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cluster analysis; italian network for research on psychoses; schizophrenia; social cognition; theory of mind; adult; cluster analysis; emotional intelligence; facial recognition; female; humans; male; middle aged; schizophrenia; facial expression; social perception; wit and humor as topic; applied psychology; psychiatry and mental health (1) 1
cluster analysis; italian network for research on psychoses; schizophrenia; social cognition; theory of mind; applied psychology; psychiatry and mental health (1) 1
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by Galderisi, Silvana and Rossi, Alessandro and Rocca, Paola and Bertolino, Alessandro and Mucci, Armida and Bucci, Paola and Rucci, Paola and Gibertoni, Dino and Aguglia, Eugenio and Amore, Mario and Bellomo, Antonello and Biondi, Massimo and Brugnoli, Roberto and Dell'Osso, Liliana and De Ronchi, Diana and Di Emidio, Gabriella and Di Giannantonio, Massimo and Fagiolini, Andrea and Marchesi, Carlo and Monteleone, Palmiero and Oldani, Lucio and Pinna, Federica and Roncone, Rita and Sacchetti, Emilio and Santonastaso, Paolo and Siracusano, Alberto and Vita, Antonio and Zeppegno, Patrizia and Maj, Mario and Chieffi, Marcello and De Simone, Stefania and De Riso, Francesco and Giugliano, Rosa and Piegari, Giuseppe and Vignapiano, Annarita and Caforio, Grazia and Mancini, Marina and Colagiorgio, Lucia and Porcelli, Stefano and Salfi, Raffaele and Bianchini, Oriana and Galluzzo, Alessandro and Barlati, Stefano and Carpiniello, Bernardo and Fatteri, Francesca and Lostia di Santa Sofia, Silvia and Cannavò, Dario and Minutolo, Giuseppe and Signorelli, Maria and Martinotti, Giovanni and Di Iorio, Giuseppe and Acciavatti, Tiziano and Pallanti, Stefano and Faravelli, Carlo and Altamura, Mario and Stella, Eleonora and Marasco, Daniele and Calcagno, Pietro and Respino, Matteo and Marozzi, Valentina and Riccardi, Ilaria and Collazzoni, Alberto and Stratta, Paolo and Giusti, Laura and Ussorio, Donatella and Delauretis, Ida and Serati, Marta and Caldiroli, Alice and Palazzo, Carlotta and Iasevoli, Felice and Gramaglia, Carla and SabrinaGili and Gattoni, Eleonora and Tenconi, Elena and Giannunzio, Valeria and Monaco, Francesco and De Panfilis, Chiara and Camerlengo, Annalisa and Ossola, Paolo and Landi, Paola and Rutigliano, Grazia and Pergentini, Irene and Mauri, Mauro and Di Fabio, Fabio and Torti, Chiara and Buzzanca, Antonino and Comparelli, Anna and De Carolis, Antonella and Corigliano, Valentina and Di Lorenzo, Giorgio and Niolu, Cinzia and Troisi, Alfonso and Corrivetti, Giulio and Pinto, Gaetano and Diasco, Ferdinando and Goracci, Arianna and Bolognesi, Simone and Borghini, Elisa and Montemagni, Cristiana and Frieri, Tiziana and ... and Italian Network Res Psychoses and Italian Network For Research on Psychoses
World Psychiatry, ISSN 1723-8617, 10/2014, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp. 275 - 287
Journal Article
Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, ISSN 1180-4882, 2014, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp. E38 - E39
Journal Article
by Agnelli, Giancarlo and Gitt, Anselm K and Bauersachs, Rupert and Fronk, Eva-Maria and Laeis, Petra and Mismetti, Patrick and Monreal, Manuel and Willich, Stefan N and Wolf, Wolf-Peter and Cohen, Alexander T and Brodmann, Marianne and Rief, Peter and Eischer, Lisbeth and Stoshikj, Slagjana and Hirschl, Michael and Weinmann, Serge and Marschang, Peter and Abbadie, Fabrice and Achkar, Antoine and Addala, Azeddine and Adnet, Frédéric and Alexandra, Jean-François and Aquilanti, Sandro and Belhassane, Abdelkader and Benaroya, Anne and Berremili, Toufek and Grenot, Marie Chevallier and Birr, Virginie and Holtea, Daniela and Bonnin, Christophe and Bosler, Frederic and Durand, Marie-Gabrielle Bresin and Brisot, Dominique and Brousse, Christophe and De La Fuente, Tarodo and Cayman, Richard and Cazaubon, Michèle and Champion, Olivier and Chanut, Myriam and Chevalet, Pascal and Connault, Jerome and Durant, Cecile and Constans, Joel and Cordeanu, Mihaela and Couturaud, Francis and Lacut, Karine and De Dedker, Laure and Decoulx, Eric and Derrien, Benoit and Diamand, Jean-Marc and Diard, Antoine and Douadi, Youssef and Dupas, Stephane and Remond, Santhi Samy Modeliar and Sevestre, Marie-Antoinette and Edhery, Stéphane and Falvo, Nicolas and Taralunga, Claudia Farcas and Ferrari, Emile and Gaillard, Catherine and Garrigues, Damien and Gillet, Jean Luc and Giordana, Pascal and Grange, Claire and Vital-Durand, Denis and Grare, Frédérick and Henni, Amine Hadj and Heuser, Simone and Schmidt, Jeannot and Hidden-Henic, Valérie and Hottin, Delphine and Imbert, Bernard and Pernod, Gilles and Jakob, Daniel and Jacquinandi, Vincent and Jurus, Christine and Lacoste, Amelie and Laroche, Jean-Pierre and Martin, Myriam and Mazollier, Cyrille and Mersel, Tahar and Miserey, Gilles and Nedey, Charles and Nou, Monica and Quere, Isabelle and Ouvry, Pierre and Peuch, Bernadette and Pichot, Olivier and Poulain, Veyre and Ray, Patrick and Rifai, Abed and Roy, Pierre-Marie and Saby, Jean-Claude and Simon, Frédéric and Simonot-Lalandec, Eliane and Stephan, Dominique and Tissot, Anne and Vodoungnon, Hubert and Adamczyk, Annette and Schnabl, Saskia and ... and PREFER in VTE investigators and On behalf of the PREFER in VTE investigators
Thrombosis Journal, ISSN 1477-9560, 10/2015, Volume 13, Issue 1, p. 41
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a major health problem, with over one million events every year in Europe. However, there is a paucity of data on the current... 
