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by Happe, C and Deacon, D and Erbe, R and Tenerelli, K and Tran, V and Adler, E and Chi, N and Engler, A and Thomas, S and Wong, K and Tenerelli, K and Lo Sardo, V and Ferguson, W and Topol, E and Baldwin, K and Engler, A and Henry, N and Stubenitsky, B and Ojansivu, M and Juntunen, M and Kartasalo, K and Miettinen, S and Miettinen, S and Vanhatupa, S and Di Meglio, F and Schonauer, F and Nurzynska, D and Romano, V and Belviso, I and Miraglia, R and Granato, G and Sacco, A and Carfora, A and Di Gennaro, M and Barbato, V and Montagnani, S and Castaldo, C and Harkness, T and Piscopo, N and Seymour, S and Prestil, R and Saha, K and Dispersyn, G and Burhop, K and Nakamura, N and Kimura, T and Hashimoto, Y and Hashimoto, Y and Fujisato, T and Tsuji, T and Kishida, A and Kishida, A and Stoppel, W. L and Sullivan, K. E and Grasman, J. M and Foster, M. N and Kaplan, D. L and Black, L. D and LoPresti, S and Brown, B and Palmer, M and Wyatt, M and Zwagerman, N and Cheetham, J and Brown, B and Satake, R and Komura, H and Nakayama, Y and Kim, M and Asada, H and McFaline-Figueroa, J and McFaline-Figueroa, J and DeVos, M. J and Botchwey, E. A and Jarrett, C. D and Willett, N. J and Temenoff, J. S and Kim, J and Ko, I and Seol, Y and Atala, A and Yoo, J. J and Lee, S and Dienes, J and Mintz, E and Bliley, J and Frank, J and Glazier, J and Portell, A and Marra, K and Christ, G. J and Montoya, G and Solorzano, R and Burtch, S. R and Singh, V and Allado, R. D and Olmstead, T and Durmus, N and Lee, H and Mani, V and ...
Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 12/2016, Volume 22, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-156
Journal Article
by Ogawa, H and Koyanagi, R and Kawada-Watanabe, E and Yamaguchi, J and Takagi, A and Hagiwara, N and Deedwania, P. C and Demicco, D. A and Breazna, A and Wun, C. C and Pedersen, T and Colhoun, H. M and Neil, A and Hitman, G and Nakanishi, K and Fukuda, S and Shimada, K and Ehara, S and Inanami, H and Matsumoto, K and Taguchi, H and Muro, T and Yoshikawa, J and Yoshiyama, M and Dimitriadis, K and Tsioufis, C and Tatsis, I and Chlapoutakis, G and Lioni, L and Tzamou, V and Kasiakogias, A and Thomopoulos, C and Tousoulis, D and Stefanadis, C and Terentes-Printzios, D and Vlachopoulos, C and Aznaouridis, K and Ioakeimidis, N and Parapid, B and Vukcevic, V and Obrenovic-Kircanski, B and Simic, D. V and Milic, N. M and Stojanov, V and Beleslin, B and Nedeljkovic, I and Nedeljkovic-Arsenovic, O. M. S and Ostojic, M. C and Kotecha, D and Krum, H and New, G and Eccleston, D and Collins, P and Flather, M and Pepper, J and Tomiyama, H and Odaira, M and Yoshida, M and Shiina, K and Matsumoto, C and Yamashina, A and Pastormerlo, L. E and Maffei, S and Chubuchny, V and Mazzone, A. M and Susini, C and Passino, C and Chiappino, D and Emdin, M and Clerico, A and Katsi, V and Souretis, G and Vlasseros, I and Vrachatis, D and Kallikazaros, I and Androulakis, E and Chatzistamatiou, E and Papageorgiou, N and Miliou, A and Siasos, G and Moustakas, G and Ochoa, J. E and Balparda, J. K and Correa, M. M and Valencia, A. M and Alvarez, M and Mcewen, J. G and Bilo, G and Salvi, P and Aristizabal, D and Parati, G and De Vries, H and Engen-Verheul, M