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Journal Article
by van Essen, T.A and den Boogert, H.F and Cnossen, Maryse and De Ruiter, Godard C.W and Haitsma, Iain and Polinder, Suzanne and Steyerberg, Ewout and Menon, David and Maas, Anew and Lingsma, Hester and Peul, Wilco and Cecilia, A and Hadie, A and Vanni, A and Judith, A and Krisztina, A and Norberto, A and Nada, A and Lasse, A and Azasevac, A and Audny, Anke and Anna, A and Hilko, A and Gérard, A and Kaspars, A and Philippe, A and Luisa, A.M and Camelia, B and Rafael, B and Ronald, B and Pál, B and Ursula, B and Romuald, B and Ronny, B and Javier, B.F and Bo-Michael, B and Antonio, B and Rémy, B and Habib, B and Thierry, B and Maurizio, B and Luigi, B and Christopher, B and Federico, B and Harald, B and Erta, B and Morten, B and den Hugo, B and Pierre, B and Peter, B and Alexana, B and Vibeke, B and Joanne, B and Camilla, B and Anas, B and Monika, B and Emiliana, C and Rosa, C.M and Peter, C and Guillermo, C.L and Marco, C and Elsa, C and Carpenter, Keri L.H and Castaño-León Ana, M and Francesco, C and Giorgio, C and Arturo, C and Giuseppe, C and Maryse, C and Mark, C and Jonathan, C and Lizzie, C.-K and Johnny, C and Cooper Jamie, D and Marta, C and Amra, C and Nicola, C and Ene, C and Marek, C and Claire, D.-F and François, D and Pierre, D and Helen, D and Véronique, D.K and Francesco, D.C and Bart, D and de Ruiter Godard, C.W and Dula, D and Shenghao, D and Diederik, D and Abhishek, D and Emma, D and Jens, D and Guy-Loup, D and George, E and Heiko, E and Ari, E and Patrick, E and Erzsébet, E and Martin, F and ... and CENTER-TBI Investigators Partici and CENTER-TBI Investigators and Participants and on behalf of the CENTER-TBI Investigators and Participants
Acta Neurochirurgica, ISSN 0001-6268, 01/2018, Volume 161, Issue 3, pp. 435 - 449
Journal Article
by Cnossen, Maryse and Polinder, Suzanne and Lingsma, H.F and Maas, Anew and Menon, David and Steyerberg, Ewout and Adams, H and Alessano, M and Allanson, Judith and Amrein, K and Andaluz, N and Andelic, Nada and Anea, N and Aneassen, Lasse and Anke, A and Antoni, A and Ardon, H and Audibert, Gérard and Auslands, K and Azouvi, P and Baciu, C and Bacon, A and Badenes, R and Baglin, T and Bartels, R and Barzó, P and Bauerfeind, U and Beer, Ronny and Belda, F.J and Bellander, Bo-Michael and Belli, Antonio and Bellier, R and Benali, Habib and Benard, T and Berardino, Maurizio and Beretta, L and Beynon, C and Bilotta, F and Binder, Harald and Biqiri, E and Blaabjerg, M and Borgen, L.S and Bouzat, P and Bragge, P and Brazinova, Alexana and Brehar, Felix and Brorsson, C and Buki, A and Bullinger, Monika and Bučková, V and Calappi, E and Cameron, Peter and Carbayo, L.G and Carise, E and Carpenter, C and Castaño-León, A.M and Causin, F and Chevallard, G and Chieregato, Arturo and Citerio, Giuseppe and Coburn, Mark and Coles, Jonathan P and Cooper, J.D and Correia, M and Covic, Amra and Curry, Nicola and Czeiter, Ene and Czosnyka, Marek and Dahyot-Fizelier, C and Damas, François and Damas, Pierre and Dawes, Helen and De Keyser, V and Della Corte, Francesco and Depreitere, Bart and Ding, S and Dippel, Diederik and Dizdarevic, Kemal and Dulière, G.-L and Dzeko, A and Eapen, George and Engemann, H and Ercole, Ari and Esser, Patrick and Ezer, E and Fabricius, Martin and Feigin, V and Feng, J and Foks, K and Fossi, Francesca and Francony, G and Frantzén, Janek and Freo, U and Frisvold, Shirin Kordasti and Furmanov, A and Gagliardo, Pablo and Galanaud, Damien and Gao, Guoyi and Geleijns, Karin and Ghuysen, Alexane and ... and CENTER-Tbi Invest Participants and CENTER-TBI Investigators and Participants
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 08/2016, Volume 11, Issue 8, p. e0161367
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, ISSN 0885-8993, 02/2018, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp. 1775 - 1787
