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Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 8/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 15
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, ISSN 1029-8479, 09/2018, Issue 9
Journal Article
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 9/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 9, pp. 1 - 2
There was an error in the computation of the n-loop part of the scalar self-energy in our paper [1]. 
Quantum Physics | Quantum Field Theories, String Theory | Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory | Physics | Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory
Journal Article
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN 2050-750X, 2017, Volume 5, Issue 17, pp. 3217 - 3229
Supramolecular gel hybrids obtained by self-assembly of Fmoc-l-phenylalanine (Fmoc-F) in the presence of functionalized halloysite nanotubes (f-HNT) were... 
Journal Article
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, ISSN 2050-7518, 2017, Volume 5, Issue 17, pp. 3217 - 3229
Supramolecular gel hybrids obtained by self-assembly of Fmoc-L-phenylalanine (Fmoc-F) in the presence of functionalized halloysite nanotubes (f-HNT) were... 
NANOPARTICLES | HALLOYSITE CLAY NANOTUBES | CO-DELIVERY | MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS | DRUG-DELIVERY | IN-VIVO | TOXICITY | SALTS | COMPOSITE | HYDROGEL | WATER | Drugs | Self assembly | Antiproliferatives | Nanotubes | Media | In vitro testing | Nanostructure | Active control
Journal Article
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, ISSN 0161-5505, 10/2018, Volume 59, Issue 10, pp. 1590 - 1596
F-FDG PET is an important tool for the presurgical assessment of children with drug-resistant epilepsy. Standard assessment is performed visually and is often... 
Voxelwise statistics | F-FDG PET template | Pediatric | Epilepsy
Journal Article
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, ISSN 0161-5505, 10/2018, Volume 59, Issue 10, p. 1590
£sup£18¥sup¥F-FDG PET is an important tool for the presurgical assessment of children with drug-resistant epilepsy. Standard assessment is performed visually... 
Seizing | Statistical analysis | Image processing | Epilepsy | Positron emission | Mapping | Drug resistance | Statistics | Patients | Computer programs | Databases | Software packages | Analysis | Tomography | Software | Diagnosis | Children | Localization | Positron emission tomography | Age
Journal Article
by Acharya, B.S and Actis, M and Aghajani, T and Agnetta, G and Aguilar, J and Aharonian, F and Ajello, M and Akhperjanian, A and Alcubierre, M and Aleksić, J and Alfaro, R and Aliu, E and Allafort, A.J and Allan, D and Allekotte, I and Amato, E and Anderson, J and Angüner, E.O and Antonelli, L.A and Antoranz, P and Aravantinos, A and Arlen, T and Armstrong, T and Arnaldi, H and Arrabito, L and Asano, K and Ashton, T and Asorey, H.G and Awane, Y and Baba, H and Babic, A and Baby, N and Bähr, J and Bais, A and Baixeras, C and Bajtlik, S and Balbo, M and Balis, D and Balkowski, C and Bamba, A and Bandiera, R and Barber, A and Barbier, C and Barceló, M and Barnacka, A and Barnstedt, J and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J.A and Basili, A and Basso, S and Bastieri, D and Bauer, C and Baushev, A and Becerra, J and Becherini, Y and Bechtol, K.C and Becker Tjus, J and Beckmann, V and Bednarek, W and Behera, B and Belluso, M and Benbow, W and Berdugo, J and Berger, K and Bernard, F and Bernardino, T and Bernlöhr, K and Bhat, N and Bhattacharyya, S and Bigongiari, C and Biland, A and Billotta, S and Bird, T and Birsin, E and Bissaldi, E and Biteau, J and Bitossi, M and Blake, S and Blanch Bigas, O and Blasi, P and Bobkov, A and Boccone, V and Boettcher, M and Bogacz, L and Bogart, J and Bogdan, M and Boisson, C and Boix Gargallo, J and Bolmont, J and Bonanno, G and Bonardi, A and Bonev, T and Bonifacio, P and Bonnoli, G and Bordas, P and Borgland, A and Borkowski, J and Bose, R and Botner, O and Bottani, A and ... and CTA Consortium and Partikel- och astropartikelfysik and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik
Astroparticle Physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 03/2013, Volume 43, Issue SI, pp. 3 - 18
Journal Article
by Akkoyun, S and Algora, A and Alikhani, B and Ameil, F and de Angelis, G and Arnold, L and Astier, A and Ataç, A and Aubert, Y and Aufranc, C and Austin, A and Aydin, S and Azaiez, F and Badoer, S and Balabanski, D.L and Barrientos, D and Baulieu, G and Baumann, R and Bazzacco, D and Beck, T and Beck, F.A and Bednarczyk, P and Bellato, M and Bentley, M.A and Benzoni, G and Berthier, R and Berti, L and Beunard, R and Lo Bianco, G and Birkenbach, B and Bizzeti, P.G and Bizzeti-Sona, A.M and Le Blanc, F and Blasco, J.M and Blasi, N and Bloor, D and Boiano, C and Borsato, M and Bortolato, D and Boston, A.J and Boston, H.C and Bourgault, P and Boutachkov, P and Bouty, A and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Brawn, I.P and Brondi, A and Broussard, S and Bruyneel, B and Bucurescu, D and Burrows, I and Bürger, A and Cabaret, S and Cahan, B and Calore, E and Camera, F and Capsoni, A and Carrió, F and Casati, G and Castoldi, M and Cederwall, B and Cercus, J.