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by Ranzato Filardi, Fabiana L and De Barros, Fábio and Baumgratz, José Fernando A and Bicudo, Carlos E.M and Cavalcanti, Taciana B and Nadruz Coelho, Marcus A and Costa, Andrea F and Costa, Denise P and Goldenberg, Renato and Labiak, Paulo Henrique and Lanna, João M and Leitman, Paula and Lohmann, Lúcia G and Costa Maia, Leonor and Mansano, Vidal F and Morim, Marli P and Peralta, Denilson F and Pirani, José Rubens and Prado, Jefferson and Roque, Nádia and Secco, Ricardo S and Stehmann, João Renato and Sylvestre, Lana S and Viana, Pedro L and Walter, Bruno M.T and Zimbrão, Geraldo and Forzza, Rafaela Campostrini and Abreu, Maria C and Abreu, Vanessa H.R and Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro and Rafael, Acunã C and Afonso, Edgar A.L and Agra, Leandro A.N.N and Agra, Maria F and Almeda, Frank and Almeida, Gracineide S.S and Almeida, Mariana M and Almeida, Nicolli B.C and Almeida, Rafael F and Almeida, Thaís E and Alves, Flávio M and Alves, Maria and Alves-Araújo, Anderson and Amaral, Maria C.E and Amélio, Leandro A and Amorim, André M.A and Amorim, Bruno S and Amorim, Vivian O and Andrade, Ivanilza M and André, Thiago and Andreata, Regina H.P and Andrino, Caroline O and Angulo, María B and Antar, Guilherme M and Aona, Lidyanne Y.S and Arana, Marcelo and Aranha Filho, João L.M and Araújo, Andréa O and Araújo, Camila C and Araújo, Cintia A.T and Araújo, Mário H.T and Asprino, Renata C and Assis, Francine C and Assis, Leandro C.S and Assis, Marta C and Athayde Filho, Francisco and Athiê-Souza, Sarah M and Azevedo, Michaele A.M and Bacci, Lucas F and Barbosa, Ariane R and Barbosa, Camilo V.O and Barbosa, Juliana F and Barbosa, Maria R.V and Barbosa-Silva, Rafael G and Barboza, Gloria E and Barcelos, Flávia R.B and Barcelos, Laísa B and Barreto, Kamilla L and Bastos, Cid J.P and Bastos, Cláudia A and Benelli, Ada and Bernacci, Luís C and Beyer, Maila and Bezerra, Andrea C.C and Bigio, Narcísio C and Biral, Leonardo and Bissoli, Vinícius F and Bochorny, Thuane and Bohs, Lynn and Boldorini, Abril and Boldrini, Ilsi I and Bolson, Mônica and Bonadeu, Francismeire and Bordin, Juçara and Bordon, Natali G and Borges, Leonardo M and Borges, Rafael A.X and Borges, Rodrigo L and Bortoluzzi, Roseli L.C and Bove, Cláudia P and ...
Rodriguesia, ISSN 0370-6583, 10/2018, Volume 69, Issue 4, pp. 1513 - 1527
Abstract The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) was established by the Conference of Parties in 2002 to decrease the loss of plant diversity, reduce... 
Database | Taxonomy | Diversity | Hotspots | database | diversity | taxonomy | hotspots
Journal Article
Forest Ecology and Management, ISSN 0378-1127, 12/2019, Volume 453, p. 117633
Windstorms, known as blowdowns, create large canopy gaps in the tropical rainforest. Despite the occurrence of blowdowns in Central Amazonia, no studies have... 
Melastomataceae | Tree fall | Large gaps | Araceae | Forest disturbance
Journal Article
Revista de Biologia Tropical, ISSN 0034-7744, 2012, Volume 60, Issue 4, pp. 1553 - 1565
The euglossine bee Eulaema nigrita plays an important role for the pollination of native and economically important plants, such as the sweet passion-fruit... 
Bee | Pollinic analysis | Maintenance of pollinators | Conservation | conservation | bee | SERVICES | BIOLOGY | maintenance of pollinators | POLLEN | pollinic analysis | Passiflora | Animals | Fruit | Bees - classification | Behavior, Animal - physiology | Biodiversity | Bees - physiology | Pollination | mantenimiento de los polinizadores | análisis polínico | conservación | abeja
Journal Article
Revista de Biología Tropical, ISSN 0034-7744, 12/2012, Volume 60, Issue 4, pp. 1553 - 1565
The euglossine bee Eulaema nigrita plays an important role for the pollination of native and economically important plants, such as the sweet passion-fruit... 
Biodiversity Conservation | Biology
Journal Article
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