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by Lewald, Heidrun and Jonsson Fagerlund, Malin and Hoeft, Andreas and Hunter, Jennifer M and Abernethy, Caroline and Achaibar, Kira and Akgün, Fatma Nur and Aletti, Gabriele and Allan, Ashley and Almasy, Emoke and Andersson, Peder and Anipchenko, Natalya and Armstrong, Earlene and Aslam, Tayyba Naz and Ausserer, Julia and Avvai, Mary and Awad, Nahla and Ayas Montero, Begoña and Ayuso, Mercedes and Azevedo, Patricia and Baiardo Redaelli, Martina and Baird, Colin and Balaji, Packianathaswamy and Bălan, Cristina and Balandin, Alina and Balescu-Arion, Carmen and Baliuliene, Vilda and Baltasar Isabel, Jorge and Bandrabur, Daniela and Bankewitz, Carla and Barbera, Francesco and Barcraft-Barnes, Helena and Barletti, Valentina and Baron, Kirsty and Barros, Ana and Bartlett, Pauline and Batistaki, Chrysanthi and Baytas, Volkan and Becerra Cayetano, Isabel A and Bell, Stephanie and Bellandi, Mattia and Bergmann, Nicole and Bergmark, Kristina and Bermudez Lopez, Maria and Bernotaite, Monika and Beurskens, Charlotte and Bidd, Heena and Bifulco, Francesca and Bignami, Elena and Bilic, Aleksandar and Bishop, Luke and Bjonness, Therese and Blaylock, Hether and Boer, Christa and Bois, Grégory and Borecka-Kedzierska, Miroslawa and Borys, Michał and Boselli, Emmanuel and Bouwman, Arthur and Bowen, Leonora and Bowrey, Sarah and Bradley, Tom and Brazzoni, Marcella and Brear, Tracy and Brogly, Nicolas and Buerkle, Hartmut and Buggy, Donal and Bukauskas, Tomas and Butturini, Francesco and Calderon, Adriana and Calhau, Ricardo and Callejo, Angel and Campesato, Manuela and Candeias, Margarida and Cantor, Andreea and Carise, Elsa and Carreteiro, Joana and Carrieri, Cosima and Carter, Anna and Casal, Manuela and Casanova, Irene and Cascella, Marco and Casero, Luis M and Castelo-Branco, Laila and Castro Arranz, Carlos and Cervantes, Jesoporiol and Chandler, Ben and Charnock, Robert and Chatzimicali, Aikaterini and Chondhury, Priyakam and Cimpeanu, Luminata and Clark, Sebastian and Clayton, Matthew and Colvin, Carie and Cope, Sean and Copeta, Filomena and Costa, Gabriela and Cowton, Amanda and Cricca, Valentina and Cronin, John and ... and POPULAR Contributors
The lancet respiratory medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 02/2019, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 129 - 140
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