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2003, I maestri francescani / Pontificia facoltà teologica S. Bonaventura, ISBN 9788887931372, Volume 14, xvi, 232
by Porreca, Angelo and Noale, Marianna and Noale, Marianna and Artibani, Walter and Artibani, Walter and Bassi, Pier Francesco and Bassi, Pier Francesco and Bertoni, Filippo and Bertoni, Filippo and Bracarda, Sergio and Conti, Giario Natale and Conti, Giario Natale and Corvò, Renzo and Gacci, Mauro and Gacci, Mauro and Graziotti, Pierpaolo and Magrini, Stefano Maria and Mirone, Vincenzo and Montironi, Rodolfo and Muto, Giovanni and Muto, Giovanni and Pecoraro, Stefano and Ricardi, Umberto and Ricardi, Umberto and Russi, Elvio and Russi, Elvio and Tubaro, Andrea and Tubaro, Andrea and Zagonel, Vittorina and Crepaldi, Gaetano and Maggi, Stefania and Alitto, Anna Rita and Ambrosi, Enrica and Antonelli, Alessandro and Aristei, Cynthia and Barbieri, Michele and Bardari, Franco and Bardoscia, Lilia and Barra, Salvina and Bartoncini, Sara and Basso, Umberto and Becherini, Carlotta and Bellavita, Rita and Bergamaschi, Franco and Berlingheri, Stefania and Berruti, Alfredo and Borghesi, Marco and Bortolus, Roberto and Borzillo, Valentina and Bosetti, Davide and Bove, Giuseppe and Bove, Pierluigi and Maurizio, Brausi and Alessio, Bruni and Giorgio, Bruno and Eugenio, Brunocilla and Alberto, Buffoli and Michela, Buglione and Consuelo, Buttigliero and Giovanni, Cacciamani and Michela, Caldiroli and Giuseppe, Cardo and Giorgio, Carmignani and Giuseppe, Carrieri and Emanuele, Castelli and Elisabetta, Castrezzati and Gianpiero, Catalano and Susanna, Cattarino and Catucci, Francesco and Dario, Cavallini Francolini and Ofelia, Ceccarini and Antonio, Celia and Francesco, Chiancone and Tommaso, Chini and Claudia, Cianci and Antonio, Cisternino and Devis, Collura and Franco, Corbella and Matteo, Corinti and Paolo, Corsi and Fiorenza, Cortese and Luigi, Corti and Cosimo, de Nunzio and Cristiano, Olga and D’angelillo, Rolando M and Da Pozzo, Luigi and D’agostino, Daniele and D’elia, Carolina and Dandrea, Matteo and De Angelis, Michele and De Angelis, Paolo and De Cobelli, Ottavio and De Concilio, Bernardino and De Lisa, Antonello and De Luca, Stefano and De Stefani, Agostina and Deantoni, Chiara Lucrezia and Degli, Esposti Claudio and Destito, Anna and Detti, Beatrice and ... and Pros-It Cnr Study Grp and Pros-IT CNR study group and the Pros-IT CNR study group
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, ISSN 1477-7525, 06/2018, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 122 - 11
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Gagliardi, Luigi and Rusconi, Franca and Bellù, Roberto and Zanini, Rinaldo and Mirri, Gianpaolo and Condò, Manuela and Turoli, Daniela and Vanzati, Mara and Mosca, Fabio and De Nisi, Giuseppe and Polacco, Paola and Villa, Elena and Barbarini, Mario and Fasolato, Valeria and Franco, Caterina and Contiero, Raffaella and Ellero, Serena and Cattarossi, Luigi and Abbiati, Laura and Borroni, Cesarina and Prandi, Giovanna and Fabris, Claudio and Vielmi, Francesca and Borgione, Silvia and Agosti, Massimo and Tandoi, Francesco and Guidali, Rosanna and De Curtis, Mario and Tozzi, Claudio and Lucchini, Renato and Battaglioli, Marina and Lista, Gian Luca and Introvini, Paola and Ferrari, Fabrizio and Gallo, Claudio and Bellante, Elvira and Bottura, Chiara and Zeringyte, Aurelija and Pasquali, Francesca and Boccacci, Simona and Latini, Giuseppe and Giannuzzi, Raffaella and Martinelli, Stefano and Brunelli, Alberto and Di Nunzio, Maria Lucia and Vendemmiati, Antonio and Carli, Giovanna and Bordigato, Michela Alfiero and Filippone, Marco and Meneghesso, Davide and Romeo, Nicola and Mammoliti, Palma and Mastretta, Emanuele and Barberis, Laura and Farina, Daniele and Gancia, Gianpaolo and Dalmazzo, Cristina and