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2001, Doctrina et pietas. Abt. I, Johann Gerhard-Archiv, ISBN 377281963X, 409
by Pearse, Rupert M and Clavien, Pierre-Alain and Demartines, Nicolas and Fleisher, Lee A and Grocott, Mike and Haddow, James and Holt, Peter and Moreno, Rui and Pritchard, Naomi and Rhodes, Andrew and Wilson, Matt and Ferguson, Marissa and Macmahon, Michael and Shulman, Mark and Cherian, Ritchie and Currow, Helen and Kanathiban, Kathirgamanathan and Gillespie, David and Pathmanathan, Edward and Phillips, Katherine and Reynolds, Jenifer and Rowley, Joanne and Douglas, Jeanene and Kerridge, Ross and Garg, Sameer and Bennett, Michael and Jain, Megha and Alcock, David and Terblanche, Nico and Cotter, Rochelle and Leslie, Kate and Stewart, Marcelle and Zingerle, Nicolette and Clyde, Antony and Hambidge, Oliver and Rehak, Adam and Cotterell, Sharon and Huynh, Wilson Binh Quan and McCulloch, Timothy and Ben-Menachem, Erez and Egan, Thomas and Cope, Jennifer and Halliwell, Richard and Fellinger, Paul and Haisjackl, Markus and Haselberger, Simone and Holaubek, Caroline and Lichtenegger, Paul and Scherz, Florian and Schmid, Werner and Hoffer, Franz and Cakova, Veronika and Eichwalder, Andreas and Fischbach, Norbert and Klug, Reinhold and Schneider, Elisabeth and Vesely, Martin and Wickenhauser, Reinhart and Grubmueller, Karl Gernot and Leitgeb, Marion and Lang, Friedrich and Toro, Nancy and Bauer, Marlene and Laengle, Friedrich and Haberl, Claudia and Mayrhofer, Thomas and Trybus, Christoph and Buerkle, Christian and Forstner, Karin and Germann, Reinhard and Rinoesl, Harald and Schindler, Elke and Trampitsch, Ernst and Bogner, Gerhard and Dankl, Daniel and Duenser, Martin and Fritsch, Gerhard and Gradwohl-Matis, Ilse and Hartmann, Andreas and Hoelzenbein, Thomas and Jaeger, Tarkan and Landauer, Franz and Lindl, Gregor and Lux, Michael and Steindl, Johannes and Stundner, Ottokar and Szabo, Christian and Bidgoli, Jawad and Verdoodt, Hans and Forget, Patrice and Kahn, David and Lois, Fernande and Momeni, Mona and Prégardien, Caroline and Pospiech, Audrey and Steyaert, Arnaud and Veevaete, Laurent and De Kegel, Dirk and De Jongh, Karen and Foubert, Luc and ... and International Surgical Outcomes Study group and Int Surg Outcomes Study Grp and Region Östergötland and Sinnescentrum and Anestesi- och intensivvårdskliniken US
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 11/2016, Volume 117, Issue 5, pp. 601 - 609
Journal Article
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, ISSN 0179-7158, 09/2016, Volume 192, Issue 9, p. 668
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00066-016-1004-x... 
Adenocarcinoma | Care and treatment | Radioisotope brachytherapy | Analysis | Hormones, Sex | Diagnosis | Tumors
Journal Article
by Vergote, Ignace and Scambia, Giovanni and O'Malley, David and O'Malley, David M and Van Calster, Ben and Park, Sang-Yoon and Park, Sang Yoon and del Campo, Josep M and Meier, Werner and Bamias, Aristotelis and Colombo, Nicoletta and Wenham, Robert M and Wenham, Robert and Covens, Allan and Covens, Al and Marth, Christian and Raza Mirza, Mansoor and Kroep, Judith and Kroep, Judith R and Ma, Haijun and Pickett, Cheryl A and Monk, Bradley J and Monk, Bradley and Song, Yong Sang and Makarova, Yulia and Trinidad, Joshua and Ngan, Hextan Yuen Sheung and Aravantinos, Gerasimos and Nam, Joo-Hyun and Gorbunova, Vera and Krikunova, Ludmila and Bae, Duk-Soo and Arija, Jose Angel Arranz and Mirza, Mansoor Raza and Zamagni, Claudio and Papandreou, Christos and Raspagliesi, Francesco and Lisyanskaya, Alla and Benzaquen, Ana Oaknin and Tognon, Germana and Ortega, Eugenia and Herraez, Antonio Casado and Buscema, Joseph and Green, Andrew and Burger, Robert and Sakaeva, Dina and Sanchez, Andres Redondo and Ghamande, Sharad and King, Laurel and Petru, Edgar and Peen, Ulla and Takeuchi, Satoshi and Ushijima, Kimio and Martin, Antonio Gonzalez and Kamelle, Scott and Carney, Michael and Forget, Frédéric and Bentley, James and Sehouli, Jalid and Zola, Paolo and Kato, Hidenori and Fadeeva, Natalya and Gotovkin, Evgeny and Vladimirov, Vladimir and Marin, Margarita Romeo and Alia, Eva Guerra and Shahin, Mark and Bhoola, Snehalkumar and Tewari, Krishnansu and Anderson, Daniel and Anderson, Jeanne and Honhon, Brigitte and Pelgrims, Joseph (Gino) and Oza, Amit and Jimenez, Jesus Garcia-Donas and Hansen, Vincent and Benjamin, Ivor and Renard, Vincent and Van den Bulck, Heidi and Haenle, Claudia and Koumakis, Georgios and Yokota, Harushige and Popov, Vadim and Bradley, William and Reid, Robert and Reid, Gary and McNamara, Donna and Friedman, Richard and Barlin, Joyce and Spirtos, Nicola and Chapman, Julia and Sevelda, Paul and Huizing, Manon and Lamot, Caroline and Goffin, Frédéric and Hondt, Lionel D and Spadafora, Silvana and Rautenberg, Beate and Reimer, Toralf and Möbus, Volker and ... and TRINOVA-3 ENGOT-ov2 GOG-3001 Inves and TRINOVA-3/ENGOT-ov2/GOG-3001 investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 06/2019, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp. 862 - 876
Angiopoietin 1 and 2 regulate angiogenesis and vascular remodelling by interacting with the tyrosine kinase receptor Tie2, and inhibition of angiogenesis has... 
WOMEN | THERAPY | INHIBITION | ANGIOGENESIS | ONCOLOGY | FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT | BEVACIZUMAB | SUPPRESSION | TUMOR-GROWTH | AMG 386 | CHEMOTHERAPY | Care and treatment | Analysis | Carboplatin | Clinical trials | Product development | Ovarian cancer | Cancer
Journal Article