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risk factors (28) 28
myocardial infarction (25) 25
adult (23) 23
heart attacks (22) 22
heart attack (20) 20
prognosis (20) 20
peripheral vascular disease (18) 18
myocardial infarction - therapy (17) 17
cardiovascular disease (16) 16
myocardial infarction - diagnosis (16) 16
time factors (15) 15
follow-up studies (14) 14
coronary artery disease (13) 13
exercise (13) 13
research (13) 13
treatment outcome (13) 13
cardiology (12) 12
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (12) 12
care and treatment (12) 12
exercise test (12) 12
myocardial infarction - mortality (12) 12
prospective studies (12) 12
coronary angiography (11) 11
myocarditis. cardiomyopathies (11) 11
angina pectoris (10) 10
echocardiography (10) 10
quebec - epidemiology (10) 10
secondary prevention (10) 10
mortality (9) 9
pharmacology. drug treatments (9) 9
genetics (8) 8
incidence (8) 8
myocardial infarction - drug therapy (8) 8
myocardial ischemia - diagnosis (8) 8
retrospective studies (8) 8
acute coronary syndromes (7) 7
angioplasty, balloon, coronary (7) 7
atherosclerosis (7) 7
biomarkers - blood (7) 7
confidence intervals (7) 7
electrocardiogram (7) 7
health aspects (7) 7
heart diseases (7) 7
ischemia (7) 7
myocardial infarction - epidemiology (7) 7
myocardial ischemia - physiopathology (7) 7
patient outcomes (7) 7
risk assessment (7) 7
type 2 diabetes (7) 7
unstable angina (7) 7
usage (7) 7
analysis (6) 6
angina (6) 6
angioplasty (6) 6
aspirin - therapeutic use (6) 6
blood pressure (6) 6
cardiac patients (6) 6
cardiovascular diseases (6) 6
coronary disease - physiopathology (6) 6
double-blind method (6) 6
drug therapy (6) 6
endocrinology & metabolism (6) 6
fibrinolytic agents - therapeutic use (6) 6
hospitals (6) 6
medicin och hälsovetenskap (6) 6
platelet aggregation inhibitors - therapeutic use (6) 6
quebec (6) 6
recurrence (6) 6
thrombolytic therapy (6) 6
acute coronary syndrome - diagnosis (5) 5
age factors (5) 5
angina pectoris - diagnostic imaging (5) 5
angina, unstable - diagnosis (5) 5
angina, unstable - drug therapy (5) 5
blood. blood coagulation. reticuloendothelial system (5) 5
c-reactive protein - metabolism (5) 5
cardiac and cardiovascular systems (5) 5
chemistry (5) 5
cohort studies (5) 5
compositions based thereon (5) 5
compositions of macromolecular compounds (5) 5
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Journal Article
by Yusuf, S and Mehta, S and Anand, S and Avezum, A and Awan, N and Bertrand, M and Blumenthal, M and Bouthier, J and Budaj, A and Ceremuzynski, L and Chrolavicius, S and Col, J and Commerford, P and Diaz, R and Flather, M and Fox, K and Franzosi, M.-G and Gaudin, C and Gersh, B and Grossman, W and Halon, D and Hess, T and Hunt, D and Joyner, C and Karatzas, N and Keltai, M and Khurmi, N and Kopecky, S and Lewis, B and Maggioni, A and Malmberg, K and Mocceti, T and Morais, J and Paolasso, E and Peters, R and Piegas, L and Pipilis, A and Ramos-Corrales, M.A and Rupprecht, H.