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by Chipman, Ariel D and Ferrier, David E K and Brena, Carlo and Qu, Jiaxin and Hughes, Daniel S T and Schröder, Reinhard and Torres-Oliva, Montserrat and Znassi, Nadia and Jiang, Huaiyang and Almeida, Francisca C and Alonso, Claudio R and Apostolou, Zivkos and Aqrawi, Peshtewani and Arthur, Wallace and Barna, Jennifer C J and Blankenburg, Kerstin P and Brites, Daniela and Capella-Gutiérrez, Salvador and Coyle, Marcus and Dearden, Peter K and Du Pasquier, Louis and Duncan, Elizabeth J and Ebert, Dieter and Eibner, Cornelius and Erikson, Galina and Evans, Peter D and Extavour, Cassana G and Francisco, Liezl and Gabaldón, Toni and Gillis, William J and Goodwin-Horn, Elizabeth A and Green, Jack E and Griffiths-Jones, Sam and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J P and Gubbala, Sai and Guigó, Roderic and Han, Yi and Hauser, Frank and Havlak, Paul and Hayden, Luke and Helbing, Sophie and Holder, Michael and Hui, Jerome H L and Hunn, Julia P and Hunnekuhl, Vera S and Jackson, LaRonda and Javaid, Mehwish and Jhangiani, Shalini N and Jiggins, Francis M and Jones, Tamsin E and Kaiser, Tobias S and Kalra, Divya and Kenny, Nathan J and Korchina, Viktoriya and Kovar, Christie L and Kraus, F Bernhard and Lapraz, François and Lee, Sana L and Lv, Jie and Mandapat, Christigale and Manning, Gerard and Mariotti, Marco and Mata, Robert and Mathew, Tittu and Neumann, Tobias and Newsham, Irene and Ngo, Dinh N and Ninova, Maria and Okwuonu, Geoffrey and Ongeri, Fiona and Palmer, William J and Patil, Shobha and Patraquim, Peo and Pham, Christopher and Pu, Ling-Ling and Putman, Nicholas H and Rabouille, Catherine and Ramos, Olivia Mendivil and Rhodes, Adelaide C and Robertson, Helen E and Robertson, Hugh M and Ronshaugen, Matthew and Rozas, Julio and Saada, Nehad and Sánchez-Gracia, Alejano and Scherer, Steven E and Schurko, Anew M and Siggens, Kenneth W and Simmons, DeNard and Stief, Anna and Stolle, Eckart and Telford, Maximilian J and Tessmar-Raible, Kristin and Thornton, Rebecca and van der Zee, Maurijn and von Haeseler, Arndt and Williams, James M and Willis, Judith H and Wu, Yuanqing and Zou, Xiaoyan and ...
PLoS Biology, ISSN 1544-9173, 11/2014, Volume 12, Issue 11, p. e1002005
Journal Article
by Sadd, Ben M and Barribeau, Seth M and Bloch, Guy and de Graaf, Dirk C and Dearden, Peter and Elsik, Christine G and Gadau, Jürgen and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J.P and Hasselmann, Martin and Lozier, Jeffrey D and Robertson, Hugh M and Smagghe, Guy and Stolle, Eckart and Van Vaerenbergh, Matthias and Waterhouse, Robert M and Bornberg-Bauer, Erich and Klasberg, Steffen and Bennett, Anna K and Câmara, Francisco and Guigó, Roderic and Hoff, Katharina and Mariotti, Marco and Munoz-Torres, Monica and Murphy, Terence and Santesmasses, Didac and Amdam, Gro V and Beckers, Matthew and Beye, Martin and Biewer, Matthias and Bitondi, Márcia M.G and Blaxter, Mark L and Bourke, Andrew F.G and Brown, Mark J.F and Buechel, Severine D and Cameron, Rossanah and Cappelle, Kaat and Carolan, James C and Christiaens, Olivier and Ciborowski, Kate L and Clarke, David F and Colgan, Thomas J and Collins, David H and Cridge, Andrew G and Dalmay, Tamas and Dreier, Stephanie and du Plessis, Louis and Duncan, Elizabeth and Erler, Silvio and Evans, Jay and Falcon, Tiago and Flores, Kevin and Freitas, Flávia C.P and Fuchikawa, Taro and Gempe, Tanja and Hartfelder, Klaus and Hauser, Frank and Helbing, Sophie and Humann, Fernanda C and Irvine, Frano and Jermiin, Lars S and Johnson, Claire E and Johnson, Reed M and Jones, Andrew K and Kadowaki, Tatsuhiko and Kidner, Jonathan H and Koch, Vasco and Köhler, Arian and Kraus, F. Bernhard and Lattorff, H. Michael G and Leask, Megan and Lockett, Gabrielle A and Mallon, Eamonn B and Antonio, David S. Marco and Marxer, Monika and Meeus, Ivan and Moritz, Robin F.A and Nair, Ajay and Näpflin, Kathrin and Nissen, Inga and Niu, Jinzhi and Nunes, Francis M.F and Oakeshott, John G and Osborne, Amy and Otte, Marianne and Pinheiro, Daniel G and Rossié, Nina and Rueppell, Olav and Santos, Carolina G and Schmid-Hempel, Regula and Schmitt, Björn D and Schulte, Christina and Simões, Zilá L.P and Soares, Michelle P.M and Swevers, Luc and Winnebeck, Eva C and Wolschin, Florian and Yu, Na and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Aqrawi, Peshtewani K and Blankenburg, Kerstin P and ...
