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activities of daily living (1) 1
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adult; aged; antibodies, monoclonal, humanized; autoantibodies; double-blind method; drug resistance; female; humans; male; middle aged; myasthenia gravis; receptors, cholinergic; outcome assessment; severity of illness index; neurology (1) 1
aged (1) 1
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - administration & dosage (1) 1
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - adverse effects (1) 1
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - pharmacology (1) 1
autoantibodies - blood (1) 1
clinical neurology (1) 1
double-blind method (1) 1
drug resistance (1) 1
female (1) 1
humans (1) 1
immunoglobulins (1) 1
life sciences & biomedicine (1) 1
male (1) 1
medicin och hälsovetenskap (1) 1
middle aged (1) 1
myasthenia (1) 1
myasthenia gravis (1) 1
myasthenia gravis - blood (1) 1
myasthenia gravis - drug therapy (1) 1
myasthenia gravis - physiopathology (1) 1
neurology (1) 1
neuromuscular junctions (1) 1
neurosciences & neurology (1) 1
no (1) 1
outcome assessment (1) 1
patients (1) 1
receptors, cholinergic - immunology (1) 1
science & technology (1) 1
severity of illness index (1) 1
studies (1) 1
transplants & implants (1) 1
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by Howard, James F and Utsugisawa, Kimiaki and Benatar, Michael and Murai, Hiroyuki and Barohn, Richard J and Illa, Isabel and Jacob, Saiju and Vissing, John and Burns, Ted M and Kissel, John T and Muppidi, Srikanth and Nowak, Richard J and O'Brien, Fanny and Wang, Jing-Jing and Mantegazza, Renato and Mazia, Claudio Gabriel and Wilken, Miguel and Ortea, Carolina and Saba, Juliet and Rugiero, Marcelo and Bettini, Mariela and Vidal, Gonzalo and Garcia, Alejandra Dalila and Lamont, Phillipa and Leong, Wai-Kuen and Fyfe, Beverly and Roberts, Leslie and Jasinarachchi, Mahi and Wanschitz, Julia and Löscher, Wolfgang and De Bleecker, Jan and de Koning, Kathy and De Mey, Katrien and Mercelis, Rudy and Van Damme, Philip and Smetcoren, Charlotte and Stevens, Olivier and D'Hondt, Ann and Tilkin, Petra and Alves de Siqueira Carvalho, Alzira and Feder, David and Ambrosio, Daniel and Melo, Ana Paula and Rocha, Rosana and Rosa, Bruno and Augusto da Silva, Luiz and Gonçalves Geraldo, Jordana and da Penha Morita Ananias, Maria and Paiva, Gabriel and Pozo, Marina and Prando, Natalia and Dada Martineli Torres, Debora and Fernanda Butinhao, Cristiani and Coelho, Erica and Renata Cubas Volpe, Luciana and Duran, Gustavo and Gomes da Silva, Tamires Cristina and Otavio Maia Gonçalves, Luiz and Souza Duca, Luciana and Suriane Fialho, Tomás Augusto and Guerreiro, Alexandre and Mohr, Henrique and Pereira Martins, Maurer and da Cruz Pacheco, Daiane and de Cassia Santos, Aline and Bulle Oliveira, Acary Souza and Annes, Marcelo and Cavalcante Lino, Valeria and Miranda, Carolina and Souza, Iandra and Genge, Angela and Massie, Rami and Campbell, Natasha and Katzberg, Hans and Soltani, Mehran and Siddiqi, Zaeem and Phan, Celile and Blackmore, Derrick and Vohanka, Stanislav and Chmelikova, Magda and Cierny, Marek and Kurkova, Barbora and Zapletalova, Olga and Pitha, Jiri and Tyblova, Michaela and Wolfova, Marcela and Jurajdova, Ivana and Andersen, Henning and Harbo, Thomas and Vinge, Lotte and Mogensen, Anita and Højgaard, Joan and Witting, Nanna and Autzen, Anne Mette and Pedersen, Jane and Färkkilä, Markus and Atula, Sari and Erälinna, Juha-Pekka and Laaksonen, Mikko and Harrison, Tuula and ... and REGAIN Study Group and REGAIN Study Grp
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 12/2017, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp. 976 - 986
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