and Kemps, H. M. C and Kraaijenhagen, R and Peek, N and Vervueren, P. L and Bongard, V and Arveiler, D and Dallongeville, J and ... and on behalf of GEMI Group and on behalf of Korean Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry and on behalf of SWEETHEART-Study-Group and on behalf of QuIK Steering Committee and on behalf of On Behalf of the MADIT-CRT Investigators and on behalf of NAGOYA HEART Study Group and on behalf of Kan Wang, Xiaosheng Hu, Changqing Du, Shike Tu, Furong Zhang, and Xudong Xie and on behalf of The FRANCE2 scientific Committee and on behalf of Oslo Ischemia Study Group and on behalf of EUROVISION investigators and on behalf of German transcatheter aortic valve interventions registry and on behalf of Tokyo CCU network Committee and on behalf of Neha Singh and on behalf of the CASE-J Ex Study Group and on behalf of On behalf of Preserved-DATA-HELP (Diagnostic And TherApeutic methods, used in patients with systolic HEart failure, Living in Poland) investigators and on behalf of Associazione per lo Studio della Trombosi in Cardiologia and on behalf of BRAVO Investigators and on behalf of TIMI Study Group and on behalf of The Swedish Heart Failure Registry and on behalf of German Competence Network of Heart Failure and on behalf of Nordic ARVC Registry and on behalf of ACUITY and HORIZONS AMI and on behalf of Biomarkers in Cardiology and on behalf of Portuguese Registry of Acute Coronary Syndromes Investigators and on behalf of IMPROVE study group and on behalf of CLARICOR and on behalf of Department of Cardiology, Jinan Central Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University and on behalf of STAR-Study-Group and on behalf of DiaRegis-Study-Group and on behalf of MASS II Trial and on behalf of The Rotterdam Study and on behalf of the Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry and on behalf of SACRA and PLUM registries investigators and on behalf of SMILE-4 and on behalf of AMIS Plus Investigators and on behalf of Gutenberg Heart Study and on behalf of VIPER-BP Study Investigators and on behalf of Hypersleep and on behalf of The CHART-2 Investigators and on behalf of HIJ-CREATE and on behalf of Joint "Croix Rouge Francaise" and "Federation Francaise de Cardiologie" Study Investigators and on behalf of ACTION and on behalf of EHS-PCI-Registry Study Group and on behalf of CCMR-3B Study Investigators and on behalf of The EURIKA investigators and on behalf of The GARFIELD Investigators and on behalf of a name and on behalf of RESET study investigators and on behalf of the SchlaHF-Investigators and on behalf of VIPER-BP Investigators and on behalf of ISSUE3 investigators and on behalf of FOCUS registry investigators and on behalf of NEO study and on behalf of cardiology unit, Ramathibodi hospital and on behalf of First Division of Cardiovascular Department, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou and on behalf of Kyoto University/Canon joint research project and on behalf of The REACH registry investigators and on behalf of GCKD Study Investigators and on behalf of College National des Cardiologues des Hopitaux francais and on behalf of BBK registry Bad Krozingen and on behalf of PL-ACS Investigators and on behalf of the Three-City study Group and on behalf