-L and Chambert, V and El Chambit, M and Chapman, R and Charles, L and Chavas, J and Clément, E and Cocconi, P and Coelli, S and Coleman-Smith, P.J and Colombo, A and Colosimo, S and Commeaux, C and Conventi, D and Cooper, R.J and Corsi, A and Cortesi, A and Costa, L and Crespi, F.C.L and Cresswell, J.R and Cullen, D.M and Curien, D and Czermak, A and Delbourg, D and Depalo, R and Descombes, T and Désesquelles, P and Detistov, P and Diarra, C and Didierjean, F and Dimmock, M.R and Doan, Q.T and Domingo-Pardo, C and Doncel, M and Dorangeville, F and Dosme, N and Drouen, Y and Duchêne, G and ... and AGATA Adv GAmma Tracking Array and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 03/2012, Volume 668, pp. 26 - 58
Journal Article
Allergy, ISSN 0105-4538, 2017, Volume 72, Issue 9, pp. 1297 - 1305
Journal Article
by Abraham, J and Abreu, P and Aglietta, M and Aguirre, C and Allard, D and Allekotte, I and Allen, J and Allison, P and Alvarez-Muñiz, J and Ambrosio, M and Anchordoqui, L and Andringa, S and Anzalone, A and Aramo, C and Argirò, S and Arisaka, K and Armengaud, E and Arneodo, F and Arqueros, F and Asch, T and Asorey, H and Assis, P and Atulugama, B.S and Aublin, J and Ave, M and Avila, G and Bäcker, T and Badagnani, D and Barbosa, A.F and Barnhill, D and Barroso, S.L.C and Baughman, B and Bauleo, P and Beatty, J.J and Beau, T and Becker, B.R and Becker, K.H and Bellido, J.A and Benzvi, S and Berat, C and Bergmann, T and Bernardini, P and Bertou, X and Biermann, P.L and Billoir, P and Blanch-Bigas, O and Blanco, F and Blasi, P and Bleve, C and Blümer, H and Boháčová, M and Bonifazi, C and Bonino, R and Brack, J and Brogueira, P and Brown, W.C and Buchholz, P and Bueno, A and Burton, R.E and Busca, N.G and Caballero-Mora, K.S and Cai, B and Camin, D.V and Caramete, L and Caruso, R and Carvalho, W and Castellina, A and Catalano, O and Cataldi, G and Cazon, L and Cester, R and Chauvin, J and Chiavassa, A and Chinellato, J.A and Chou, A and Chudoba, J and Chye, J and Clark, P.D.J and Clay, R.W and Colombo, E and Conceição, R and Connolly, B and Contreras, F and Coppens, J and Cordier, A and Cotti, U and Coutu, S and Covault, C.E and Creusot, A and Criss, A and Cronin, J and Curutiu, A and Dagoret-Campagne, S and Daumiller, K and Dawson, B.R and De Almeida, R.M and De Donato, C and De Jong, S.J and De La Vega, G and Junior, W. J. M. De Mello and ...
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2008, Volume 101, Issue 6
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2008, Volume 101, Issue 6, pp. 061101 - 061107
The energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 2.5 x 10(18) eV, derived from 20 000 events recorded at the Pierre Auger Observatory, is described. The spectral index... 
Journal Article
by Bousquet, Jean and Bousquet, P.J and Bousquet, J and Hellings, P.W and Hellings, Peter W and Agache, Ioana and Agache, I and Amat, F and Amat, Flore and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Annesi-Maesano, I and Ansotegui, Ignacio J and Ansotegui, I.J and Anto, Josep M and Anto, J.M and Bachert, Claus and Bachert, C and Bateman, Eric D and Bateman, E.D and Bedbrook, Anna and Bedbrook, A and Bennoor, K.S and Bennoor, Kazi and Bewick, M and Bewick, Mickael and Bindslev-Jensen, C and Bindslev-Jensen, Carsten and Bosnic-Anticevich, Sinthia and Bosnic-Anticevich, C.S and Bosse, Isabelle and Bosse, I and Brozek, J and Brozek, Jan and Brussino, Luisa and Canonica, G.W and Canonica, Giorgio W and Cardona, V and Cardona, Victoria and Casale, Thomas and Casale, T and Cepeda Sarabia, A.M and Cepeda Sarabia, Alfonso M and Chavannes, N.H and Chavannes, Niels H and Cecchi, Lorenzo and Cecchi, L and Correia de Sousa, J and Correia de Sousa, Jaime and Costa, E and Costa, Elisio and Cruz, A.A and Cruz, Alvaro A and Czarlewski, W and Czarlewski, Wienczyslawa and De Carlo, G and De Carlo, Giuseppe and De Feo, G and De Feo, Giulia and Demoly, Pascal and Demoly, P and Devillier, P and Devillier, Philippe and Dykewicz, Mark S and Dykewicz, M.S and El-Gamal, Yehia and El-Gamal, Y and Eller, E and Eller, Esben E and Fonseca, Joao A and Fonseca, J.A and Fontaine, J.F and Fontaine, Jean-François and Fokkens, Wytske J and Fokkens, W.J and Guzmán, M.A and Guzmán, Maria-Antonieta and Haahtela, Tari and Haahtela, T and Illario, Maddalena and Illario, M and Ivancevich, Juan-Carlos and Ivancevich, J.C and Just, Jocelyne and Kaidashev, Igor and Kaidashev, I and Khaitov, M and Khaitov, Musa and Kalayci, Omer and Kalayci, O and Keil, T and Keil, Thomas and Klimek, L and Klimek, Ludger and Kowalski, Marek L and Kowalski, M.L and Kuna, Piotr and Kuna, P and Kvedariene, Violeta and Kvedariene, V and Larenas-Linnemann, D and ... and Mobile Airways Sentinel Network M and Institutionen för datavetenskap and Umeå universitet and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 03/2019, Volume 143, Issue 3, pp. 864 - 879
Journal Article