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Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, ISSN 1078-0998, 01/2019, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp. 394 - 402
Abstract Background Extraintestinal manifestations (EIM) have been associated with more severe course of inflammatory bowel disease. The aim was to study the... 
Crohn′s disease | elderly | extra-intestinal manifestation | pediatric | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Hépatology and Gastroenterology
Journal Article
The EMBO Journal, ISSN 0261-4189, 10/2000, Volume 19, Issue 20, pp. 5362 - 5375
Journal Article
by Duricova, D and Sarter, H and Savoye, G and Leroyer, A and Pariente, B and Armengol-Debeir, L and Bouguen, G and Ley, D and Turck, D and Templier, C and Buche, S and Peyrin-Biroulet, L and Gower-Rousseau, C and Fumery, M and Andre, JM and Antonietti, M and Aouakli, A and Armand, A and Aroichane, I and Assi, F and Aubet, JP and Auxenfants, E and Ayafi-Ramelot, F and Bankovski, D and Barbry, B and Bardoux, N and Baron, P and Baudet, A and Bazin, B and Bebahani, A and Becqwort, JP and Benet, V and Benali, H and Benguigui, C and Ben Soussan, E and Bental, A and Berkelmans, I and Bernet, J and Bernou, K and Bernou-Dron, C and Bertot, P and Bertiaux-Vandaele, N and Bertrand, V and Billoud, E and Biron, N and Bismuth, B and Bleuet, M and Blondel, F and Blondin, V and Bohon, P and Boniface, E and Bonniere, P and Bonvarlet, E and Bonvarlet, P and Boruchowicz, A and Bostvironnois, R and Boualit, M and Bouche, B and Boudaillez, C and Bourgeaux, C and Bourgeois, M and Bourguet, A and Bourienne, A and Branche, J and Bray, G and Brazier, F and Breban, P and Brihier, H and Brung-Lefebvre, V and Bulois, P and Burgiere, P and Butel, J and Canva, JY and Canva-Delcambre, V and Capron, JP and Cardot, F and Carpentier, P and Cartier, E and Cassar, JF and Cassagnou, M and Castex, JF and Catala, P and Cattan, S and Catteau, S and Caujolle, B and Cayron, G and Chandelier, C and Chantre, M and Charles, J and Charneau, T and Chavance-Thelu, M and Chirita, D and Choteau, A and Claerbout, JF and Clergue, PY and Coevoet, H and Cohen, G and Collet, R and Colombel, JF and Coopman, S and ... and Epimad Grp and Epimad Group
INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASES, ISSN 1078-0998, 02/2019, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp. 394 - 402
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Agarwalla, S.K and Agostino, L and Aittola, M and Alekou, A and Andrieu, B and Angus, D and Antoniou, F and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Asfandiyarov, R and Autiero, D and Ballett, P and Bandac, I and Banerjee, D and Barker, G J and Barr, G and Bartmann, W and Bay, F and Berardi, V and Bertram, I and Bésida, O and Blebea-Apostu, A.M and Blondel, A and Bogomilov, M and Borriello, E and Boyd, S and Brancus, I and Bravar, A and Buizza-Avanzini, M and Cafagna, F and Calin, M and Calviani, M and Campanelli, M and Cantini, C and Caretta, O and Cata-Danil, G and Catanesi, M.G and Cervera, A and Chakraborty, S and Chaussard, L and Chesneanu, D and Chipesiu, F and Christodoulou, G and Coleman, J and Crivelli, P and Davenne, T and Dawson, J and De Bonis, I and De Jong, J and Déclais, Y and Del Amo Sanchez, P and Delbart, A and Densham, C and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Duchesneau, D and Dumarchez, J and Efthymiopoulos, I and Eliseev, A and Emery, S and Enqvist, K and Enqvist, T and Epprecht, L and Ereditato, A and Erykalov, A.N and Esanu, T and Finch, A.J and Fitton, M.D and Franco, D and Galymov, V and Gavrilov, G and Gendotti, A and Giganti, C and Goddard, B and Gomez, J.J and Gomoiu, C.M and Gornushkin, Y.A and Gorodetzky, P and Grant, N and Haesler, A and Haigh, M.D and Hasegawa, T and Haug, S and Hierholzer, M and Hissa, J and Horikawa, S and Huitu, K and Ilic, J and Ioannisian, A.N and Izmaylov, A and Jipa, A and Kainulainen, K and Kalliokoski, T and Karadzhov, Y and Kawada, J and Khabibullin, M and Khotjantsev, A and Kokko, E and Kopylov, A.N and Kormos, L.L and ... and LAGUNA-LBNO Collaboration and The LAGUNA-LBNO collaboration
