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by Collins, Peter and Baudo, Francesco and Knoebl, Paul and Levesque, Herve and Nemes, Laszlo and Pellegrini, Fabio and Marco, Pascual and Tengborn, Lilian and Huth-Kuehne, Angela and Aspoeck, Gerold and Heistinger, Max and Knobl, Paul and Makipernaa, Anne and Ane, Helene and Aouba, A and Bellucci, Sylvia and Beurrier, Philippe and Borg, Jeanne Yvonne and Darnige, Luc and Devignes, Jean and dOiron, Roseline and Gautier, Philippe and Gay, Valerie and Girault, Stephane and Gruel, Yves and Guerin, Viviane and Hezard, Nathalie and Khellaf, Mehdi and Koenig, Martial and Lifermann, Francois and Marlu, Raphael and Ninet, J and Peynet, Jocelyne and Quemeneur, Thomas and Rothschild, Chantal and Schleinitz, Nicolas and Sigaud, Marianne and Trouillier, Sebastien and Voisin, Sophie and Giebl, Aneas and Holstein, Katharina and Huth-Kuhne, Angela and Loreth, Ralph M and Steigerwald, Udo and Tiede, Aneas and Theodossiades, George and Radvanyi, Gaspar and Schlammadinger, Agota and Barillari, Giovanni and Pasca, Samantha and Caimi, T and Contino, L and D'Angelo, Armando and Crippa, Luciano and Fattorini, Annalisa and Di Minno, Giovanni and Cerbone, Anna Maria and Di Minno, Matteo Nicola Dario and D'inca, Marco and Falanga, Anna and Maggioni, Anna and Lerede, Teresa and Franchini, Massimo and Gaidano, Gianluca and De Paoli, Lorenzo and Gamba, Gabriella and Ghirardi, Raffaele and Girotto, Mauro and Tasca, Delios and Grandone, Elvira and Tiscia, Giovanni and Imberti, Davide and Iorio, Alfonso and Landolfi, Raffaele and Di Gennaro, Leonardo and Novarese, Linda and Mariani, Guglielmo and Lapecorella, Mario and Marietta, Marco and Peazzi, Paola and Mazzucconi, Maria Gabriella and Santoro, Cristina and Morfini, Massimo and Linari, Silvia and Moratelli, Stefano and Paolini, Rossella and Piseddu, Gavino and Poggio, Renzo and Pogliani, Enrico and Carpenedo, Monica and Remiddi, Chiara and Santagostino, Elena and Mancuso, Maria Elisa and Santoro, Rita and Papaleo, Giuseppina and Schinco, Piercarla and Borchiellini, Alessana and Valeri, Federica and Scortechini, Anna Rita and Siragusa, Sergio and ...
Blood, ISSN 0006-4971, 07/2012, Volume 120, Issue 1, pp. 47 - 55
Journal Article
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