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British Journal of Pharmacology, ISSN 0007-1188, 2015, Volume 173, Issue 13, pp. 2122 - 2134
Journal Article
PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, ISSN 0306-4530, 10/2019, Volume 108, pp. 53 - 61
Introduction: The extraction of salient information from the environment is modulated by the activation of dopamine receptors. Using rodent models, we... 
Journal Article
British Journal of Pharmacology, ISSN 0007-1188, 07/2016, Volume 173, Issue 13, pp. 2122 - 2134
Background and Purpose Sensorimotor gating is a perceptual process aimed at filtering out irrelevant information. In humans and animal models, this function... 
Journal Article
by Akkoyun, S and Algora, A and Alikhani, B and Ameil, F and de Angelis, G and Arnold, L and Astier, A and Ataç, A and Aubert, Y and Aufranc, C and Austin, A and Aydin, S and Azaiez, F and Badoer, S and Balabanski, D.L and Barrientos, D and Baulieu, G and Baumann, R and Bazzacco, D and Beck, T and Beck, F.A and Bednarczyk, P and Bellato, M and Bentley, M.A and Benzoni, G and Berthier, R and Berti, L and Beunard, R and Lo Bianco, G and Birkenbach, B and Bizzeti, P.G and Bizzeti-Sona, A.M and Le Blanc, F and Blasco, J.M and Blasi, N and Bloor, D and Boiano, C and Borsato, M and Bortolato, D and Boston, A.J and Boston, H.C and Bourgault, P and Boutachkov, P and Bouty, A and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Brawn, I.P and Brondi, A and Broussard, S and Bruyneel, B and Bucurescu, D and Burrows, I and Bürger, A and Cabaret, S and Cahan, B and Calore, E and Camera, F and Capsoni, A and Carrió, F and Casati, G and Castoldi, M and Cederwall, B and Cercus, J.-L and Chambert, V and El Chambit, M and Chapman, R and Charles, L and Chavas, J and Clément, E and Cocconi, P and Coelli, S and Coleman-Smith, P.J and Colombo, A and Colosimo, S and Commeaux, C and Conventi, D and Cooper, R.J and Corsi, A and Cortesi, A and Costa, L and Crespi, F.C.L and Cresswell, J.R and Cullen, D.M and Curien, D and Czermak, A and Delbourg, D and Depalo, R and Descombes, T and Désesquelles, P and Detistov, P and Diarra, C and Didierjean, F and Dimmock, M.R and Doan, Q.T and Domingo-Pardo, C and Doncel, M and Dorangeville, F and Dosme, N and Drouen, Y and Duchêne, G and ... and AGATA Adv GAmma Tracking Array and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 03/2012, Volume 668, pp. 26 - 58
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 7/2013, Volume 110, Issue 31, pp. 12816 - 12821
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Hadyńska-Klk, K and Napiorkowski, P.J and Zielińska, M and Srebrny, J and Maj, A and Azaiez, F and Valiente Dobón, J.J and Kicińska-Habior, M and Nowacki, F and Naïdja, H and Bounthong, B and Rodríguez, T.R and De Angelis, G and Abraham, T and Anil Kumar, G and Bazzacco, D and Bellato, M and Bortolato, D and Bednarczyk, P and Benzoni, G and Berti, L and Birkenbach, B and Bruyneel, B and Brambilla, S and Camera, F and Chavas, J and Cederwall, B and Charles, L and Ciemała, M and Cocconi, P and Coleman-Smith, P and Colombo, A and Corsi, A and Crespi, F.C.L and Cullen, D.M and Czermak, A and Désesquelles, P and Doherty, D.T and Dulny, B and Eberth, J and Farnea, E and Fornal, B and Franchoo, S and Gadea, A and Giaz, A and Gottardo, A and Grave, X and Grbosz, J and Görgen, A and Gulmini, M and Habermann, T and Hess, H and Isocrate, R and Iwanicki, J and Jaworski, G and Judson, D.S and Jungclaus, A and Karkour, N and Kmiecik, M and Karpiński, D and Kisieliński, M and Kondratyev, N and Korichi, A and Komorowska, M and Kowalczyk, M and Korten, W and Krzysiek, M and Lehaut, G and Leoni, S and Ljungvall, J and Lopez-Martens, A and Lunardi, S and Maron, G and Mazurek, K and Menegazzo, R and Mengoni, D and Merchán, E and McZyński, W and Michelagnoli, C and Mierzejewski, J and Million, B and Myalski, S and Napoli, D.R and Nicolini, R and Niikura, M and Obertelli, A and Özmen, S.F and Palacz, M and Próchniak, L and Pullia, A and Quintana, B and Rampazzo, G and Recchia, F and Redon, N and Reiter, P and Rosso, D and Rusek, K and Sahin, E and Salsac, M.-D and Söderström, P.-A and ... and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2016, Volume 117, Issue 6
Journal Article
European Neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2009, Volume 19, pp. S296 - S297
Journal Article
PHYSICAL REVIEW C, ISSN 0556-2813, 09/2013, Volume 88, Issue 3, p. 034312
The K hindrance to the gamma decay is studied in the warm rotating W-174 nucleus, focusing on the weakening of the selection rules of the K quantum number with... 
