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by Léger, A and Rouan, D and Schneider, J and Barge, P and Fridlund, M and Samuel, B and Ollivier, M and Guenther, E and Deleuil, M and Deeg, H.J and Auvergne, M and Alonso, R and Aigrain, S and Alapini, A and Almenara, J.M and Baglin, A and Barbieri, M and Bruntt, H and Bordé, P and Bouchy, F and Cabrera, J and Catala, C and Carone, L and Carpano, S and Csizmadia, Sz and Dvorak, R and Erikson, A and Ferraz-Mello, S and Foing, B and Fressin, F and Gandolfi, D and Gillon, M and Gondoin, Ph and Grasset, O and Guillot, T and Hatzes, A and Hébrard, G and Jorda, L and Lammer, H and Llebaria, A and Loeillet, B and Mayor, M and Mazeh, T and Moutou, C and Pätzold, M and Pont, F and Queloz, D and Rauer, H and Renner, S and Samadi, R and Shporer, A and Sotin, Ch and Tingley, B and Wuchterl, G and Adda, M and Agogu, P and Appourchaux, T and Ballans, H and Baron, P and Beaufort, T and Bellenger, R and Berlin, R and Bernardi, P and Blouin, D and Baudin, F and Bodin, P and Boisnard, L and Boit, L and Bonneau, F and Borzeix, S and Briet, R and Buey, J.-T and Butler, B and Cailleau, D and Cautain, R and Chabaud, P.-Y and Chaintreuil, S and Chiavassa, F and Costes, V and Cuna Parrho, V and De Oliveira Fialho, F and Decaudin, M and Defise, J.-M and Djalal, S and Epstein, G and Exil, G.-E and Fauré, C and Fenouillet, T and Gaboriaud, A and Gallic, A and Gamet, P and Gavalda, P and Grolleau, E and Gruneisen, R and Gueguen, L and Guis, V and Guivarc'h, V and Guterman, P and Hallouard, D and Hasiba, J and ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 2009, Volume 506, Issue 1, pp. 287 - 302
Journal Article
by Auvergne, M and Bodin, P and Boisnard, L and Buey, J.-T and Chaintreuil, S and Epstein, G and Jouret, M and Lam-Trong, T and Levacher, P and Magnan, A and Perez, R and Plasson, P and Plesseria, J and Peter, G and Steller, M and Tiphène, D and Baglin, A and Agogué, P and Appourchaux, T and Barbet, D and Beaufort, T and Bellenger, R and Berlin, R and Bernardi, P and Blouin, D and Boumier, P and Bonneau, F and Briet, R and Butler, B and Cautain, R and Chiavassa, F and Costes, V and Cuvilho, J and Cunha-Parro, V and De Oliveira Fialho, F and Decaudin, M and Defise, J.-M and Djalal, S and Docclo, A and Drummond, R and Dupuis, O and Exil, G and Fauré, C and Gaboriaud, A and Gamet, P and Gavalda, P and Grolleau, E and Gueguen, L and Guivarc'h, V and Guterman, P and Hasiba, J and Huntzinger, G and Hustaix, H and Imbert, C and Jeanville, G and Johlander, B and Jorda, L and Journoud, P and Karioty, F and Kerjean, L and Lafond, L and Lapeyrere, V and Landiech, P and Larqué, T and Laudet, P and Le Merrer, J and Leporati, L and Leruyet, B and Levieuge, B and Llebaria, A and Martin, L and Mazy, E and Mesnager, J.-M and Michel, J.-P and Moalic, J.-P and Monjoin, W and Naudet, D and Neukirchner, S and Nguyen-Kim, K and Ollivier, M and Orcesi, J.-L and Ottacher, H and Oulali, A and Parisot, J and Perruchot, S and Piacentino, A and Pinheiro Da Silva, L and Platzer, J and Pontet, B and Pradines, A and Quentin, C and Rohbeck, U and Rolland, G and Rollenhagen, F and Romagnan, R and Russ, N and Samadi, R and Schmidt, R and Schwartz, N and Sebbag, I and ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 2009, Volume 506, Issue 1, pp. 411 - 424
Context. CoRoT is a space telescope dedicated to stellar seismology and the search for extrasolar planets. The mission is led by the CNES in association with... 
Instrumentation: photometers | Stars: planetary systems | Stars: oscillations | SYSTEM | stars: oscillations | SPACE TELESCOPE | MISSION | PHOTOMETRY | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | DEVICES | STARS | instrumentation: photometers | JITTER CORRECTION ALGORITHMS | stars: planetary systems | Physics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics
Journal Article
Perspectives on Psychological Science, ISSN 1745-6916, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 6, pp. 917 - 928
According to the facial feedback hypothesis, people’s affective responses can be influenced by their own facial expression (e.g., smiling, pouting), even when... 
