navasa, M and Paredes, D and Pérez, I and Torres, F and Tural, C and Tuset, M and Antela, A and Losada, E and Molina, E and Otero, E and Varo, E and Araiz, J.J and Barrao, E and Larraga, J and Letona, S and Lozano, R and Luque, P and Navarro, A and Sanjoaquín, I and Tejero, E and Bañares, R and Berenguer, J and Clemente, G and Cosín, J and Ferreiroa, J.P and García‐Sabrido, J.L and Gutiérrez, I and López, J.C and Miralles, P and Ramírez, M and Rincón, D and Sánchez, M and Cruz, J and Fernández, J.L and Lozano, J.M and Santoyo, J and Rodrigo, J.M and Suárez, M.A and Rodríguez, M and Alonso, M.P and Asensi, V and González‐Pinto, I and Rafecas, A and Baliellas, C and Carratalá, J and Fabregat, J and Fernández, N and Jorba, R and Lladó, L and Montejo, M and Bustamante, J and ... and FIPSE LT-HIV Investigators and FIPSE LT-HIV investigators and and the FIPSE LT-HIV investigators
American journal of transplantation, ISSN 1600-6135, 10/2018, Volume 18, Issue 10, pp. 2513 - 2522
Journal Article
IEEE transactions on medical imaging, ISSN 1558-254X, 06/2017, Volume 36, Issue 6, pp. 1231 - 1249
Journal Article