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Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2019, Volume 21, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-164
Journal Article
by Boscari, F and Messori, M and Rabbone, I and Rabbone, I and Bonfanti, R and Sabbion, A and Iafusco, D and Schiaffini, R and Visentin, R and Visentin, R and Calore, R and Leal, Y and Galasso, S and Galasso, S and Galderisi, A and Vallone, V and Di Palma, F and Losiouk, E and Lanzola, G and Tinti, T and Rigamonti, A and Marigliano, M and Zanfardino, A and Rapini, N and Avogaro, A and Chernavvsky, D and Magni, L and Cobelli, C and Bruttomesso, D and Kovatchev, B and Barnard, K and Bergenstal, R and Laffel, L and Weissberg-Benchell, J and Hood, K and Heinemann, L and Sullivan, S and Miller, K.M and Frontino, G and Rigamonti, A and Bonura, C and Favalli, V and Breton, M and Lepore, G and Bonfanti, R and Bonfanti, R and Bozzetto, L and Di Blasi, V and Girelli, A and Grassi, G and Iafusco, D and Rabbone, I and Schiaffini, R and Laviola, L and Minuto, N and Ignaccolo, G and Iafusco, D and Lombardo, F and Cherubini, V and Frongia, A.P and Pistorio, A and Marigliano, M and Toni, S and Scaramuzza, A.E and Forlenza, G and Wadwa, R.P and Messer, L and Bequette, B.W and Cameron, F and Howsmon, D and Huyett, L and Dassau, E and Doyle, F.J and Patek, S and Schertz, E and Mauritzen, E and Mandell, A and DeSalvo, D and Ly, T.T and Buckingham, B.A and Festa, C and Bongiovanni, M and Mattei, L and Colatrella, A and Stewart, Z and Pate, T and Danne, T and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Lange, K and Spaniolas, K and Wohlgemuth, S.D and Stefan, D and Homan, M and Orel, R and Battelino, T and Sinha-Gregory, S and Gerber, L and Ferrari, M and ...
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Journal Article
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Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2017, Volume 19, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-133
Journal Article
by Reznik, Y and Reznik, Y and Pender, J and Spaniolas, K and Stefan, D and Wohlgemuth, S and Mozer, A and Sippey, M and Hounshell, K and Wilinska, M.E and Hovorka, R and Hovorka, R and Hovorka, R and Hovorka, R and Haluzik, M and Loebker, W and Chase, H.P and Maahs, D and Wadwa, P and Buckingham, B and Wilson, D and Ly, T and Lum, J and Calhoun, P and Raghinaru, D and Cameron, F and Bequette, B.W and Hramiak, I and Beck, R and Remus, K and Blaesig, S and Biester, T and Fath, M and Lange, K and Kordonouri, O and Haahr, H and Jensen, L and Erichsen, L and Hompesch, M and Cobelli, C and Cobelli, C and Gibney, M and Swinney, M and Xue, Z and Mendes, G.F and Miranda, F and Batista, L.F and Lins, T.C and Colberg, S.R and Dall, M and Parkin, C and Warner, J and Rabbone, I and Minuto, N and Scaramuzza, A and Bonfanti, R and Schiaffini, R and Toni, S and Iafusco, D and Lombardo, F and Pistorio, A and Pistorio, A and De Portu, S and Cohen, O and Cohen, O and Conget, I and Conget, I and Racault, A.S and Shin, J and Runzis, S and Reznik, Y and Petitti, A and Ferrari, M and Radaelli, S and Comaschi, V and Zuccotti, G.V and Ambrosino, J and Walders-Abramson, N and Ly, T and Maahs, D and Maahs, D and Weinzimer, S and Weinzimer, S and Buckingham, B and Buckingham, B and Buckingham, B and Melmer, A and Mader, J and Schütz-Fuhrmann, I and Rose-Engels, H and Götz, G and Pfeiffer, M and Hermann, J and Stettler, C and Holl, R and Mader, J.K and Aberer, F and Poettler, T and Trautmann, M and Pieber, T and ...
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2015, Volume 17, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-180
Journal Article
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, ISSN 1462-8902, 03/2007, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 194 - 205
Journal Article
Journal Article
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 03/2018, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 197 - 206
Background: Persistent use of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) improves diabetes control in individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and type 2... 
Original Articles | Continuous glucose monitoring | Type 2 diabetes | Accuracy | Longevity | Implantable | Type 1 diabetes | EFFICACY | AUGMENTED PUMP THERAPY | CARE | IMPACT | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | HOME | MONITORING-SYSTEM | LIFE | Original
Journal Article
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 05/2017, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp. 288 - 292
Journal Article
Journal Article
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 12/2017, Volume 19, Issue 12, pp. 749 - 752
A 3-month pivotal trial using the MiniMed™ 670G hybrid closed-loop (HCL) system in adolescent and adult patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D), relative to a... 
Brief Reports | Continuous glucose monitoring | Hyperglycemia | Glycated hemoglobin | Hybrid closed loop | Hypoglycemia | MULTICENTER | THERAPY | ADOLESCENTS | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | ADULTS | INSULIN DELIVERY-SYSTEM
Journal Article
Journal Article
Physical Therapy, ISSN 0031-9023, 03/2017, Volume 97, Issue 3, pp. 320 - 329
Abstract Background Common locomotor deficits observed in people poststroke include decreased speeds and abnormal kinematics, characterized by altered... 
Journal Article