-J and Ryden, L and Sitkei, E and Sotty, M and Tognoni, G and Valentin, V and Varigos, J and Widimsky, P and Wittlinger, T and Pogue, J and Copland, I and Cracknell, B and Demers, C and Eikelboom, J and Hall, K and Keys, J and McQueen, M and Montague, P and Morris, B and Ounpuu, S and Wright, C and Yacyshyn, V and Zhao, F and Varigos, J and Lewis, B.S and Commerford, P.J and Wyse, G and Cairns, J and Hart, R and Hirsh, J and Gent, M and Ryan, T and Wittes, J and Auger, P and Basart, D.C.G and Chan, Y and De Raedt, H and Den Hartoog, M and Galli, M and Garcia-Guerrero, J and Marquis, J.-F and Mauri, F and Mayosi, B and Natarajan, M and Nieminen, M and Norris, J and Panju, A and Peters, R.J and Renkin, J and Rihal, C and Szymanski, P and Wasek, W and Allende, G and Bono, J.O and Caccavo, A and Fernandez, A.A and Fuselli, J.J and Gambarte, A.J and Ahuad Guerrero, R.A and Hasbani, E.G and Sosa Liprandi, A and CURE Study Investigators and Clopidogrel in Unstable angina to prevent Recurrent Events (CURE) Study Investigators
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 2000, Volume 21, Issue 24, pp. 2033 - 2041
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/1998, Volume 338, Issue 21, pp. 1498 - 1505
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/1998, Volume 338, Issue 21, pp. 1488 - 1497
Journal Article
by Zewinger, Stephen, MD and Kleber, Marcus E, PhD and Tragante, Vinicius, PhD and McCubrey, Raymond O, MS and Schmidt, Amand F, MPH and Direk, Kenan, MD and Laufs, Ulrich, Prof and Werner, Christian, MD and Koenig, Wolfgang, MD and Rothenbacher, Dietrich, Prof and Mons, Ute, PD and Breitling, Lutz P, MD and Brenner, Herrmann, Prof and Jennings, Richard T, PhD and Petrakis, Ioannis, MD and Triem, Sarah, MSc and Klug, Mira, MSc and Filips, Alexandra, MD and Blankenberg, Stefan, Prof and Waldeyer, Christoph, MD and Sinning, Christoph, MD and Schnabel, Renate B, MD and Lackner, Karl J, Prof and Vlachopoulou, Efthymia, PhD and Nygård, Ottar, Prof and Svingen, Gard Frodahl Tveitevåg, MD and Pedersen, Eva Ringdal, MD and Tell, Grethe S, Prof and Sinisalo, Juha, Prof and Nieminen, Markku S, Prof and Laaksonen, Reijo, Prof and Trompet, Stella, PhD and Smit, Roelof A J, MD and Sattar, Naveed, Prof and Jukema, J Wouter, Prof and Groesdonk, Heinrich V, MD and Delgado, Graciela, MSc and Stojakovic, Tatjana, MD and Pilbrow, Anna P, PhD and Cameron, Vicky A, Prof and Richards, A Mark, Prof and Doughty, Robert N, Prof and Gong, Yan, PhD and Cooper-DeHoff, Rhonda, PharmD and Johnson, Julie, Prof and Scholz, Markus, Prof and Beutner, Frank, MD and Thiery, Joachim, Prof and Smith, J Gustav, MD and Vilmundarson, Ragnar O, MSc and McPherson, Ruth, Prof and Stewart, Alexandre F R, Prof and Cresci, Sharon, MD and Lenzini, Petra A, PhD and Spertus, John A, Prof and Olivieri, Oliviero, Prof and Girelli, Domenico, Prof and Martinelli, Nicola I, MD and Leiherer, Andreas, PhD and Saely, Christoph H, Prof and Drexel, Heinz, Prof and Mündlein, Axel, PhD and Braund, Peter S, Prof and Nelson, Christopher P, PhD and Samani, Nilesh J, Prof and Kofink, Daniel, MD and Hoefer, Imo E, MD and Pasterkamp, Gerard, Prof and Quyyumi, Arshed A, Prof and Ko, Yi-An, PhD and Hartiala, Jaana A, PhD and Allayee, Hooman, Prof and Tang, W H Wilson, MD and Hazen, Stanley L, Prof and Eriksson, Niclas, PhD and Held, Claes, MD and Hagström, Emil, MD