Prevention | Anticoagulation | Venous Thromboembolism | Registry | Vitamin K antagonists | Novel Oral Anticoagulants | Pulmonary embolism | Care and treatment | Anticoagulants (Medicine) | Patient satisfaction | Thromboembolism | Medical care, Cost of
Journal Article
by Rocca, P and Galderisi, S and Rossi, A and Bertolino, A and Rucci, P and Gibertoni, D and Montemagni, C and Sigaudo, M and Mucci, A and Bucci, P and Acciavatti, T and Aguglia, E and Amore, M and Bellomo, A and De Ronchi, D and Dell'Osso, L and Di Fabio, F and Girardi, P and Goracci, A and Marchesi, C and Monteleone, P and Niolu, C and Pinna, F and Roncone, R and Sacchetti, E and Santonastaso, P and Zeppegno, P and Maj, M and Chieffi, Marcello and Piegari, Giuseppe and Vignapiano, Annarita and Merlotti, Eleonora and Plescia, Giuseppe and Montefusco, Valentina and Bava, Irene and Mancini, Irene and Sandei, Luisa and Antonietta Nettis, Maria and Rizzo, Giuseppe and Mancini, Marina and Porcelli, Stefano and Salfi, Raffaele and Bianchini, Oriana and Vita, Antonio and Galluzzo, Alessandro and Barlati, Stefano and Carpiniello, Bernardo and Primavera, Diego and Floris, Stefania and Salvina Signorelli, Maria and Minutolo, Giuseppe and Cannavò, Dario and Corbo, Mariangela and Vellante, Federica and Alessandrini, Marco and Poli, Lorenzo and Altamura, Mario and Petito, Annamaria and Marasco, Daniele and Vaggi, Marco and Calcagno, Pietro and Marozzi, Valentina and Ussorio, Donatella and Giusti, Laura and Malavolta, Maurizio and Di Emidio, Gabriella and Stratta, Paolo and Collazzoni, Alberto and De Bartolomeis, Andrea and Gramaglia, Carla and Gili, Sabrina and Gattoni, Eleonora and Ferronato, Luisa and Giannunzio, Valeria and Tenconi, Elena and Tonna, Matteo and Ossola, Paolo and Camerlengo, Annalisa and Landi, Paola and Rutigliano, Grazia and Buzzanca, Antonino and Paolemili, Marco and Frascarelli, Marianna and Comparelli, Anna and Corigliano, Valentina and Brugnoli, Roberto and Siracusano, Alberto and Troisi, Alfonso and Di Lorenzo, Giorgio and Di Filippo, Carmela and Longobardi, Nicola and Castaldo, Eloisa and Fagiolini, Andrea and Bolognesi, Simone and De Capua, Alberto and Italian Network Res Psychoses and Italian Network for Research on Psychoses and the Italian Network for Research on Psychoses
Psychological Medicine, ISSN 0033-2917, 10/2016, Volume 46, Issue 13, pp. 2717 - 2729
Journal Article
International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, ISSN 1365-1501, 04/2016, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 54 - 69
Journal Article
Neuroscience Letters, ISSN 0304-3940, 04/2014, Volume 566, pp. 320 - 325
A large number of studies investigated the genetic modulation of personality with mixed results. As a confirmatory analysis of previous findings, we firstly... 
Genetics | Personality | TCI | Character | Temperament | METAANALYSIS | 5-HTTLPR | MODEL | SEROTONIN TRANSPORTER GENE | NEUROSCIENCES | INDIVIDUALS | POLYMORPHISMS | NOVELTY-SEEKING | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | Humans | Personality Inventory | Adult | Female | Male | Personality - genetics | Psychometrics | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Genes
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies, ISSN 1584-7101, 09/2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 275 - 285
The objective of the present study was to evaluate how, over the years, the figure of the doctor and the doctor-patient relationship has evolved in cinematic... 
Medical education | Narrative based medicine | Doctor-patient relationship | Movies | movies | narrative based medicine | doctor-patient relationship | medical education | MEDICINE | PSYCHOLOGY, CLINICAL
Journal Article
Brazilian Journal of Biology, ISSN 1519-6984, 11/2015, Volume 75, Issue 4, pp. 206 - 206
  We analyzed the phenology of Ficus adhatodifolia Schott ex Spreng. (23 fig tree) and F. eximia Schott (12 fig tree) for 74 months in a remnant of seasonal... 
Trees | Studies | Forests | Phenology | Fruits | Food
Journal Article
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