Journal Article
by Ocal, P and Sahmay, S and Irez, T and Senol, H and Cepni, I and Purisa, S and Lin, W and Liu, X and Donjacour, A and Maltepe, E and Rinaudo, P and Baumgarten, M. N and Stoop, D and Haentjes, P and Verheyen, G and De Schrijver, F and Liebaers, I and Camus, M and Bonduelle, M and Devroey, P and Nelissen, E. C. M and Van Montfoort, A. P. A and Coonen, E and Derhaag, J. G and Evers, J. L. H and Dumoulin, J. C. M and Costa Lopes, J. R and Mendes dos Santos, J and Portugal Silva Lima, S and Portugal Silva Souza, S and Rodrigues Pereira, T and Barguil Brasileiro, J. P and Pina, H and Lessa, M. L and Genovese Soares, M and Medina Lopes, V and Ribeiro, C. G and Adami, K and Hughes, C and Emerson, G and Grundy, K and Kelly, P and Mocanu, E and Coelho Cafe, T and de Souza Costa, J. B. M and Zavattiero Tierno, N. I and Singh, S and Vitthala, S and Zosmer, A and Sabatini, L and Tozer, A and Davis, C and Al-Shawaf, T and Neri, Q. V and Monahan, D and Rosenwaks, Z and Palermo, G. D and Kalu, E and Thum, M. Y and Abdalla, H. A and Sazonova, A and Bergh, C and Kallen, K and Thurin-Kjellberg, A and Wennerholm, U. B and Griesinger, G and Doody, K and Witjes, H and Mannaerts, B and Tarlatzis, B and Rombauts, L and Heijnen, E and Marintcheva-Petrova, M and Elbers, J and Koning, A and Mutsaerts, M. A. Q and Hoek, A and Mol, B. W and Fadini, R and Guarnieri, T and Mignini Renzini, M and Comi, R and Mastrolilli, M and Villa, A and Colpi, E and Coticchio, G and Dal Canto, M and Dolleman, M and Broer, S. L and Opmeer, B. C and Fauser, B. C and Broekmans, F. J. M and Alama, P and Requena, A and Crespo, J and Munoz, M and Ballesteros, A and Munoz, E and Fernandez, M and Meseguer, M and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2010, Volume 25, Issue Supplement 1, pp. i236 - i260
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, ISSN 0093-9994, 09/2014, Volume 50, Issue 5, pp. 3569 - 3578
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, ISSN 0885-8993, 06/2013, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp. 2642 - 2646
Journal Article
by Gravesteijn, B. Y and Sewalt, C. A and Ercole, A and Lecky, F and Menon, D and Steyerberg, E. W and Maas, A. I. R and Lingsma, H. F and Klimek, M and Åkerlund, C and Adams, H and Amrein, K and Andelic, N and Andreassen, L and Anke, A and Audibert, G and Azouvi, P and Azzolini, M and Bartels, R and Beer, R and Bellander, B and Benali, H and Berardino, M and Beretta, L and Blaabjerg, M and Borgen, L and Brorsson, C and Buki, A and Cabeleira, M and Caccioppola, A and Calappi, E and Calvi, M and Cameron, P and Carbayo, L and Carbonara, M and León, A and Chevallard, G and Chieregato, A and Citerio, G and Coburn, M and Coles, J and Cooper, J and Correia, M and Cnossen, M and Czeiter, E and Czosnyka, M and Fizelier, C and De Keyser, V and Degos, V and Della Corte, F and Boogert, H and Depreitere, B and Dilvesi, D and Dixit, A and Donoghue, E and Dreier, J and Dulière, G and Ercole Ari, A and Ezer, E and Fabricius, M and Foks, K and Frisvold, S and Furmanov, A and Galanaud, D and Gantner, D and Ghuysen, A and Giga, L and Golubovic, J and Gomez, P and Grossi, F and Gupta, D and Haitsma, I and Helbok, R and Helseth, E and Hutchinson, P and Jankowski, S and Karan, M and Kolias, A and Kondziella, D and Koskinen, L and Kovács, N and Lagares, A and Laureys, S and Lightfoot, R and Lingsma, H and Maas, A and Manara, A and Martino, C and Maréchal, H and Mattern, J and McFadyen, C and McMahon, C and Menovsky, T and Mulazzi, D and Muraleedharan, V and Murray, L and Nair, N and Negru, A and Nelson, D and Newcombe, V and ... and CENTER-TBI collaborators and the CENTER‐TBI collaborators and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för klinisk vetenskap and Umeå universitet
Anaesthesia, ISSN 0003-2409, 01/2020, Volume 75, Issue 1, pp. 45 - 53
Journal Article