Genome Biology, ISSN 1474-7596, 04/2015, Volume 16, Issue 1, p. 76
Journal Article
by Richards, Stephen and Gibbs, Richard A and Weinstock, George M and Brown, Susan J and Denell, Robin and Beeman, Richard W and Gibbs, Richard and Bucher, Gregor and Friedrich, Markus and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J. P and Klingler, Martin and Lorenzen, Marce and Roth, Siegfried and Schröder, Reinhard and Tautz, Diethard and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Muzny, Donna and Attaway, Tony and Bell, Stephanie and Buhay, Christian J and Chandrabose, Mimi N and Chavez, Dean and Clerk-Blankenburg, Kerstin P and Cree, Andrew and Dao, Marvin and Davis, Clay and Chacko, Joseph and Dinh, Huyen and Dugan-Rocha, Shannon and Fowler, Gerald and Garner, Toni T and Garnes, Jeffrey and Gnirke, Andreas and Hawes, Alica and Hernandez, Judith and Hines, Sandra and Holder, Michael and Hume, Jennifer and Jhangiani, Shalini N and Joshi, Vandita and Khan, Ziad Mohid and Jackson, Laronda and Kovar, Christie and Kowis, Andrea and Lee, Sandra and Lewis, Lora R and Margolis, Jon and Morgan, Margaret and Nazareth, Lynne V and Nguyen, Ngoc and Okwuonu, Geoffrey and Parker, David and Ruiz, San-Juana and Santibanez, Jireh and Savard, Joël and Scherer, Steven E and Schneider, Brian and Sodergren, Erica and Vattahil, Selina and Villasana, Donna and White, Courtney S and Wright, Rita and Park, Yoonseong and Lord, Jeff and Oppert, Brenda and Wang, Liangjiang and Weinstock, George and Liu, Yue and Worley, Kim and Elsik, Christine G and Reese, Justin T and Elhaik, Eran and Landan, Giddy and Graur, Dan and Arensburger, Peter and Atkinson, Peter and Beidler, Jim and Demuth, Jeffery P and Drury, Douglas W and Du, Yu-Zhou and Fujiwara, Haruhiko and Maselli, Vincenza and Osanai, Mizuko and Robertson, Hugh M and Tu, Zhijian and Wang, Jian-Jun and Wang, Suzhi and Song, Henry and Zhang, Lan and Werner, Doreen and Stanke, Mario and Morgenstern, Burkhard and Solovyev, Victor and Kosarev, Peter and Brown, Garth and Chen, Hsiu-Chuan and Ermolaeva, Olga and Hlavina, Wratko and Kapustin, Yuri and Kiryutin, Boris and ... and Tribolium Genome Sequencing Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Umeå centrum för molekylär patogenes (UCMP) (Medicinska fakulteten) and Umeå universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2008, Volume 452, Issue 7190, pp. 949 - 955
Tribolium castaneum is a member of the most species-rich eukaryotic order, a powerful model organism for the study of generalized insect development, and an... 
