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Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, ISSN 0021-8294, 12/1999, Volume 38, Issue 4, p. 458
Journal Article
Journal for the scientific study of religion, ISSN 0021-8294, 12/1999, Volume 38, Issue 4, pp. 458 - 476
Journal Article
by Alimi, Etian and Almeida, Paul and Andrews, Andy and Aminzade, Ron and Anker, Jügen and Anner, Mark and Armbruster-Sandoval, Mark and Ayres, Jeff and Bagguley, Paul and Banazak, LeeAnn and Bandy, Joe and Barakso, Maryann and Barkan, Steve and Bickham-Mendez, Jennifer and Beasley, Maya and Benford, Rob and Benski, Tova and Berbier, Mitch and Beriet, Chip and Bernstein, Mary and Best, Joel and Beyerlien, Kraig and Biggs, Michael and Binder, Amy and Blee, Kathy and Borland, Elizabeth and Boudreau, Vince and Broadbent, Jeff and Brulle, Bob and Buckser, Andy and Burstein, Paul and Cable, Sherry and Campbell, Karen and Carmin, JoAnn and Chabot, Sean and Clawson, Mary Ann and Clemens, Lis and Cleveland, John and Cossu, Andrea and Crow, Barbara and Dalton, Russ and Davenport, Christian and Desai, Manali and DiMaggio, Paul and Doherty, Brian and Earl, Jennifer and Eder, Klaus and Einwohner, Rachel and Eliasoph, Nina and Fallon, Kathleen and Ferree, Myra Marx and Filiieule, Olivier and Findlay, Richard and Fine, Gary and Fischler, Lisa and Foweraker, Joe and Francisco, Ron and Gamson, Bill and Giugni, Marco and Gongaware, Tim and Goodwin, Jeff and Gould, Deborah and Haines, Herbert and Hanagan, Mike and Haunss, Sebastian and Hewitt, Lyndi and Hicks, Barbara and Himmelstein, Jerry and Hochstetler, Kathy and Holzner, Claudio and Hourigan, Niam and Hug, Simon and Hunt, Scott and Imig, Doug and Jamison, Andy and Jenkins, Craig and Jenness, Val and Jiminez, Manuel and Johnson, Erik and Johnson, Victoria and Kane, Anne and Keating, Michael and Kim, Quee-Young and Kitts, James and Klandermans, Bert and Kleidman, Ron and Kolb, Felix and Koopmans, Ruud and Krinsky, John and Kubal, Tim and Kurtz, Sharon and Kurzman, Charles and McCarthy, John and McDonald, Laura and McPhail, Clark and Meyer, David and Minkoff, Debra and Morris, Aldon and Johnston, Hank
Mobilization, ISSN 1086-671X, 03/2006, Volume 11, Issue 1
Journal Article
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