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science & technology (59) 59
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humans (39) 39
medicin och hälsovetenskap (30) 30
female (27) 27
health sciences (24) 24
research (24) 24
medical and health sciences (21) 21
male (20) 20
public, environmental & occupational health (20) 20
public health (19) 19
folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi (18) 18
adult (17) 17
mortality (17) 17
public health, global health, social medicine and epidemiology (17) 17
analysis (16) 16
general & internal medicine (13) 13
iran (13) 13
medicine (13) 13
diabetes (12) 12
human immunodeficiency virus--hiv (12) 12
hälsovetenskap (12) 12
public aspects of medicine (12) 12
studies (12) 12
adolescent (11) 11
health care sciences & services (11) 11
hälsovetenskaper (11) 11
infant (11) 11
intervention (11) 11
medicine, general & internal (11) 11
middle aged (11) 11
1506 (10) 10
cost analysis (10) 10
health aspects (10) 10
young adult (10) 10
child, preschool (9) 9
health policy (9) 9
health policy & services (9) 9
low income groups (9) 9
socioeconomic factors (9) 9
aged (8) 8
cost-effectiveness (8) 8
health care service and management, health policy and services and health economy (8) 8
india (8) 8
rural population (8) 8
study protocol (8) 8
cost-benefit analysis (7) 7
cross-sectional studies (7) 7
global health (7) 7
health economics (7) 7
health services (7) 7
infectious diseases (7) 7
original (7) 7
population (7) 7
prevention (7) 7
research article (7) 7
tuberculosis (7) 7
age (6) 6
child (6) 6
cost-effectiveness analysis (6) 6
health care (6) 6
hiv (6) 6
households (6) 6
hälso- och sjukvårdsorganisation, hälsopolitik och hälsoekonomi (6) 6
incidence (6) 6
malnutrition (6) 6
medical research (6) 6
nutrition (6) 6
pregnancy (6) 6
prevalence (6) 6
research design (6) 6
review (6) 6
risk factors (6) 6
systematic review (6) 6
1701 (5) 5
access (5) 5
acquired immune deficiency syndrome--aids (5) 5
care and treatment (5) 5
child development (5) 5
data collection (5) 5
demographics (5) 5
epidemiology (5) 5
expenditures (5) 5
global burden of disease - statistics & numerical data (5) 5
health administration (5) 5
health behavior (5) 5
health care economics and organizations (5) 5
hiv testing (5) 5
income (5) 5
infant, newborn (5) 5
malawi (5) 5
medical care, cost of (5) 5
medicine, research & experimental (5) 5
nutritional status (5) 5
original article (5) 5
protocol (5) 5
public health, environmental and occupational health (5) 5
qualitative research (5) 5
research & experimental medicine (5) 5
sustainable development (5) 5
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by Kyu, Hmwe H and Maddison, Emilie R and Henry, Nathaniel J and Mumford, John Everett and Barber, Ryan and Shields, Chloe and Brown, Jonathan C and Nguyen, Grant and Carter, Austin and Wolock, Timothy M and Wang, Haidong and Liu, Patrick Y and Reitsma, Marissa and Ross, Jennifer M and Abajobir, Amanuel Alemu and Abate, Kalkidan Hassen and Abbas, Kaja and Abera, Mubarek and Abera, Semaw Ferede and Abera Hareri, Habtamu and Ahmed, Muktar and Alene, Kefyalew Addis and Alvis-Guzman, Nelson and Amo-Adjei, Joshua and Andrews, Jason and Ansari, Hossein and Antonio, Carl Abelardo and Anwari, Palwasha and Asayesh, Hamid and Atey, Tesfay Mehari and Atre, Sachin and Barac, Aleksandra and Beardsley, Justin and Bedi, Neeraj and Bensenor, Isabela and Beyene, Addisu Shunu and Butt, Zahid Ahmad and Cardona, Pere-Joan and Christopher, Devasahayam and Dandona, Lalit and Dandona, Rakhi and Deribe, Kebede and Deribew, Amare and Ehrenkranz, Rebecca and El Sayed Zaki, Maysaa and Endries, Aman and Feyissa, Tesfaye R and Fischer, Florian and Gai, Ruoyan and Garcia-Basteiro, Alberto L and Gebrehiwot, Tsegaye Tewelde and Gesesew, Hailay and Getahun, Belete and Gona, Philimon and Goodridge, Amador and Gugnani, Harish and