FLUCTUATION | STATES | ALIGNMENT | ISOMERS | QUANTUM NUMBER | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | SPECTRA | ATOMIC-NUCLEI | REGION | RAYS | Nuclear Experiment | Physics | Fluctuation | Spectra | Isomers | Rays | States | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Alignment | Naturvetenskap | Quantum Number | Region | Natural Sciences | Atomic-Nuclei
Journal Article
Neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0893-133X, 12/2008, Volume 33, Issue 13, pp. 3146 - 3156
Recent evidence indicates that neuroactive steroids may participate in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia spectrum disorders, yet the mechanisms of this... 
5-α-reductase | Schizophrenia | Finasteride | Prepulse inhibition of the startle | Stereotyped behavior | Apomorphine | PREPULSE INHIBITION | NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS | PSYCHIATRY | schizophrenia | prepulse inhibition of the startle | STEROID 5-ALPHA-REDUCTASE | NEUROSCIENCES | RAT NUCLEUS-ACCUMBENS | PROGESTERONE METABOLISM | apomorphine | TOURETTES-SYNDROME | 5-alpha-reductase | stereotyped behavior | NEUROACTIVE STEROIDS | INCREASES DOPAMINE RELEASE | PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY | CENTRAL-NERVOUS-SYSTEM | finasteride | Sensory Gating - drug effects | Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate - antagonists & inhibitors | Receptors, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate - metabolism | Stereotyped Behavior - drug effects | Brain - enzymology | Male | Hyperkinesis - physiopathology | Azasteroids - pharmacology | Psychotic Disorders - physiopathology | Finasteride - pharmacology | Antipsychotic Agents - therapeutic use | 3-Oxo-5-alpha-Steroid 4-Dehydrogenase - metabolism | Hyperkinesis - chemically induced | Psychotic Disorders - enzymology | Androstanes - therapeutic use | Disease Models, Animal | Hyperkinesis - enzymology | Stereotyped Behavior - physiology | Dopamine Agonists - pharmacology | Gonadal Steroid Hormones - metabolism | Androstanes - pharmacology | Enzyme Inhibitors - pharmacology | 5-alpha Reductase Inhibitors | Rats | Testosterone - biosynthesis | Sensory Gating - physiology | Treatment Outcome | Azasteroids - therapeutic use | Excitatory Amino Acid Antagonists - pharmacology | Enzyme Inhibitors - therapeutic use | Rats, Sprague-Dawley | Brain - drug effects | Animals | Dutasteride | Finasteride - therapeutic use | Psychotic Disorders - drug therapy | Antipsychotic Agents - pharmacology | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Mirijello, Antonio and Viazzi, Francesca and Fioretto, Paola and Giorda, Carlo Bruno and Ceriello, Antonio and Russo, Giuspina T and Guida, Pietro and Pontremoli, Roberto and De Cosmo, Salvatore and Cimino, Antonino and Fava, Danila and Meloncelli, Illidio and Nicolucci, Antonio and Pellegrini, Fabio and Rossi, Maria Chiara and Turco, Salvatore and Vespasiani, Giacomo and Graziano, G and Lucisano, G and Memmo, R and Pellicciotta, E and Paciotti, V and Pupillo, M and Armentano, G and Giovannini, C and Armentano, V and Laudato, M and Acquati, S and Ciardullo, A.V and Laffi, G and Felace, G and Taboga, C and Tortul, C and Santantonio, G and Suraci, C and Ghisoni, G and Raffa, M and Genovese, S and Lovagnini-Scher, C.A and Rampini, P and Rocca, A and Ruggeri, P and Tortato, E and Cotti, L and Cristofaro, M.R and Tagliaferri, M and Comoglio, M and Fornengo, R and Gentile, F.M and Gigante, Antonio and Mastinu, F and Di Benedetto, A and Pata, P and Arcangeli, A and Orsini, P and Acler, P and De Blasi, G and Cicioni, G and Pocciati, S and Marangoni, A and Nogara, A and Lanero, M and Bertero, M.G and Damassino, R and Bergonzini, C and Schumtz, L and Seksich, L and Pipitone, A and Boaretto, M and Manfroi, I and Parmesan, L and Conte, B and Soccol, F and Pagano, A and Papini, E and Rinaldi, R and Petrucci, L and Graziano, F and Chianelli, M and Silvagni, S and Rosco, M and Ansaldi, E and Malvicino, F and Battezzati, M and Maresca, P and Palenzona, C and Boemi, M and Rabini, R.A and Brandoni, G and Lanari, L and Gatti, C and Testa, I and Cherubini, V and Doveri, G and Pecorelli, L and Ciccarelli, A and Gallardini, M.B and Courthoud, R and Sara Bredy, S and Ricciardi, G.P and ...