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 5/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 38
Journal Article
by Bicer, M and Duran Yildiz, H and Yildiz, I and Coignet, G and Delmastro, M and Alexopoulos, T and Grojean, C and Antusch, S and Sen, T and He, H.-J and Potamianos, K and Haug, S and Moreno, A and Heister, A and Sanz, V and Gomez-Ceballos, G and Klute, M and Zanetti, M and Wang, L.-T and Dam, M and Boehm, C and Glover, N and Krauss, F and Lenz, A and Syphers, M and Leonidopoulos, C and Ciulli, V and Lenzi, P and Sguazzoni, G and Antonelli, M and Boscolo, M and Dosselli, U and Frasciello, O and Milardi, C and Venanzoni, G and Zobov, M and van der Bij, J and de Gruttola, M and Kim, D.-W and Bachtis, M and Butterworth, A and Bernet, C and Botta, C and Carminati, F and David, A and Deniau, L and d’Enterria, D and Ganis, G and Goddard, B and Giudice, G and Janot, P and Jowett, J M and Lourenço, C and Malgeri, L and Meschi, E and Moortgat, F and Musella, P and Osborne, J A and Perrozzi, L and Pierini, M and Rinolfi, L and de Roeck, A and Rojo, J and Roy, G and Sciabà, A and Valassi, A and Waaijer, C S and Wenninger, J and Woehri, H and Zimmermann, F and Blondel, A and Koratzinos, M and Mermod, P and Onel, Y and Talman, R and Castaneda Miranda, E and Bulyak, E and Porsuk, D and Kovalskyi, D and Padhi, S and Faccioli, P and Ellis, J R and Campanelli, M and Bai, Y and Chamizo, M and Appleby, R B and Owen, H and Cuna, H Maury and Gracios, C and Munoz-Hernandez, G A and Trentadue, L and Torrente-Lujan, E and Wang, S and Bertsche, D and Gramolin, A and Telnov, V and Kado, M and Petroff, P and Azzi, P and Nicrosini, O and ... and TLEP Design Study Working Grp and The TLEP Design Study Working Group
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 1/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 49
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 07/2003, Volume 565, Issue 1-4, pp. 61 - 75
The four LEP Collaborations, ALEPH, DELPHI, L3 and OPAL, have collected a total of 2461 pb−1 of e+e− collision data at centre-of-mass energies between 189 and... 
BROKEN SYMMETRIES | ROOT-S | PARTICLES | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | ALEPH | MASS | E(+)E(-) COLLISIONS | Z DECAYS | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | Physics | High Energy Physics - Experiment
Journal Article
by Schael, S and Barate, R and Brunelière, R and De Bonis, I and Decamp, D and Goy, C and Jézéquel, S and Lees, J.-P and Martin, F and Merle, E and Minard, M.-N and Pietrzyk, B and Trocmé, B and Bravo, S and Casado, M P and Chmeissani, M and Crespo, J M and Fernandez, E and Fernandez-Bosman, M and Garrido, Ll and Martinez, M and Pacheco, A and Ruiz, H and Colaleo, A and Creanza, D and De Filippis, N and de Palma, M and Iaselli, G and Maggi, G and Maggi, M and Nuzzo, S and Ranieri, A and Raso, G and Ruggieri, F and Selvaggi, G and Silvestris, L and Tempesta, P and Tricomi, A and Zito, G and Huang, X and Lin, J and Ouyang, Q and Wang, T and Xie, Y and Xu, R and Xue, S and Zhang, J and Zhang, L and Zhao, W and Abbaneo, D and Barklow, T and Buchmüller, O and Cattaneo, M and Clerbaux, B and Drevermann, H and Forty, R W and Frank, M and Gianotti, F and Hansen, J B and Harvey, J and Hutchcroft, D E and Janot, P and Jost, B and Kado, M and Mato, P and Moutoussi, A and Ranjard, F and Rolandi, L and Schlatter, D and Teubert, F and Valassi, A and Videau, I and Badaud, F and Dessagne, S and Falvard, A and Fayolle, D and Gay, P and Jousset, J and Michel, B and Monteil, S and Pallin, D and Pascolo, J M and Perret, P and Hansen, J D and Hansen, J R and Hansen, P H and Kraan, A C and Nilsson, B S and Kyriakis, A and Markou, C and Simopoulou, E and Vayaki, A and Zachariadou, K and Blondel, A and Brient, J.-C and Machefert, F and Rougé, A and Videau, H and Ciulli, V and Focardi, E and ... and ALEPH Collaboration and The ALEPH collaboration
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 5/2010, Volume 2010, Issue 5, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article