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by To, Kathleen B and Kamdar, Neil S and Patil, Preethi and Collins, Stacey D and Seese, Elizabeth and Krapohl, Greta L and Krapohl, Greta and Campbell, Darrell (Skip) and Campbell, Darrell A and Englesbe, Michael J and Englesbe, Michael and Hemmila, Mark R and Napolitano, Lena M and Arneson, Wallace and Atwal, Mandip and Barnes, Scott A and Barnes, Jennifer and Bartholomew, David and Bates, Richard and Bowden, Kent C and Bozaan, Anthony and Bistolarides, Peter and Bruck, Christopher and Buhariwalla, Karen and Cherry-Bukowiec, Jill and Cheung, Laurence and Dolman, Heather and Edelman, David and Gallick, Harold L and Goethals, Andrea and Gordon, Andrew and Gustad, Krista and Haddad, Chadi G and Johnson, Jeffrey L and Kieninger, Alicia and Kolachalam, Ramachandra and Kwon, David S and Luchtefeld, Martin and Machado-Aranda, David and Markham, Kevin and McLeod, Michael and Meguid, Ahmed and Mikhail, Raouf A and Morey, Dawn E and Noble, Walter and Noble, Walter C and Obi, Shawn and Patel, Sujal and Pesta, Carl Matthew and Puls, Mark W and Richardson, Todd and Scipione, Christopher N and Sequeira, Melwyn and Shapiro, Brian and Spencer, Amy and Sugimoto, Kimiko D and Sugimoto, Kimiko and Ulgenalp, Attila and VanWylen, Stephen and Veverka, Thomas J and Wagner, James and Wilson, Kenneth and Zwemer, Douglas and Alberts, Karen and Bailey, Teresa and Behring, Heather and Christiansen, Cynthia and Cusick, Maryellen and Demeter, Nancy and Dunn, Angela and Gates, Elizabeth and Guild, Michele and Hayes, Julie and Hischke, Deb and Jobson, Denise and Kennedy, Jori and Machnacki, Jakcie and Moe, Barb and Myers, Shawanda and Parker, Beverly and Costello-Percha, Tina and Piazza, Jona and Pioch, Wendy and Poindexter, Amy and Reed, Jennifer and Riegel, Betty and Robertson, Dawn and Robertson, John and Ryan, Kris and Shaw, Connie and Jacob, Alisa Sherrard and Sweeny, Kim and Tadian, William and Thomas, Lori and Thompson, Deborah and Young, Mary and Chair, Committee and Bishop, Kathy and Armenti, Frederick and Brummett, Chad and ... and MSQC Res Advisory Grp and Michigan Surgical Quality
Journal of the American College of Surgeons, ISSN 1072-7515, 01/2019, Volume 228, Issue 1, pp. 21 - 28.e7
Annually, more than 2 million patients are admitted with emergency general surgery (EGS) conditions. Emergency general surgery cases comprise 11% of all... 
Journal Article
Current Surgery, ISSN 0149-7944, 2004, Volume 61, Issue 6, pp. 612 - 615
Our primary concern when modifying the Mount Carmel Medical Center surgical residency to comply with the “80-hour work week” was the effect on operative... 
operative volume | 80-hour work week | night rotation | missed operations | Missed operations | Operative volume | Night rotation | Clinical Competence | Internship and Residency | Humans | Work Schedule Tolerance | Accreditation | Data Collection | General Surgery - education | Workload
Journal Article
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