of Apixaban for Reduction In STroke and Other ThromboemboLic Events in Atrial Fibrillation and on behalf of ARISTOTLE Investigators and Committees and on behalf of Heart Cycle and on behalf of Electrophysiologist International Community "EPIC" Alliance and on behalf of MOMOTARO study and on behalf of BOREAS-TCM study and on behalf of BIOSOLVE-I Investigators and on behalf of On behalf of DATA-HELP study (Diagnostic And TherApeutic methods, used in patients with systolic HEart failure, Living in Poland) investigators and on behalf of FINN-AKVA study group
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2012, Volume 33, Issue suppl 1, pp. 655 - 939
Journal Article
by Pascual Fuster, Vicente and Ruiz Olivar, Emilio and Pintò Sala, Xavier and Abad Fernandez, J.L and Abajo Quintana, L.C and Abreu Garcia Mar-lene, M and Abuin Vila, A and Aceves Martin, E and Acuña Carrazana, A and Aguado Martinez, B and Aguilar Arnau, M.T and Aguilar Fernan-dez, I and Aguilar Huerta, O and Agullo Fernandez, F and Al Ramahi, N and Alba Alonso, J and Alba Martin, J.P and Albacete Saez, E.D and Albiñana Fernandez, F and Alegre Basagaña, J and Alegre Herrera, J.S and Ale-gria Nicolas, J.L and Ales Conejo, F and Aleza Sierra, T and Alguacil Mata, F and Aliaga López, J and Al-Kourdi, A.R and Almagro Garrido, P and Alonso Aldea, M.L and Alonso Estévez, A and Alonso Garcia, G and Alonso Guervos, C and Alonso-Lamberti, C and Álvarez Arriero, J and Álvarez Cabo, J.M and Álvarez Gonzalez, A and Álvarez Mejorada, E and Álvarez Recio, A and Álvarez Villa, O.M and Álvarez-Franco Cañas, F and Álvaro Meseguer, F and Alzua Blanc, L.M and Andrade Bellido, J.F and Andrés Vengut, P.J and Andrés Vera, J.A and Andreu Ruiz, M and Angulo Vallejo, E and Antelo Gallego, E and Antolín del álamo, J.C and Aparicio Aliseda, L.J and Aparicio Freixa, J and Araez Rodenes, A and Aragón Fierro, A and Arambarri Osoro, I and Ardiaca Burgues, L and Arias Baldas, F.J and Armengol Galbany, F and Arnal Crespo, Crespo and Arnal-dos Herrero, J.D and Arpal Sagrista, L and Arroyo Diaz Juan, A and Arteaga Perez, F and Artero Juárez, A and Arzuaga Arambarri, M.J and Asensio Suarez, M and Ayape Amigot, F.J and Aylagas Manzanares, J.A and Ayllon Ayllon, F.J and Aymerich Tuixans, M.C and Ayuso Her-nandez, M.E and Aznar Tejero, P and Azorín Armela, A and Ballester Camps, A and Ballesteros Álvarez, P and Ballesteros Rivero, S and Bal-tasar Rios, P and Banza Dalmau, G and Bañeras Rius, J and Barajas Lozano, V and Barberan Soriano, J and Barca Romero, A.R and Barrio-canal Gonzalez, A and Barros Gutierrez, M.J and Batalla Insenser, B and Beguer Miquel, J.C and Belda Maruenda, F and Belenguer Prieto, R and Benavides Martinez, P and Benitez Castillo, J.M and Benitez Ran-gel, J and Benito Martin, T and Berbel Leon, S and Berciano Marquez, E and Berdala Vidal, J and Bermejo Barbo, Y and Bermejo Fernandez, S and Bermudez Molina, G and Bermudez Polh, J and Berna Sala, R and Bernardo Castañon, E and ...
Clinica e Investigacion en Arteriosclerosis, ISSN 0214-9168, 03/2015, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp. 45 - 56
Introduction: Treatment of atherogenic dyslipidemia (AD) in type 2 diabetes (DM2) should focus on the global control of dyslipidemia. The aim of this study was... 
