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by Gieger, Christian and Radhakrishnan, Aparna and Cvejic, Ana and Tang, Weihong and Porcu, Eleonora and Pistis, Giorgio and Serbanovic-Canic, Jovana and Elling, Ulrich and Goodall, Alison H and Labrune, Yann and Lopez, Lorna M and Mägi, Reedik and Meacham, Stuart and Okada, Yukinori and Pirastu, Nicola and Sorice, Rossella and Teumer, Alexander and Voss, Katrin and Zhang, Weihua and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Bis, Joshua C and Ellinghaus, David and Gögele, Martin and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Langenberg, Claudia and Kovacs, Peter and O'Reilly, Paul F and Shin, So-Youn and Esko, Tõnu and Hartiala, Jaana and Kanoni, Stavroula and Murgia, Federico and Parsa, Afshin and Stephens, Jonathan and van der Harst, Pim and van der Schoot, C. Ellen and Allayee, Hooman and Attwood, Antony and Balkau, Beverley and Bastardot, François and Basu, Saonli and Baumeister, Sebastian E and Biino, Ginevra and Bomba, Lorenzo and Bonnefond, Amélie and Cambien, François and Chambers, John C and Cucca, Francesco and D'Adamo, Pio and Davies, Gail and de Boer, Rudolf A and de Geus, Eco J. C and Döring, Angela and Elliott, Paul and Erdmann, Jeanette and Evans, David M and Falchi, Mario and Feng, Wei and Folsom, Aaron R and Frazer, Ian H and Gibson, Quince D and Glazer, Nicole L and Hammond, Chris and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Heckbert, Susan R and Hengstenberg, Christian and Hersch, Micha and Illig, Thomas and Loos, Ruth J. F and Jolley, Jennifer and Khaw, Kay Tee and Kühnel, Brigitte and Kyrtsonis, Marie-Christine and Lagou, Vasiliki and Lloyd-Jones, Heather and Lumley, Thomas and Mangino, Massimo and Maschio, Anea and Mateo Leach, Irene and McKnight, Barbara and Memari, Yasin and Mitchell, Braxton D and Montgomery, Grant W and Nakamura, Yusuke and Nauck, Matthias and Navis, Gerjan and Nöthlings, Ute and Nolte, Ilja M and Porteous, David J and Pouta, Anneli and Pramstaller, Peter P and Pullat, Janne and Ring, Susan M and Rotter, Jerome I and Ruggiero, Daniela and Ruokonen, Aimo and Sala, Cinzia and Samani, Nilesh J and Sambrook, Jennifer and Schlessinger, David and ...
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by Astle, William J and Elding, Heather and Jiang, Tao and Allen, Dave and Ruklisa, Dace and Mann, Alice L and Mead, Daniel and Bouman, Heleen and Riveros-Mckay, Fernando and Kostadima, Myrto A and Lambourne, John J and Sivapalaratnam, Suthesh and Downes, Kate and Kundu, Kousik and Bomba, Lorenzo and Berentsen, Kim and Bradley, John R and Daugherty, Louise C and Delaneau, Olivier and Freson, Kathleen and Garner, Stephen F and Grassi, Luigi and Guerrero, Jose and Haimel, Matthias and Janssen-Megens, Eva M and Kaan, Anita and Kamat, Mihir and Kim, Bowon and Mandoli, Amit and Marchini, Jonathan and Martens, Joost H.A and Meacham, Stuart and Megy, Karyn and O’Connell, Jared and Petersen, Romina and Sharifi, Nilofar and Sheard, Simon M and Staley, James R and Tuna, Salih and van der Ent, Martijn and Walter, Klaudia and Wang, Shuang-Yin and Wheeler, Eleanor and Wilder, Steven P and Iotchkova, Valentina and Moore, Carmel and Sambrook, Jennifer and Stunnenberg, Hendrik G and Di Angelantonio, Emanuele and Kaptoge, Stephen and Kuijpers, Taco W and Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau, Enrique and Juan, David and Rico, Daniel and Valencia, Alfonso and Chen, Lu and Ge, Bing and Vasquez, Louella and Kwan, Tony and Garrido-Martín, Diego and Watt, Stephen and Yang, Ying and Guigo, Roderic and Beck, Stephan and Paul, Dirk S and Pastinen, Tomi and Bujold, David and Bourque, Guillaume and Frontini, Mattia and Danesh, John and Roberts, David J and Ouwehand, Willem H and Butterworth, Adam S and Soranzo, Nicole
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Journal Article
Journal Article