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by Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Abraham, S and Acernese, F and Adhikari, R.X and Affeldt, C and Agatsuma, K and Ajith, P and Allen, G and Ananyeva, A and Anderson, S.B and Antier, S and Appert, S and Arai, K and Araya, M.C and Arnaud, N and Ashton, G and Aston, S.M and Austin, C and Avila-Alvarez, A and Baker, P.T and Banagiri, S and Barayoga, J.C and Barish, B.C and Barkett, K and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Bassiri, R and Basti, A and Bazzan, M and Bejger, M and Beniwal, D and Bergmann, G and Bero, J.J and Betzwieser, J and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I.A and Billingsley, G and Birney, R and Birnholtz, O and Biscoveanu, S and Bisht, A and Bitossi, M and Blair, C.D and Blair, D.G and Blair, R.M and Bloemen, S and Bondu, F and Boom, B.A and Booth, C.D and Bork, R and Boschi, V and Bose, S and Bossilkov, V and Bouffanais, Y and Brau, J.E and Briant, T and Brighenti, F and Brinkmann, M and Brockill, P and Brown, D.D and Bulten, H.J and Buonanno, A and Byer, R.L and Cabero, M and Cagnoli, G and Calloni, E and Camp, J.B and Canepa, M and Cannon, K.C and Carney, M.F and Carullo, G and Cavaglià, M and Cavalier, F and Cella, G and Cerdá-Durán, P and Chakravarti, K and Chan, M and Chase, E.A and Chassande-Mottin, E and Chatterjee, D and Chatziioannou, K and Cheng, H.-P and Cheong, C.K and Chincarini, A and Chu, Q and Chua, S and Clearwater, P and Cohadon, P.-F and Colgan, R and Collette, C.G and Cominsky, L.R and Conti, L and Cooper, S.J and Cordero-Carrión, I and Costa, C.A and Cotesta, R and Coughlin, S.B and Countryman, S.T and Couvares, P and ... and LIGO Sci Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
Physical review. X, ISSN 2160-3308, 09/2019, Volume 9, Issue 3, p. 031040
Journal Article
by Abbott, B. P and Abbott, T. D and Abraham, S and Adhikari, R. X and Affeldt, C and Agatsuma, K and Aggarwal, N and Aguiar, O. D and Aiello, L and Ain, A and Allocca, A and Aloy, M. A and Anand, S and Ananyeva, A and Anderson, W. G and Angelova, S. V and Antier, S and Appert, S and Areeda, J. S and Arene, M and Ashton, G and Astone, P and Aubin, F and Aufmuth, P and AultONeal, K and Avendano, V and Avila-Alvarez, A and Bader, M. K. M and Baker, P. T and Barish, B. C and Barker, D and Barone, F and Barsotti, L and Barta, D and Basti, A and Bawaj, M and Bayley, J. C and Baylor, A. C and Bazzan, M and Becsy, B and Bejger, M and Bell, A. S and Beniwal, D and Benjamin, M. G and Berger, B. K and Bersanetti, D and Betzwieser, J and Bidler, J and Billingsley, G and Birney, R and Bitossi, M and Blackburn, J. K and Blair, C. D and Blair, D. G and Blair, R. M and Bloemen, S and Bode, N and Bondu, F and Bonnand, R and Booker, P and Boom, B. A and Bouffanais, Y and Bozzi, A and Branchesi, M and Briggs, J. H and Brillet, A and Brooks, J and Brunett, S and Bulik, T and Buskulic, D and Buy, C and Byer, R. L and Bustillo, J. Calderon and Camp, J. B and Cao, H and Cao, J and Caride, S and Carney, M. F and Carullo, G and Diaz, J. Casanueva and Casentini, C and Cavalier, F and Cella, G and Cerda-Duran, P and Chamberlin, S. J and Chan, M and Chao, S and Chassande-Mottin, E and Cheeseboro, B. D and Chen, X and Chen, Y and Cheng, H. -P and Cheong, C. K and Chia, H. Y and Chiadini, F and Christensen, N and Chua, S and Ciolfi, R and Clara, F and Coccia, E and ...
Astrophysical journal. Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 03/2020, Volume 892, Issue 1
Journal Article