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by Alexanov, Ludmil B and Nik-Zainal, Serena and Wedge, David C and Aparicio, Samuel A. J. R and Behjati, Sam and Biankin, Anew V and Bignell, Graham R and Bolli, Niccolò and Borg, Ake and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Boyault, Sanine and Burkhardt, Birgit and Butler, Adam P and Caldas, Carlos and Davies, Helen R and Desmedt, Christine and Eils, Roland and Eyfjörd, Jórunn Erla and Foekens, John A and Greaves, Mel and Hosoda, Fumie and Hutter, Barbara and Ilicic, Tomislav and Imbeaud, Sanine and Imielinsk, Marcin and Jäger, Natalie and Jones, David T. W and Jones, David and Knappskog, Stian and Kool, Marcel and Lakhani, Sunil R and López-Otín, Carlos and Martin, Sancha and Munshi, Nikhil C and Nakamura, Hiromi and Northcott, Paul A and Pajic, Marina and Papaemmanuil, Elli and Paradiso, Angelo and Pearson, John V and Puente, Xose S and Raine, Keiran and Ramakrishna, Manasa and Richardson, Anea L and Richter, Julia and Rosenstiel, Philip and Schlesner, Matthias and Schumacher, Ton N and Span, Paul N and Teague, Jon W and Totoki, Yasushi and Tutt, Anew N. J and Valdés-Mas, Rafael and van Buuren, Marit M and van 't Veer, Laura and Vincent-Salomon, Anne and Waddell, Nicola and Yates, Lucy R and Zucman-Rossi, Jessica and Futreal, P. Anew and McDermott, Ultan and Lichter, Peter and Meyerson, Matthew and Grimmond, Sean M and Siebert, Reiner and Campo, Elías and Shibata, Tatsuhiro and Pfister, Stefan M and Campbell, Peter J and Stratton, Michael R and Claviez, Alexander and Rosenwald, Aneas and Borkhardt, Arndt and Brors, Benedikt and Radlwimmer, Bernhard and Lawerenz, Chris and Lopez, Cristina and Langenberger, David and Karsch, Dennis and Lenze, Dido and Kube, Dieter and Leich, Ellen and Richter, Gesine and Korbel, Jan and Hoell, Jessica and Eils, Jürgen and Hezaveh, Kebriah and Trümper, Lorenz and Rosolowski, Maciej and Weniger, Marc and Rohde, Marius and Kreuz, Markus and Loeffler, Markus and Schilhabel, Markus and yling, Martin and Hansmann, Martin-Leo and Hummel, Michael and Szczepanowski, Monika and Ammerpohl, Ole and Stadler, Peter F and ... and ICGC Breast Canc Consortium and ICGC MMML-Seq Consortium and Australian Pancreatic Canc Genome and ICGC PedBrain and ICGC Breast Cancer Consortium and Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative and Onkologi och Patologi, MV and Lund University and Oncology and Pathology, MV and Lunds universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2013, Volume 500, Issue 7463, pp. 415 - 421
Journal Article
by Hudson, Thomas J and Anderson, Warwick and Aretz, Axel and Barker, Anna D and Bell, Cindy and Bernabé, Rosa R and Bhan, M. K and Calvo, Fabien and Eerola, Iiro and Gerhard, Daniela S and Guttmacher, Alan and Guyer, Mark and Hemsley, Fiona M and Jennings, Jennifer L and Kerr, David and Klatt, Peter and Kolar, Patrik and Kusuda, Jun and Lane, David P and Laplace, Frank and Lu, Youyong and Nettekoven, Gerd and Ozenberger, Brad and Peterson, Jane and Rao, T. S and Remacle, Jacques and Schafer, Alan J and Shibata, Tatsuhiro and Stratton, Michael R and Vockley, Joseph G and Watanabe, Koichi and Yang, Huanming and Yuen, Matthew M. F and Knoppers, Bartha M and Bobrow, Martin and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne and ssler, Lynn G and Dyke, Stephanie O. M and Joly, Yann and Kato, Kazuto and Kennedy, Karen L and Nicolás, Pilar and Parker, Michael J and Rial-Sebbag, Emmanuelle and Romeo-Casabona, Carlos M and Shaw, Kenna M and Wallace, Susan and Wiesner, Georgia L and Zeps, Nikolajs and Lichter, Peter and Biankin, Anew V and Chabannon, Christian and Chin, Lynda and Clément, Bruno and de Alava, Enrique and Degos, Françoise and Ferguson, Martin L and Geary, Peter and Hayes, D. Neil and Johns, Amber L and Kasprzyk, Arek and Nakagawa, Hidewaki and Penny, Robert and Piris, Miguel A and Sarin, Rajiv and Scarpa, Aldo and van de Vijver, Marc and Futreal, P. Anew and Aburatani, Hiroyuki and Bayés, Mónica and Bowtell, David D. L and Campbell, Peter J and Estivill, Xavier and Grimmond, Sean M and Gut, Ivo and Hirst, Martin and López-Otín, Carlos and Majumder, Partha and Marra, Marco and McPherson, John D and Ning, Zemin and Puente, Xose S and Ruan, Yijun and Stunnenberg, Henik G and Swerdlow, Harold and Velculescu, Victor E and Wilson, Richard K and Xue, Hong H and Yang, Liu and Spellman, Paul T and Bader, Gary D and Boutros, Paul C and Flicek, Paul and Getz, Gad and Guigó, Roderic and Guo, Guangwu and Haussler, David and Heath, Simon and Hubbard, Tim J and Jiang, Tao and ... and Int Canc Genome Consortium and International Cancer Genome Consortium and The International Cancer Genome Consortium and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Centra and Proteomik (stängd 20130101) and Skolan för bioteknologi (BIO) and KTH
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2010, Volume 464, Issue 7291, pp. 993 - 998
Journal Article
American Journal of Surgical Pathology, ISSN 0147-5185, 12/2015, Volume 39, Issue 12, pp. 1730 - 1741
Journal Article
Nature reviews cancer, ISSN 1474-175X, 04/2017, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 254 - 268
Journal Article
American journal of surgical pathology, ISSN 0147-5185, 2004, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp. 977 - 987
Journal Article
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