Napolitano, Marcello and Messina, Francesco and Villa Betania, Napoli and Magaldi, Rosario and Rinaldi, Matteo and Litta, Rosangela and Lago, Paola and Zanardo, Vincenzo and Chiandetti, Lino and Visentin, Stefano and Presta, Giuseppe and Cella, Davide and Poggiani, Carlo and Ferrari, Daniela and Parati, Sara and Lombardo, Francesco and Grigorio, Rosetta and Barera, Graziano and Bove, Maddalena and Poloniato, Antonella and Burgio, Giampiero and Sala, Elena and Barberi, Ignazio and Tiralongo, Venera and Arco, Alessandro and Mazzeo, Danila and Dani, Carlo and Pratesi, Simone and Mignatti, Valeria and Ancora, Gina and Faldella, Giacomo and Grandi, Sara and Locatelli, Chiara and Stronati, Mauro and Perotti, Gianfranco and Chirico, Gaetano and Migliori, Claudio and De Marini, Sergio and Forleo, Vincenzo and Paludetto, Roberto and Capasso, Letizia and Mansi, Giuseppina and Raimondi, Francesco and ... and Italian Neonatal Network and the Italian Neonatal Network
Pediatrics, ISSN 0031-4005, 2014, Volume 134, Issue 1, pp. e154 - e161
Journal Article
American Surgeon, ISSN 0003-1348, 07/2018, Volume 84, Issue 7, pp. E242 - E244
In recent years, new types of staplers have been conceived, the so-called HIGH-VOLUME staplers, allowing to perform the same type of intervention with the use... 
SURGERY | PROLAPSE | HEMORRHOIDECTOMY | Medicine | Surgery | Evacuation | Rectum | Varicose veins | Staples | Dentistry | Patient satisfaction
Journal Article
by Ferro, Matteo and Ferro, Matteo and Vartolomei, Mihai Dorin and Vartolomei, Mihai Dorin and Russo, Giorgio Ivan and Russo, Giorgio Ivan and Cantiello, Francesco and Cantiello, Francesco and Farhan, Abdal Rahman Abu and Farhan, Abdal Rahman Abu and Terracciano, Daniela and Terracciano, Daniela and Cimmino, Amelia and Cimmino, Amelia and Di Stasi, Savino and Di Stasi, Savino and Musi, Gennaro and Musi, Gennaro and Hurle, Rodolfo and Hurle, Rodolfo and Serretta, Vincenzo and Serretta, Vincenzo and Busetto, Gian Maria and Busetto, Gian Maria and De Berardinis, Ettore and De Berardinis, Ettore and Cioffi, Antonio and Cioffi, Antonio and Perdonà, Sisto and Perdonà, Sisto and Borghesi, Marco and Borghesi, Marco and Schiavina, Riccardo and Schiavina, Riccardo and Cozzi, Gabriele and Cozzi, Gabriele and Almeida, Gilberto L and Almeida, Gilberto L and Bove, Pierluigi and Bove, Pierluigi and Lima, Estevao and Lima, Estevao and Grimaldi, Giovanni and Grimaldi, Giovanni and Matei, Deliu Victor and Matei, Deliu Victor and Crisan, Nicolae and Crisan, Nicolae and Muto, Matteo and Muto, Matteo and Verze, Paolo and Verze, Paolo and Battaglia, Michele and Battaglia, Michele and Guazzoni, Giorgio and Guazzoni, Giorgio and Autorino, Riccardo and Autorino, Riccardo and Morgia, Giuseppe and Morgia, Giuseppe and Damiano, Rocco and Damiano, Rocco and de Cobelli, Ottavio and de Cobelli, Ottavio and Shariat, Shahrokh and Shariat, Shahrokh and Mirone, Vincenzo and Mirone, Vincenzo and Lucarelli, Giuseppe and Lucarelli, Giuseppe
World Journal of Urology, ISSN 0724-4983, 3/2019, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 507 - 514
Journal Article
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 2015, Volume 177, pp. 66 - 73
Journal Article
The American Journal of Cardiology, ISSN 0002-9149, 02/2019, Volume 123, Issue 4, pp. 588 - 591
Hypercholesterolemia represents one of the main reversible cardiovascular risk factors. In this pilot clinical trial, we have tested the short-term efficacy... 
Berberine | Laboratories | Artichokes | Medical treatment | Health risks | Values | Lipids | Triglycerides | Bioavailability | Risk analysis | Density | Low density lipoprotein | Cholesterol | Risk factors | Body mass index | Hypercholesterolemia | Diet | Standard deviation | Blood pressure | Cardiovascular diseases | Nutraceuticals | Functional foods & nutraceuticals
Journal Article
Journal Article