Atherogenic dyslipidemia | Primary care | Statins
Journal Article
BMC Medical Research Methodology, ISSN 1471-2288, 07/2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, p. 57
Journal Article
by Sastre, Joaquín and Crespo, Astrid and Crespo, Y. Puente and Fernandez-Sanchez, Antonio and Rial, Manuel and Plaza, Vicente and González, F. Callejas and López, J. Jiménez and López, P. Sánchez and Riaza, M. Martínez and Orenes, M. Moscardó and Montaño, P. Prieto and Toro, M. Torrecillas and Balaguer, C. Andreu and Girones, M. Antón and Martinez, R. Lama and Martinez, F. Sola and Martinez, P. Benito and Martinez, P. Marin and Martinez, R. Rodriguez and Martinez, C. Baeza and Martín, I. Flores and Delgado, P. Gonzalez and Calahorro, M. Martos and Carrasco, G. Mediero and Pacheco, R. Rodríguez and Tomás, V. Vilella and Godoy, M. Mota and Yébenes, J. Zapata and Balza De Vallejo, O. Villarreal and Fernandez, A. Bueso and Fernandez, A. Moreno and Fernandez, J. Alvarez and Fernandez, E. Macias and Fernandez, D. Gutierrez and Gonzalez, T. Bazus and Gonzalez, M. Millan and Gonzalez, F. Garcia and Gonzalez, R. Blanco and Gonzalez, F. Carballada and De Las Pozas, G. Castaño and Donado, C. Diaz and Angulo, S. Díaz and Ortiz, G. Gala and Ortiz, A. Romero and Mañana, B. Requejo and Nieves, E. Gómez and Torrado, J. Marin and Culla, M. Dordal and Pla, J. Juanola and Bellfill, R. Lleonart and Velasco, J. Martos and Nogues, E. Pinto and Ortun, M. Rivera and Aguñin, P. Rubinstein and Farre, N. Subira and Combas, J. Valldeperas and Zubeldia, I. Ansotegui and Hortigüela, G. Bernaola and Ayuso, J. Ciruelos and Álvarez, G. González and Peña, A. Losada and Peña, M. Herrerias and Castro, A. Vega and Castro, A. Lahuerta and Llorente, P. Losada and Malanda, N. Marina and Miguel, T. Peña and Miguel, E. Morchon and Hernandez, M and Hernandez, M. Rodriguez and Timon, S. Jimenez and Carreño, S. Porcel and Olbah, M. Alwakil and Muñoz, A. Arnedillo and Mohedad, J. Chamorro and Camacho, A. Letran and Lopez, J. Florido and Lopez, C. Merinas and Lopez, J. Almagro and Bernal, S. Niño and Pellon, L. Fernandez and Portal, F. Ortiz and Rodríguez, M and Rodríguez, A. Suárez and Alapont, M. Modesto and Raducan, I and Segarra, M. Salvador and Bonilla, P. Galindo and Calderon, P. Mata and Rodriguez, M. Escribano and Rodriguez, P. Cordero and Rodriguez, M. Mena and Pérez, M. Martín and Villarejo, M. Morales and Aparicio, M. Blanco and Muíño Joga, M. Do and Garcia-Boente, L. Fontan and Paz, V. García and Paz, A. Cobas and ... and Investigators CONCORD Study Grp and investigators of the CONCORD study group
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, ISSN 2213-2198, 11/2018, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 1953 - 1959
It has been documented that anxiety and depression are prevalent in patients with asthma and are associated with greater frequency of exacerbations, increased... 
Depression | Anxiety | Asthma control | Asthma exacerbations | Health care resources | Asthma | PANIC-ATTACKS | OUTPATIENTS | ADULTS | VALIDATION | HOSPITAL ANXIETY | RISK | PREVALENCE | IMMUNOLOGY | FUNCTIONAL STATUS | SPANISH VERSION | ALLERGY | MENTAL-DISORDERS | Health care | Substance abuse treatment | Physicians | Mental depression | Multivariate analysis | Patients | Primary care | Variables | Anxieties | Questionnaires | Sociodemographics
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 07/2017, Volume 12, Issue 7, p. e0180927
Journal Article
Genes and Immunity, ISSN 1466-4879, 07/2013, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp. 317 - 324
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, ISSN 0021-9738, 04/1998, Volume 101, Issue 7, pp. 1343 - 1352
Increased nitric oxide (NO) production may contribute to the pathological changes featuring in some inflammatory diseases, but the role of NO in chronic viral... 
Journal Article