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by Feroci, M and Stella, L and van der Klis, M and Courvoisier, T. J.-L and Hernanz, M and Hudec, R and Santangelo, A and Walton, D and Zdziarski, A and Barret, D and Belloni, T and Braga, J and Brandt, S and Budtz-Jørgensen, C and Campana, S and den Herder, J.-W and Huovelin, J and Israel, G. L and Pohl, M and Ray, P and Vacchi, A and Zane, S and Argan, A and Attinà, P and Bertuccio, G and Bozzo, E and Campana, R and Chakrabarty, D and Costa, E and De Rosa, A and Del Monte, E and Di Cosimo, S and Donnarumma, I and Evangelista, Y and Haas, D and Jonker, P and Korpela, S and Labanti, C and Malcovati, P and Mignani, R and Muleri, F and Rapisarda, M and Rashevsky, A and Rea, N and Rubini, A and Tenzer, C and Wilson-Hodge, C and Winter, B and Wood, K and Zampa, G and Zampa, N and Abramowicz, M. A and Alpar, M. A and Altamirano, D and Alvarez, J. M and Amati, L and Amoros, C and Antonelli, L. A and Artigue, R and Azzarello, P and Bachetti, M and Baldazzi, G and Barbera, M and Barbieri, C and Basa, S and Baykal, A and Belmont, R and Boirin, L and Bonvicini, V and Burderi, L and Bursa, M and Cabanac, C and Cackett, E and Caliano, G. A and Casella, P and Chaty, S and Chenevez, J and Coe, M. J and Collura, A and Corongiu, A and Covino, S and Cusumano, G and D'Amico, F and Dall'Osso, S and De Martino, D and De Paris, G and Di Persio, G and Di Salvo, T and Done, C and Dovčiak, M and go, A and Ertan, U and Fabiani, S and Falanga, M and Fender, R and Ferrando, P and Della Monica Ferreira, D and Fraser, G and Frontera, F and Fuschino, F and ... and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för fysik (GU) and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Department of Physics (GU)
Experimental Astronomy, ISSN 0922-6435, 10/2012, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 415 - 444
Journal Article
by Amati, L and O’Brien, P and Götz, D and Bozzo, E and Tenzer, C and Frontera, F and Ghirlanda, G and Labanti, C and Osborne, J.P and Stratta, G and Tanvir, N and Willingale, R and Attina, P and Campana, S and Campana, R and Castro-Tirado, A.J and Contini, C and Fuschino, F and Gomboc, A and Hudec, R and Orleanski, P and Renotte, E and Rodic, T and Bagoly, Z and Blain, A and Callanan, P and Covino, S and Ferrara, A and Le Floch, E and Marisaldi, M and Mereghetti, S and Rosati, P and Vacchi, A and D’Avanzo, P and Giommi, P and Piranomonte, S and Piro, L and Reglero, V and Rossi, A and Santangelo, A and Salvaterra, R and Tagliaferri, G and Vergani, S and Vinciguerra, S and Briggs, M and Campolongo, E and Ciolfi, R and Connaughton, V and Cordier, B and Morelli, B and Orlandini, M and Adami, C and Argan, A and Atteia, J.-L and Auricchio, N and Balazs, L and Baldazzi, G and Basa, S and Basak, R and Bellutti, P and Bernardini, M.G and Bertuccio, G and Braga, J and Branchesi, M and Brandt, S and Brocato, E and Budtz-Jorgensen, C and Bulgarelli, A and Burderi, L and Camp, J and Capozziello, S and Caruana, J and Casella, P and Cenko, B and Chardonnet, P and Ciardi, B and Colafrancesco, S and Dainotti, M.G and D’Elia, V and De Martino, D and De Pasquale, M and Del Monte, E and Della Valle, M and Drago, A and Evangelista, Y and Feroci, M and Finelli, F and Fiorini, M and Fynbo, J and Gal-Yam, A and Gendre, B and Ghisellini, G and Grado, A and Guidorzi, C and Hafizi, M and Hanlon, L and Hjorth, J and Izzo, L and Kiss, L and Kumar, P and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Partikel- och astropartikelfysik and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik
Advances in Space Research, ISSN 0273-1177, 07/2018, Volume 62, Issue 1, pp. 191 - 244
Journal Article
Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2014, Volume 9144, pp. 91442T - 91442T-20
The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT) was studied within ESA M3 Cosmic Vision framework and participated in the final down-selection for a launch slot... 