BMC Nephrology, 12/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1
Journal Article
by Clement, E and Michelagnoli, C and de France, G and Li, HJ and Lemasson, A and Dejeon, CB and Beuzard, M and Bougault, P and Cacitti, J and Foucher, JL and Fremont, G and Gangnant, P and Goupil, J and Houarner, C and Jean, M and Lefevre, A and Legeard, L and Legruel, F and Maugeais, C and Menager, L and Menard, N and Munoz, H and Ozille, M and Raine, B and Ropert, JA and Saillant, F and Spitaels, C and Tripon, M and Vallerand, P and Voltolini, G and Korten, W and Salsac, MD and Theisen, C and Zielinska, M and Joannem, T and Karolak, M and Kebbiri, M and Lotode, A and Touzery, R and Walter, C and Korichi, A and Ljungvall, J and Lopez-Martens, A and Ralet, D and Dosme, N and Grave, X and Karkour, N and Lafay, X and Legay, E and Kojouharov, I and Domingo-Pardo, C and Gadea, A and Perez-Vidal, RM and Civera, JV and Birkenbach, B and Eberth, J and Hess, H and Lewandowski, L and Reiter, P and Nannini, A and de Angelis, G and Jaworski, G and John, P and Napoli, DR and Valiente-Dobon, JJ and Barrientos, D and Bortolato, D and Benzoni, G and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Camera, F and Crespi, FCL and Leoni, S and Million, B and Pullia, A and Wieland, O and Bazzacco, D and Lenzi, SM and Lunardi, S and Menegazzo, R and Mengoni, D and Recchia, F and Bellato, M and Isocrate, R and Canet, FJE and Didierjean, F and Duchene, G and Baumann, R and Brucker, M and Dangelser, E and Filliger, M and Friedmann, H and Gaudiot, G and Grapton, JN and Kocher, H and Mathieu, C and Sigward, MH and Thomas, D and Veeramootoo, S and Dudouet, J and ...
Journal Article
by Gadea, A and Farnea, E and Valiente-Dobón, J.J and Million, B and Mengoni, D and Bazzacco, D and Recchia, F and Dewald, A and Pissulla, Th and Rother, W and de Angelis, G and Austin, A and Aydin, S and Badoer, S and Bellato, M and Benzoni, G and Berti, L and Beunard, R and Birkenbach, B and Bissiato, E and Blasi, N and Boiano, C and Bortolato, D and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Bruyneel, B and Calore, E and Camera, F and Capsoni, A and Chavas, J and Cocconi, P and Coelli, S and Colombo, A and Conventi, D and Costa, L and Corradi, L and Corsi, A and Cortesi, A and Crespi, F.C.L and Dosme, N and Eberth, J and Fantinel, S and Fanin, C and Fioretto, E and Fransen, Ch and Giaz, A and Gottardo, A and Grave, X and Grebosz, J and Griffiths, R and Grodner, E and Gulmini, M and Habermann, T and He, C and Hess, H and Isocrate, R and Jolie, J and Jones, P and Latina, A and Legay, E and Lenzi, S and Leoni, S and Lelli, F and Lersch, D and Lunardi, S and Maron, G and Menegazzo, R and Michelagnoli, C and Molini, P and Montagnoli, G and Montanari, D and Möller, O and Napoli, D.R and Nicoletto, M and Nicolini, R and Ozille, M and Pascovici, G and Peghin, R and Pignanelli, M and Pucknell, V and Pullia, A and Ramina, L and Rampazzo, G and Rebeschini, M and Reiter, P and Riboldi, S and Rigato, M and Rossi Alvarez, C and Rosso, D and Salvato, G and Strachan, J and Sahin, E and Scarlassara, F and Simpson, J and Stefanini, A.M and Stezowski, O and Tomasi, F and Toniolo, N and Triossi, A and Turcato, M and ...
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 2011, Volume 654, Issue 1, pp. 88 - 96
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, ISSN 0018-9499, 12/2015, Volume 62, Issue 6, pp. 3134 - 3139
In this work we present the architecture and results of a fully digital Front End Electronics (FEE) read out system developed for the GALILEO array. The FEE... 
Gamma-ray effects | gamma-ray spectroscopy | Spectroscopy | FPGA | Detectors | germanium detectors | front-end electronics | Synchronization | Field programmable gate arrays | NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC | Digital integrated circuits | Research | Gamma ray spectrometry
Journal Article
Journal Article