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by Abbott, B. P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T. D and Acernese, F and Ackley, K and Adams, C and Adams, T and Addesso, P and Adhikari, R. X and Adya, V. B and Affeldt, C and Afrough, M and Agarwal, B and Agathos, M and Agatsuma, K and Aggarwal, N and Aguiar, O. D and Aiello, L and Ain, A and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Allen, G and Allocca, A and Altin, P. A and Amato, A and Ananyeva, A and Anderson, S. B and Anderson, W. G and Angelova, S. V and Antier, S and Appert, S and Arai, K and Araya, M. C and Areeda, J. S and Arnaud, N and Arun, K. G and Ascenzi, S and Ashton, G and Ast, M and Aston, S. M and Astone, P and Atallah, D. V and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and AultONeal, K and Austin, C and Avila-Alvarez, A and Babak, S and Bacon, P and Bader, M. K. M and Bae, S and Baker, P. T and Baldaccini, F and Ballardin, G and Ballmer, S. W and Banagiri, S and Barayoga, J. C and Barclay, S. E and Barish, B. C and Barker, D and Barkett, K and Barone, F and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Barta, D and Barthelmy, S. D and Bartlett, J and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Basti, A and Batch, J. C and Bawaj, M and Bayley, J. C and Bazzan, M and Becsy, B and Beer, C and Bejger, M and Belahcene, I and Bell, A. S and Berger, B. K and Bergmann, G and Bero, J. J and Berry, C. P. L and Bersanetti, D and Bertolini, A and Betzwieser, J and Bhagwat, S and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I. A and Billingsley, G and Billman, C. R and Birch, J and Birney, R and Birnholtz, O and Biscans, S and Biscoveanu, S and Bisht, A and Bitossi, M and Biwer, C and ...
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Journal Article
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by Ahnen, M.L and Ansoldi, S and Antonelli, L.A and Arcaro, C and Babić, A and Banerjee, B and Bangale, P and De Almeida, U. Barres and Barrio, J.A and González, J. Becerra and Bednarek, W and Bernardini, E and Berti, A and Biasuzzi, B and Biland, A and Blanch, O and Bonnefoy, S and Bonnoli, G and Borracci, F and Carosi, R and Carosi, A and Chatterjee, A and Colin, P and Colombo, E and Contreras, J.L and Cortina, J and Covino, S and Cumani, P and Da Vela, P and Dazzi, F and De Angelis, A and De Lotto, B and De Oña Wilhelmi, E and Di Pierro, F and Doert, M and Domínguez, A and Dominis Prester, D and Dorner, D and Doro, M and Einecke, S and Glawion, D. Eisenacher and Elsaesser, D and Engelkemeier, M and Ramazani, V. Fallah and Fernández-Barral, A and Fidalgo, D and Fonseca, M.V and Font, L and Fruck, C and Galindo, D and López, R.J. García and Garczarczyk, M and Gaug, M and Giammaria, P and Godinović, N and Gora, D and Griffiths, S and Guberman, D and Hadasch, D and Hahn, A and Hassan, T and Hayashida, M and Herrera, J and Hose, J and Hrupec, D and Hughes, G and Ishio, K and Konno, Y and Kubo, H and Kushida, J and Kuveždić, D and Lelas, D and Lindfors, E and Lombardi, S and Longo, F and López, M and López-Oramas, A and Majumdar, P and Makariev, M and Maneva, G and Manganaro, M and Mannheim, K and Maraschi, L and Mariotti, M and Martínez, M and Mazin, D and Menzel, U and Minev, M and Mirzoyan, R and Moralejo, A and Moreno, V and Moretti, E and Munar-Adrover, P and Neustroev, V and Niedzwiecki, A and Rosillo, M. Nievas and Nilsson, K and Nishijima, K and Noda, K and Nogués, L and ... and HESS Collaboratio and MAGIC Collaboration and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and Linnéuniversitetet and Institutionen för fysik och elektroteknik (IFE) and Fakulteten för teknik (FTK)
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 04/2018, Volume 612, p. A14
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Acciari, V.A and Aliu, E and Arlen, T and Bautista, M and Beilicke, M and Benbow, W and Bradbury, S.M and Buckley, J.H and Bugaev, V and Butt, Y and Byrum, K and Cannon, A and Celik, O and Cesarini, A and Chow, Y.C and Ciupik, L and Cogan, P and Cui, W and Dickherber, R and Fegan, S.J and Finley, J.P and Fortin, P and Fortson, L and Fumiss, A and Gall, D and Gillanders, G.H and Grube, J and Guenette, R and Gyuk, G and Hanna, D and Holder, J and Horan, D and Hui, C.M and Humensky, T.B and Imran, A and Kaaret, P and Karlsson, N and Kieda, D and Kildea, J and Konopelko, A and Krawczynski, H and Krennrich, F and Lang, M.J and LeBohec, S and Maier, G and McCann, A and McCutcheon, M and Millis, J and Moriarty, P and Ong, R.A and Otte, A.N and Pandel, D and Perkins, J.S and Petry, D and Pohl, M and Quinn, J and Ragan, K and Reyes, L.C and Reynolds, P.T and Roache, E and Roache, E and Rose, H.J and Schroedter, M and Sembroski, G.H and Smith, A.W and Swordy, S.P and Theiling, M and Toner, J.A and Varlotta, A and Vincent, S and Wakely, S.P and Ward, J.E and Weekes, T.C and Weinstein, A and Williams, D.A and Wissel, S and Wood, M and Waiker, R.C and Davies, F and Hardee, P.E and Junor, W and Ly, C and Aharonian, F and Akhperjanian, A.G and Anton, G and De Almeida, U. Barres and Bazer-Bachi, A.R and Becherini, Y and Behera, B and Bemlöhr, K and Bochow, A and Boisson, C and Bolmont, J and Borrel, V and Brucker, J and Brun, F and Brun, P and Bühler, R and Bulik, T and Büsching, I and ... and VERITAS Collaboration and HESS Collaboration and MAGIC Collaboration and VLBA 43 Ghz M87 Monitoring Team and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and VLBA 43 GHz M87 Monitoring Team and the MAGIC Collaboration and The VERITAS Collaboration and the VLBA 43 GHz M87 Monitoring Team and the H.E.S.S. Collaboration
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2009, Volume 325, Issue 5939, pp. 444 - 448
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 07/2018, Volume 361, Issue 6398
© The Authors, some rights reserved. Previous detections of individual astrophysical sources of neutrinos are limited to the Sun and the supernova 1987A,... 
Journal Article