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by Ahmad, T and Bouwman, RA and Grigoras, I and Aldecoa, C and Hofer, C and Hoeft, A and Holt, P and Fleisher, LA and Buhre, W and Pearse, RM and Ferguson, M and MacMahon, M and Shulman, M and Cherian, R and Currow, H and Kanathiban, K and Gillespie, D and Pathmanathan, E and Phillips, K and Reynolds, J and Rowley, J and Douglas, J and Kerridge, R and Garg, S and Bennett, M and Jain, M and Alcock, D and Terblanche, N and Cotter, R and Leslie, K and Stewart, M and Zingerle, N and Clyde, A and Hambidge, O and Rehak, A and Cotterell, S and Huynh, WBQ and McCulloch, T and Ben-Menachem, E and Egan, T and Cope, J and Halliwell, R and Fellinger, P and Haisjackl, M and Haselberger, S and Holaubek, C and Lichtenegger, P and Scherz, F and Schmid, W and Hoffer, F and Cakova, V and Eichwalder, A and Fischbach, N and Klug, R and Schneider, E and Vesely, M and Wickenhauser, R and Grubmueller, KG and Leitgeb, M and Lang, F and Toro, N and Bauer, M and Laengle, F and Haberl, C and Mayrhofer, T and Trybus, C and Buerkle, C and Forstner, K and Germann, R and Rinoesl, H and Schindler, E and Trampitsch, E and Bogner, G and Dankl, D and Duenser, M and Fritsch, G and Gradwohl-Matis, I and Hartmann, A and Hoelzenbein, T and Jaeger, T and Landauer, F and Lindl, G and Lux, M and Steindl, J and Stundner, O and Szabo, C and Bidgoli, J and Verdoodt, H and Forget, P and Kahn, D and Lois, F and Momeni, M and Pregardien, C and Pospiech, A and Steyaert, A and Veevaete, L and De Kegel, D and De Jongh, K and Foubert, L and Smitz, C and ... and Int Surgical Outcomes Study ISOS
BRITISH JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA, ISSN 0007-0912, 11/2016, Volume 117, Issue 5, pp. 601 - 601
Background: As global initiatives increase patient access to surgical treatments, there remains a need to understand the adverse effects of surgery and define... 
surgical procedures | critical care/utilisation | cohort studies | postoperative care/methods | ANESTHESIOLOGY | operative/mortality | postoperative care/statistics and numerical data | surgery
Journal Article
by Kahan, Brennan C and Koulenti, Desponia and Arvaniti, Kostoula and Beavis, Vanessa and Campbell, Douglas and Chan, Matthew and Moreno, Rui and Pearse, Rupert M and Beattie, Scott and Clavien, Pierre-Alain and Demartines, Nicolas and Fleisher, Lee A and Grocott, Mike and Haddow, James and Hoeft, Aneas and Holt, Peter and Pritchard, Naomi and Rhodes, Anew and Wijeysundera, Duminda and Wilson, Matt and Ahmed, Tahania and Everingham, Kirsty and Hewson, Russell and Januszewska, Marta and Phull, Mandeep-Kaur and Halliwell, Richard and Shulman, Mark and Myles, Paul and Schmid, Werner and Hiesmayr, Michael and Wouters, Patrick and de Hert, Stefan and Lobo, Suzana and Fang, Xiangming and Rasmussen, Lars and Futier, Emmanuel and Biais, Matthieu and Venara, Aurélien and Slim, Karem and Sander, Michael and Koulenti, Despoina and Chan, Mathew and Kulkarni, Atul and Chana, Susilo and Tantri, Aida and Geddoa, Emad and Abbas, Muntadhar and Della Rocca, Giorgio and Sivasakthi, Datin and Mansor, Marzida and Luna, Pastor and Bouwman, Arthur and Buhre, Wolfgang and Short, Tim and Osinaike, Tunde and Matos, Ricardo and Grigoras, Ioana and Kirov, Mikhail and Protsenko, Denis and Biccard, Bruce and Aldecoa, Cesar and Chew, Michelle and Hofer, Christoph and Hubner, Martin and Ditai, James and Szakmany, Tamas and Fleisher, Lee and Ferguson, Marissa and MacMahon, Michael and Cherian, Ritchie and Currow, Helen and Kanathiban, Kathirgamanathan and Gillespie, David and Pathmanathan, Edward and Phillips, Katherine and Reynolds, Jenifer and Rowley, Joanne and Douglas, Jeanene and Kerridge, Ross and Garg, Sameer and Bennett, Michael and Jain, Megha and Alcock, David and Terblanche, Nico and Cotter, Rochelle and Leslie, Kate and Stewart, Marcelle and Zingerle, Nicolette and Clyde, Antony and Hambidge, Oliver and Rehak, Adam and Cotterell, Sharon and Binh Quan Huynh, Wilson and McCulloch, Timothy and Ben-Menachem, Erez and Egan, Thomas and Cope, Jennifer and Fellinger, Paul and Haselberger, Simone and Holaubek, Caroline and ... and ISOS Grp and International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS) group and The International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS) group
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 2017, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 971 - 979
Journal Article
CRYSTALS, ISSN 2073-4352, 01/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1
Optical microscopy technique is used to investigate the thermal and the spatio-temporal properties of the spin-crossover single crystal... 
Journal Article
by Suzan-Monti, Marie and Celse, Michel and Vilotitch, Antoine and Demoulin, Baptiste and Dray-Spira, Rosemary and Yéni, Patrick and Lert, France and Spire, Bruno and Carrieri, Patrizia and Hamelin, Christine and Lorente, Nicolas and Préau, Marie and Suzan-Monti, Marie and Mora, Marion and Le Strat, Yann and Cuzin, Lise and Meyer, Laurence and Rojas-Castro, Daniela and Fischer, Hugues and Allègre, T and Mours, P and Riou, J.M and Sordage, M and Chennebault, J.M and Fialaire, P and Rabier, V and Froidure, M and Huguet, D and Leduc, D and Pichancourt, G and Wajsbrot, A and Bourdeaux, C and Foltzer, A and Hoen, B and Hustache-Mathieu, L and Abgrall, S and Barruet, R and Bouchaud, O and Chabrol, A and Mattioni, S and Mechai, F and Jeantils, V and Bernard, N and Bonnet, F and Hessamfar, M and Lacoste, D and Malvy, D and Mercié, P and Morlat, P and Paccalin, F and Pertusa, M.C and Pistone, T and Receveur, M.C and Vandenhende, M.A and Dupont, C and Freire Maresca, A and Leporrier, J and Rouveix, E and Dargere, S and de la Blanchardière, A and Martin, A and Noyon, V and Verdon, R and Rogeaux, O and Beytout, J and Gourdon, F and Laurichesse, H and Meier, F and Mortier, E and Simonpoli, A.M and Cordier, F and Delacroix, I and Garrait, V and Elharrar, B and Dominguez, S and Lascaux, A.S and Lelièvre, J.D and Levy, Y and Melica, G and Buisson, M and Piroth, L and Waldner, A and Gruat, N and Leprêtre, A and de Truchis, P and Le Du, D and Melchior, J. Cl and Sehouane, R and Troisvallets, D and Blanc, M and Boccon-Gibod, I and Bosseray, A and Brion, J.P and Durand, F and Leclercq, P and Marion, F and Pavese, P and Brottier-Mancini, E and Faba, L and Roncato-Saberan, M and ... and ANRS VESPA2 Study Grp and ANRS VESPA2 study group
AIDS and Behavior, ISSN 1090-7165, 10/2018, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp. 3264 - 3272
Journal Article