Haghparast-Bidgoli, Hassan and Hailu, Gessessew Bugssa and Hassen, Hamid Yimam and Hilawe, Esayas and Horita, Nobuyuki and Jacobsen, Kathryn H and Jonas, Jost B and Kasaeian, Amir and Kedir, Muktar Sano and Kemmer, Laura and Khader, Yousef and Khan, Ejaz and Khang, Young-Ho and Khoja, Abdullah T and Kim, Yun Jin and Koul, Parvaiz and Koyanagi, Ai and Krohn, Kristopher J and Kumar, G Anil and Kutz, Michael and Lodha, Rakesh and Magdy And El Razek, Hassan and Majdzadeh, Reza and Manyazewal, Tsegahun and Memish, Ziad and Mendoza, Walter and Mezgebe, Haftay Berhane and Mohammed, Shafiu and Ogbo, Felix Akpojene and Oh, In-Hwan and Oren, Eyal and Osgood-Zimmerman, Aaron and Pereira, David and Plass, Dietrich and Pourmalek, Farshad and Qorbani, Mostafa and Rafay, Anwar and Rahman, Mahfuzar and Rai, Rajesh Kumar and Rao, Puja C and Ray, Sarah E and Reiner, Robert and Reinig, Nickolas and Safiri, Saeid and ... and GBD Tuberculosis Collaborators
The Lancet infectious diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 03/2018, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 261 - 284
Journal Article
by Naghavi, Mohsen and Marczak, Laurie B and Kutz, Michael and Shackelford, Katya Anne and Arora, Megha and Miller-Petrie, Molly and Aichour, Miloud Taki Eddine and Akseer, Nadia and Al-Raddadi, Rajaa M and Alam, Khurshid and Alghnam, Suliman A and Antonio, Carl Abelardo T and Aremu, Olatunde and Arora, Amit and Asadi-Lari, Mohsen and Assadi, Reza and Atey, Tesfay Mehari and Avila-Burgos, Leticia and Awasthi, Ashish and Ayala Quintanilla, Beatriz Paulina and Barker-Collo, Suzanne Lyn and Bärnighausen, Till Winfried and Bazargan-Hejazi, Shahrzad and Behzadifar, Masoud and Behzadifar, Meysam and Bennett, James R and Bhalla, Ashish and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Bilal, Arebu Issa and Borges, Guilherme and Borschmann, Rohan and Brazinova, Alexandra and Campuzano Rincon, Julio Cesar and Carvalho, Félix and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A and Dandona, Lalit and Dandona, Rakhi and Dargan, Paul I and De Leo, Diego and Dharmaratne, Samath Dhamminda and Ding, Eric L and Phuc Do, Huyen and Doku, David Teye and Doyle, Kerrie E and Driscoll, Tim Robert and Edessa, Dumessa and El-Khatib, Ziad and Endries, Aman Yesuf and Esteghamati, Alireza and Faro, Andre and Farzadfar, Farshad and Feigin, Valery L and Fischer, Florian and Foreman, Kyle J and Franklin, Richard Charles and Fullman, Nancy and Futran, Neal D and Gebrehiwot, Tsegaye Tewelde and Gutiérrez, Reyna Alma and Hafezi-Nejad, Nima and Haghparast Bidgoli, Hassan and Hailu, Gessessew Bugssa and Haro, Josep Maria and Hassen, Hamid Yimam and Hawley, Caitlin and Hendrie, Delia and Híjar, Martha and Hu, Guoqing and Ilesanmi, Olayinka Stephen and Jakovljevic, Mihajlo and James, Spencer L and Jayaraman, Sudha and Jonas, Jost B and Kahsay, Amaha and Kasaeian, Amir and Keiyoro, Peter Njenga and Khader, Yousef and Khalil, Ibrahim A and Khang, Young-Ho and Khubchandani, Jagdish and Ahmad Kiadaliri, Aliasghar and Kieling, Christian and Kim, Yun Jin and Kosen, Soewarta and Krohn, Kristopher J and Kumar, G. Anil and Lami, Faris Hasan and Lansingh, Van C and Larson, Heidi Jane and Linn, Shai and Lunevicius, Raimundas and Magdy Abd El Razek, Hassan and Magdy Abd El Razek, Muhammed and Malekzadeh, Reza and Carvalho Malta, Deborah and Mason-Jones, Amanda J and Matzopoulos, Richard and Memiah, Peter T. N and Mendoza, Walter and Meretoja, Tuomo J and ... and Global Burden Dis 2016 Injury Col and Global Burden of Disease 2016 Injury Collaborators and The Global Burden of Disease 2016 Injury Collaborators
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 08/2018, Volume 320, Issue 8, pp. 792 - 814
Journal Article
Tropical medicine & international health, ISSN 1360-2276, 10/2016, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp. 1293 - 1303
Journal Article
Journal Article