X-ray detectors | X-ray spectroscopy | X-ray timing | X-ray imaging | compact objects | microchannel plates | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics
Journal Article
Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, June 26, 2016, ISSN 0277-786X, 2016, Volume 9905, pp. 99051R - 99051R-20
The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT) is a mission concept which was proposed to ESA as M3 and M4 candidate in the framework of the Cosmic Vision... 
Silicon detectors | X-ray astronomy | spectroscopy | timing
Journal Article
Molecular Carcinogenesis, ISSN 0899-1987, 01/2012, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp. 3 - 13
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 11/2009, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 1323 - 1360
Journal Article
by Feroci, M and den Herder, J.W and Bozzo, E and Barret, D and Brandt, S and Hernanz, M and van der Klis, M and Pohl, M and Santangelo, A and Stella, L and Watts, A and Wilms, J and Zane, S and Ahangarianabhari, M and Alpar, A and Altamirano, D and Alvarez, L and Amati, L and Amoros, C and Andersson, N and Antonelli, A and Argan, A and Artigue, R and Azzarello, P and Baldazzi, G and Balman, S and Barbera, M and Belloni, T and Bertuccio, G and Bianchi, S and Bianchini, A and Bodin, P and Bonnet-Bidaud, J.M and Boutloukos, S and Braga, J and Brown, E and Bucciantini, N and Burderi, L and Bursa, M and Budtz-Jørgensen, C and Cackett, E and Cadoux, F.R and Cais, P and Caliano, G.A and Campana, R and Campana, S and Casella, P and Chakrabarty, D and Chenevez, J and Coker, J and Cole, R and Collura, A and Courvoisier, T and Cros, A and Cumming, A and Cusumano, G and D'Ai, A and D'Elia, V and Del Monte, E and De Martino, D and De Rosa, A and Di Cosimo, S and Diebold, S and Di Salvo, T and Donnarumma, I and go, A and Durant, M and Emmanoulopoulos, D and Evangelista, Y and Fabian, A and Falanga, M and Favre, Y and Feldman, C and Ferrigno, C and Finger, M.H and Fraser, G.W and Fuschino, F and Galloway, D and Galvez Sanchez, J.L and Garcia-Berro, E and Gene, B and Gezari, S and Giles, A.B and Gilfanov, M and Giommi, P and Giovannini, G and Giroletti, M and Goldwurm, A and Götz, D and Gouiffes, C and Grassi, M and Groot, P and Guidorzi, C and Haas, D and Hansen, F and Hartmann, D.H and Haswell, C.A and Heger, A and Homan, J and Hornstrup, A and ...
Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2012, Volume 8443
The LOFT mission concept is one of four candidates selected by ESA for the M3 launch opportunity as Medium Size missions of the Cosmic Vision programme. The... 
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 04/2016, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 725 - 731
Total cancer mortality rates in the EU are predicted to fall 8% in men and 3% in women between 2011 and 2016. However, owing to population ageing, total number... 
Projections | Time trends | Europe | Mortality | Cancer | Leukaemia | projections | time trends | SURVIVAL | COUNTRIES | PANCREATIC-CANCER | RISK | MECHANISMS | TRENDS | CHRONIC MYELOID-LEUKEMIA | LUNG-CANCER | ONCOLOGY | COLORECTAL-CANCER | mortality | leukaemia | CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC-LEUKEMIA | cancer | Leukemia - pathology | Prognosis | Age Factors | Humans | Middle Aged | Europe - epidemiology | Male | Forecasting | Leukemia - classification | Adult | Female | Aged | Child | Leukemia - mortality
Journal Article