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Douleur et Analgesie, ISSN 1011-288X, 12/2013, Volume 26, Issue 4, p. 218
Le polymorphisme genetique des enzymes impliques dans la pharmacocinetique et la pharmacodynamie des antidepresseurs est l'une des causes de la variabilite... 
Enzymes | Antidepressants, Tricyclic
Journal Article
French Studies, ISSN 0016-1128, 01/2010, Volume 64, Issue 1, pp. 51 - 63
Journal Article
by Wedge, David C and Gundem, Gunes and Mitchell, Thomas and Woodcock, Dan J and Martincorena, Inigo and Ghori, Mohammed and Zamora, Jorge and Butler, Adam and Whitaker, Hayley and Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Alexandrov, Ludmil B and Van Loo, Peter and Massie, Charlie E and Dentro, Stefan and Warren, Anne Y and Verrill, Clare and Berney, Dan M and Dennis, Nening and Merson, Sue and Hawkins, Steve and Howat, William and Lu, Yong-Jie and Lambert, Adam and Kay, Jonathan and Kremeyer, Barbara and Karaszi, Katalin and Luxton, Hayley and Camacho, Niedzica and Marsden, Luke and Edwards, Sandra and Matthews, Lucy and Bo, Valeria and Leongamornlert, Daniel and McLaren, Stuart and Ng, Anthony and Yu, Yongwei and Zhang, Hongwei and Dadaev, Tokhir and Thomas, Sarah and Easton, Douglas F and Ahmed, Mahbubl and Bancroft, Elizabeth and Fisher, Cyril and Livni, Naomi and Nicol, David and Tavaré, Simon and Gill, Pelvender and Greenman, Christopher and Khoo, Vincent and Van As, Nicholas and Kumar, Pardeep and Ogden, Christopher and Cahill, Declan and Thompson, Alan and Mayer, Erik and Rowe, Edward and Dudderidge, Tim and Gnanapragasam, Vincent and Shah, Nimish C and Raine, Keiran and Jones, David and Menzies, Andrew and Stebbings, Lucy and Teague, Jon and Hazell, Steven and Corbishley, Cathy and De Bono, Johann and Attard, Gerhardt and Isaacs, William and Visakorpi, Tapio and Fraser, Michael and Boutros, Paul C and Bristow, Robert G and Workman, Paul and Sander, Chris and Hamdy, Freddie C and Futreal, Andrew and McDermott, Ultan and Al-Lazikani, Bissan and Lynch, Andrew G and Bova, G. Steven and Foster, Christopher S and Brewer, Daniel S and Neal, David E and Cooper, Colin S and Eeles, Rosalind A and TCGA Consortium and CAMCAP Study Grp and CAMCAP Study Group and The TCGA Consortium
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Journal Article
Cancer Research, ISSN 0008-5472, 08/2015, Volume 75, Issue 15 Supplement, pp. 3476 - 3476
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Pathology, ISSN 0031-3025, 2014, Volume 46, pp. S44 - S44
Journal Article
Histopathology, ISSN 0309-0167, 01/2012, Volume 60, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 3
Journal Article
ARCHIVES OF PATHOLOGY & LABORATORY MEDICINE, ISSN 0003-9985, 10/2014, Volume 138, Issue 10, pp. 1387 - 1405
Journal Article
by Weiss, Lauren A and Arking, Dan E and Daly, Mark J and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Brune, Camille W and West, Kristen and O'Connor, Ashley and Hilton, Gina and Tomlinson, Rebecca L and West, Andrew B and Cook Jr, Edwin H and Green, Todd and Chang, Shun-Chiao and Gabriel, Stacey and Gates, Casey and Hanson, Ellen M and Kirby, Andrew and Korn, Joshua and Kuruvilla, Finny and McCarroll, Steven and Morrow, Eric M and Neale, Benjamin and Purcell, Shaun and Sasanfar, Roksana and Sougnez, Carrie and Stevens, Christine and Altshuler, David and Gusella, James and Santangelo, Susan L and Sklar, Pamela and Tanzi, Rudolph and Anney, Richard and Bailey, Anthony J and Baird, Gillian and Battaglia, Agatino and Berney, Tom and Betancur, Catalina and Bölte, Sven and Bolton, Patrick F and Brian, Jessica and Bryson, Susan E and Buxbaum, Joseph D and Cabrito, Ines and Cai, Guiqing and Cantor, Rita M and Coon, Hilary and Conroy, Judith and Correia, Catarina and Corsello, Christina and Crawford, Emily L and Cuccaro, Michael L and Dawson, Geraldine and De Jonge, Maretha and Devlin, Bernie and Duketis, Eftichia and Ennis, Sean and Estes, Annette and Farrar, Penny and Fombonne, Eric and Freitag, Christine M and Gallagher, Louise and Geschwind, Daniel H and Gilbert, John and Gill, Michael and Gillberg, Christopher and Goldberg, Jeremy and Green, Andrew and Green, Jonathan and Guter, Stephen J and Haines, Jonathan L and Hallmayer, Joachim F and Hus, Vanessa and Klauck, Sabine M and Korvatska, Olena and Lamb, Janine A and Laskawiec, Magdalena and Leboyer, Marion and Le Couteur, Ann and Leventha, Bennett L and Liu, Xiao-Qing and Lord, Catherine and Lotspeich, Linda J and Maestrini, Elena and Magalhaes, Tiago and Mahoney, William and Mantoulan, Carine and McConachie, Helen and McDougle, Christopher J and McMahon, William M and Marshall, Christian R and Miller, Judith and Minshew, Nancy J and Monaco, Anthony P and Munson, Jeff and Nurnberger Jr, John I and Oliveira, Guiomar and Pagnamenta, Alistair and Papanikolaou, Katerina and Parr, Jeremy R and Paterson, Andrew D and ... and Johns Hopkins & Autism Consortium and Gene Discovery Project of Johns Hopkins & the Autism Consortium and The Gene Discovery Project of Johns Hopkins & the Autism Consortium
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Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2006, Volume 314, Issue 5801, pp. 941 - 952
Journal Article