SHORT-GERM INSECT | RED FLOUR BEETLE | GENE SUPERFAMILY | BOMBYX-MORI | PROTEIN | APIS-MELLIFERA | MESSENGER-RNA | DROSOPHILA-MELANOGASTER | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SEGMENTATION | HONEY-BEE | Proteome - genetics | Genes, Insect - genetics | Humans | Phylogeny | Neurotransmitter Agents - genetics | RNA Interference | DNA Transposable Elements - genetics | Tribolium - physiology | Taste - genetics | Telomere - genetics | Insecticides - pharmacology | Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid - genetics | Tribolium - classification | Genome, Insect - genetics | Oogenesis - genetics | Vision, Ocular - genetics | Animals | Base Composition | Tribolium - embryology | Receptors, Odorant - genetics | Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System - genetics | Tribolium - genetics | Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled - genetics | Growth and Development - genetics | Body Patterning - genetics | Physiological aspects | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Gene expression | Methods | Flour beetles | Evolutionary biology | Insects | Genes | Genomics | Genetics | RNA polymerase | Chemicals | Index Medicus | Genes; Insect/genetics | Tribolium/classification/embryology/genetics/physiology | Receptors; G-Protein-Coupled/genetics | Genome; Insect/genetics | Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System/genetics | Telomere/genetics | DNA Transposable Elements/genetics | Repetitive Sequences; Nucleic Acid/genetics | Receptors; Odorant/genetics | Body Patterning/genetics | Neurotransmitter Agents/genetics | Growth and Development/genetics | Vision/genetics | Insecticides/pharmacology | Proteome/genetics | Oogenesis/genetics | Taste/genetics
Journal Article
by Zhao, Chaoyang and Escalante, Lucio Navarro and Chen, Hang and Chen, Ming-Shun and Benatti, Thiago R and Qu, Jiaxin and Chellapilla, Sanjay and Waterhouse, Robert M and Wheeler, David and Andersson, Martin N and Bao, Riyue and Batterton, Matthew and Behura, Susanta K and Blankenburg, Kerstin P and Caragea, Doina and Carolan, James C and Coyle, Marcus and El-Bouhssini, Mustapha and Francisco, Liezl and Friedrich, Markus and Gill, Navdeep and Grace, Tony and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J.P and Han, Yi and Hauser, Frank and Herndon, Nicolae and Holder, Michael and Ioannidis, Panagiotis and Jackson, LaRonda and Javaid, Mehwish and Jhangiani, Shalini N and Johnson, Alisha J and Kalra, Divya and Korchina, Viktoriya and Kovar, Christie L and Lara, Fremiet and Lee, Sandra L and Liu, Xuming and Löfstedt, Christer and Mata, Robert and Mathew, Tittu and Muzny, Donna M and Nagar, Swapnil and Nazareth, Lynne V and Okwuonu, Geoffrey and Ongeri, Fiona and Perales, Lora and Peterson, Brittany F and Pu, Ling-Ling and Robertson, Hugh M and Schemerhorn, Brandon J and Scherer, Steven E and Shreve, Jacob T and Simmons, DeNard and Subramanyam, Subhashree and Thornton, Rebecca L and Xue, Kun and Weissenberger, George M and Williams, Christie E and Worley, Kim C and Zhu, Dianhui and Zhu, Yiming and Harris, Marion O and Shukle, Richard H and Werren, John H and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Brown, Susan J and Stuart, Jeffery J and Richards, Stephen and Functional zoology and Lund University and Funktionell zoologi and Lunds universitet
Current Biology, ISSN 0960-9822, 03/2015, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp. 613 - 620
Journal Article
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 2014, Volume 24, Issue 7, pp. 1209 - 1223
Journal Article
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 01/2005, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 18
Journal Article
by Muzny, Donna M and Scherer, Steven E and Kaul, Rajinder and Wang, Jing and Yu, Jun and Sudbrak, Ralf and Buhay, Christian J and Chen, Rui and Cree, Andrew and Ding, Yan and Dugan-Rocha, Shannon and Gill, Rachel and Gunaratne, Preethi and Harris, RAlan and Hawes, Alicia C and Hernandez, Judith and Hodgson, Anne V and Hume, Jennifer and Jackson, Andrew and Khan, Ziad Mohid and Kovar-Smith, Christie and Lewis, Lora R and Lozado, Ryan J and Metzker, Michael L and Milosavljevic, Aleksandar and Miner, George R and Morgan, Margaret B and Nazareth, Lynne V and Scott, Graham and Sodergren, Erica and Song, Xing-Zhi and Steffen, David and Wei, Sharon and Wheeler, David A and Wright, Mathew W and Worley, Kim C and Yuan, Ye and Zhang, Zhengdong and Adams, Charles Q and Ansari-Lari, MAli and Ayele, Mulu and Brown, Mary J and Chen, Guan and Chen, Zhijian and Clendenning, James and Clerc-Blankenburg, Kerstin P and Chen, Runsheng and Chen, Zhu and Davis, Clay and Delgado, Oliver and Dinh, Huyen H and Dong, Wei and Draper, Heather and Ernst, Stephen and Fu, Gang and Gonzalez-Garay, Manuel L and Garcia, Dawn K and Gillett, Will and Gu, Jun and Hao, Bailin and Haugen, Eric and Havlak, Paul and He, Xin and Hennig, Steffen and Hu, Songnian and Huang, Wei and Jackson, Laronda R and Jacob, Leni S and Kelly, Susan H and Kube, Michael and Levy, Ruth and Li, Zhangwan and Liu, Bin and Liu, Jing and Liu, Wen and Lu, Jing and Maheshwari, Manjula and Nguyen, Bao-Viet and Okwuonu, Geoffrey O and Palmeiri, Anthony and Pasternak, Shiran and Perez, Lesette M and Phelps, Karen A and Plopper, Farah JH and Qiang, Boqin and Raymond, Christopher and Rodriguez, Ruben and Saenphimmachak, Channakhone and Santibanez, Jireh and Shen, Hua and Shen, Yan and Subramanian, Sandhya and Tabor, Paul E and Verduzco, Daniel and Waldron, Lenee and Wang, Jian and Wang, Jun and Wang, Qiaoyan and Williams, Gabrielle A and Wong, Gane K-S and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2006, Volume 440, Issue 7088, pp. 1194 - 1198
After the completion of a draft human genome sequence, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium has proceeded to finish and annotate each of the 24... 
Journal Article