and Wallentin, Lars, Prof and Åkerblom, Axel, MD and Siegbahn, Agneta, Prof and Karp, Igor, PhD and Labos, Christopher, MD and Pilote, Louise, Prof and Engert, James C, PhD and Brophy, James M, Prof and Thanassoulis, George, MD and Bogaty, Peter, Prof and Szczeklik, Wojciech, Prof and Kaczor, Marcin, MD and Sanak, Marek, Prof and Virani, Salim S, MD and Ballantyne, Christie M, Prof and Lee, Vei-Vei, MD and Boerwinkle, Eric, Prof and Holmes, Michael V, PhD and Horne, Benjamin D, PhD and Hingorani, Aroon, Prof and Asselbergs, Folkert W, Prof and Patel, Riyaz S, MD and Krämer, Bernhard K, Prof and ... and GENIUS-CHD consortium and GENIUS-CHD Consortium
The lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology, ISSN 2213-8587, 2017, Volume 5, Issue 7, pp. 534 - 543
Journal Article
Canadian journal of cardiology, ISSN 0828-282X, 10/2017, Volume 33, Issue 10, pp. S153 - S153
Journal Article
by Patel, Riyaz S and Tragante, Vinicius and Schmidt, Amand F and McCubrey, Raymond O and Holmes, Michael V and Howe, Laurence J and Direk, Kenan and Åkerblom, Axel and Leander, Karin and Virani, Salim S and Kaminski, Karol A and Muehlschlegel, Jochen D and Allayee, Hooman and Almgren, Peter and Alver, Maris and Baranova, Ekaterina V and Behloui, Hassan and Boeckx, Bram and Braund, Peter S and Breitling, Lutz P and Delgado, Graciela and Duarte, Nubia E and Dubé, Marie-Pierre and Dufresne, Line and Eriksson, Niclas and Foco, Luisa and Scholz, Markus and Gijsberts, Crystel M and Glinge, Charlotte and Gong, Yan and Hartiala, Jaana and Heydarpour, Mahyar and Hubacek, Jaroslav A and Kleber, Marcus and Kofink, Daniel and Kotti, Salma and Kuukasjärvi, Pekka and Lee, Vei-Vei and Leiherer, Aneas and Lenzini, Petra A and Levin, Daniel and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Martinelli, Nicola and Mons, Ute and Nelson, Christopher P and Nikus, Kjell and Pilbrow, Anna P and Ploski, Rafal and Sun, Yan V and Tanck, Michael W. T and Tang, W. H. Wilson and Trompet, Stella and van der Laan, Sander W and van Setten, Jessica and Vilmundarson, Ragnar O and Viviani Anselmi, Chiara and Vlachopoulou, Efthymia and Al Ali, Lawien and Boerwinkle, Eric and Briguori, Carlo and Carlquist, John F and Carruthers, Kathryn F and Casu, Gavino and Deanfield, John and Deloukas, Panos and Dudbridge, Frank and Engstrøm, Thomas and Fitzpatrick, Natalie and Fox, Kim and Gigante, Bruna and James, Stefan and Lokki, Marja-Liisa and Lotufo, Paulo A and Marziliano, Nicola and Mordi, Ify R and Muhlestein, Joseph B and Newton-Cheh, Christopher and Pitha, Jan and Saely, Christoph H and Samman-Tahhan, Ayman and Sandesara, Pratik B and Teren, Anej and Timmis, Adam and van de Werf, Frans and Wauters, Els and Wilde, Arthur A. M and Ford, Ian and Stott, David J and Algra, Ale and Aneassi, Maria G and Ardissino, Diego and Arsenault, Benoit J and Ballantyne, Christie M and Bergmeijer, Thomas O and Bezzina, Connie R and Body, Simon C and Boersma, Eric H and Bogaty, Peter and Bots, Michiel L and Brenner, Hermann and ...
Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine, ISSN 2574-8300, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. e002470 - e002470
Journal Article