replication | facial feedback hypothesis | preregistration | many-labs | TESTS | PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | VERSION | META-REGRESSION | SMILE | Facial Expression | Models, Psychological | Affect | Feedback, Psychological | Humans | Mouth | Confidence intervals | Hypotheses | Feedback | Emotional experiences | Teeth | Smiles | Affective responses | Cartoons
Journal Article
by Adema, Coen M and Hillier, LaDeana W and Jones, Catherine S and Loker, Eric S and Knight, Matty and Minx, Patrick and Oliveira, Guilherme and Raghavan, Nithya and Shedlock, Anew and do Amaral, Laurence Roigues and Arican-Goktas, Halime D and Assis, Juliana G and Baba, Elio Hideo and Baron, Olga L and Bayne, Christopher J and Bickham-Wright, Utibe and Biggar, Kyle K and Blouin, Michael and Bonning, Bryony C and Botka, Chris and Bridger, Joanna M and Buckley, Katherine M and Buddenborg, Sarah K and Lima Caldeira, Roberta and Carleton, Julia and Carvalho, Omar S and Castillo, Maria G and Chalmers, Iain W and Christensens, Mikkel and Clifton, Sana and Cosseau, Celine and Coustau, Christine and Cripps, Richard M and Cuesta-Astroz, Yesid and Cummins, Scott F and di Stephano, Leon and Dinguirard, Nathalie and Duval, David and Emrich, Scott and Feschotte, Céic and Feyereisen, Rene and FitzGerald, Peter and Fronick, Catrina and Fulton, Lucinda and Galinier, Richard and Gava, Sana G and Geusz, Michael and Geyer, Kathrin K and Giraldo-Calderón, Gloria I and de Souza Gomes, Matheus and Gordy, Michelle A and Gourbal, Benjamin and Grunau, Christoph and Hanington, Patrick C and Hoffmann, Karl F and Hughes, Daniel and Humphries, Judith and Jackson, Daniel J and Jannotti-Passos, Liana K and de Jesus Jeremias, Wander and Jobling, Susan and Kamel, Bishoy and Kapusta, Aurélie and Kaur, Satwant and Koene, Joris M and Kohn, Anea B and Lawson, Dan and Lawton, Scott P and Liang, D.C and Limpanont, Yanin and Liu, Sijun and Lockyer, Anne E and Lovato, TyAnna L and Ludolf, Fernanda and Magrini, Vince and McManus, Donald P and Medina, Monica and Misra, Milind and Mitta, Guillaume and Mkoji, Gerald M and Montague, Michael J and Montelongo, Cesar and Moroz, Leonid L and Munoz-Torres, Monica C and Niazi, Umar and Noble, Leslie R and Oliveira, Francislon S and Pais, Fabiano S and Papenfuss, Anthony T and Peace, Rob and Pena, Janeth J and Pila, Emmanuel A and Quelais, Titouan and Raney, Brian J and Rast, Jonathan P and Rollinson, David and Rosse, Izinara C and Rotgans, Bronwyn and Routledge, Edwin J and Ryan, Kathryn M and ...
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 05/2017, Volume 8, Issue 1, p. 15451
Biomphalaria snails are instrumental in transmission of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni. With the World Health Organization's goal to eliminate... 
EVOLUTION | INVERTEBRATE | RECOGNITION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | COMPLEXITY | BIOMPHALARIA-GLABRATA | ACTIN GENES | INTERMEDIATE HOST | MANSONI | VERTEBRATE | INNATE IMMUNITY | Life Sciences | Invertebrate Zoology | Microbiology and Parasitology | Parasitology | Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | Genomics | Animal biology
Journal Article
by Seymour, LW and Antoniou, M and Harbottle, Dr Richard P and Denning, C and Hajjar, R and Ferber, S and Searle, P F and Farzaneh, F and Krishnamurthy, P and Tye, G-J and Amofah, E and Barber, L and Chan, L and Mufti, GJ and Noble, A and Harrison, P and Falahati, Rustom and Zhang, Jianqing and Shi, Yimin and Flebbe-Rehwaldt, Linda and Gerson, Stanton L and Gaensler, Karin M L and Wilson, James M and von Kalle, C and Ivics, Z and Ammar, I and Voigt, K and Gogol-Döring, A and Miskey, C and Chen, W and Izsvák, Z and Cathomen, T and Cathomen, T and Jonuschies, J and Boldrin, L and Thrasher, A and Morgan, JE and Muntoni, F and Thrasher, A and Griesenbach, U and Weiss, D and Frances, K and Vassaux, G and Lombardo, A and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Genovese, P and Genovese, P and Genovese, P and Provasi, E and Colombo, DF and Neri, M and Magnani, Z and Cantore, C and Riso, P Lo and Damo, M and Holmes, MC and Holmes, MC and Gregory, PD and Gritti, A and Bonini, C and Naldini, L and Yáñez-Muñoz, RJ and Biffi, A and Sessa, M and Montini, E and Montini, E and Montini, E and Montini, E and Naldini, L and Wilson, James M and Baum, C and Modlich, U and Schambach, A and Galla, M and Maetzig, T and Kustikova, O and Brugman, M and Suerth, J and Heckl, D and Schwarzer, A and English, R and Wilson, J and Kernan, F and Meivar-Levy, I and Chernichovsky, E and Litichever, N and Ron, K and Sapir, T and Molakandov, K and Docherty, K and Lima, M João and Muir, K and Rashid, ST and Yusa, K and Strick-Marchand, H and Lomas, DA and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2011, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp. A1 - A138
Journal Article
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY, ISSN 0890-2070, 09/2017, Volume 31, Issue 5, pp. 576 - 577
Although narrow and nuanced emergent explanations for traits are likely more correct, simple correspondence explanations for traits are more useful in many... 
Journal Article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 2003, Volume 73, Issue 1, pp. 34 - 48
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2/2012, Volume 335, Issue 6070, pp. 843 - 847
Journal Article