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Lakeridge Health Sciences - Online (1) 1
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New College (Ivey) - Stacks (1) 1
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Providence Healthcare - Stacks (1) 1
Regis College - Stacks (1) 1
St. Augustine's Seminary - Stacks (1) 1
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - Reference (1) 1
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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - Holland Stacks (1) 1
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by Drake, T. M and Nepogodiev, D and Glasbey, J. C and Mohan, M and McNamee, L and Kelly, M and Fitzgerald, J. E and Harrison, E. M and Dean, R and Wylie, J and Jindal, A and Gouda, P and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Suresh, S and Bolton, W and Khan, T and Morley, R and Favero, N and Kennedy, E. D and Gabriel, J and Yener, A and Tilston, T. W and Dean, S and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Satterthwaite, L and Robertson, K. L and Duncumb, J. W and Poo, S. X and Joshi, K. R and Norris, J. M and Keevil, H and Elf, D and Carr, L and Barton, E. C and Martin, A. L and Ratu, S. G and Roberts, E. J and Phan, P. N and Dyal, A. R and Burke, D and Mansoor, S and Mackin, S and Kim, S and Woin, E and Brent, G and Ahmed, M and Yong, C. S and Nixon, G and Tan, R and Dolaghan, M and Duke, K and Turner, L and Patel, T and Lunawat, S and Oremule, B and Ward, N and Chisholm, E. G and Hughes, B. A and Ahmed, H and Lee, A. H. Y and Bullock, N. P and Zhao, J and McIntyre, C. J and Wilson, H. C. P and Behar, N and Davis‐Hall, M and Seneviratne, N and Kim, S and Pope, S and Gatfield, W. A and Rees, C and Loveday, J and Wijesekera, M and Attalla, M and Smith, N and Sritharan, P and Shah, A and Hulley, K and Abdelhadi, M and Morgan, F and Anderson, L and Dickson, J and Asmadi, A and Anderson, L. B and Lua Boon Xuan, J and Crozier, L and Adebayo, A. A and Das, M and Amphlett, A. H and Winarski, A and Woodward, H and Gouldthrope, C and Turner, M and Tonkins, M and Wild, J. R. L and Robinson, M and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
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Journal Article
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by Crous, P. W and Wingfield, M. J and Lombard, L and Roets, F and Swart, W. J and Alvarado, P and Carnegie, A. J and Moreno, G and Luangsa-ard, J and Thangavel, R and Alexandrova, A. V and Baseia, I. G and Bellanger, J. -M and Bessette, A. E and Bessette, A. R and De la Pena-Lastra, S and Garcia, D and Gene, J and Pham, T. H. G and Heykoop, M and Malysheva, E and Malysheva, V and Martin, M. P and Morozova, O. V and Noisripoom, W and Overton, B. E and Rea, A. E and Sewall, B. J and Smith, M. E and Smyth, C. W and Tasanathai, K and Visagie, C. M and Adamcik, S and Alves, A and Andrade, J. P and Aninat, M. J and Araujo, R. V. B and Bordallo, J. J and Boufleur, T and Baroncelli, R and Barreto, R. W and Bolin, J and Cabero, J and Cabon, M and Cafa, G and Caffot, M. L. H and Cai, L and Carlavilla, J. R and Chavez, R and de Castro, R. R. L and Delgat, L and Deschuyteneer, D and Dios, M. M and Dominguez, L. S and Evans, H. C and Eyssartier, G and Ferreira, B. W and Figueiredo, C. N and Liu, F and Fournier, J and Galli-Terasawa, L. V and Gil-Duran, C and Glienke, C and Goncalves, M. F. M and Gryta, H and Guarro, J and Himaman, W and Hywel-Jones, N and Iturrieta-Gonzalez, I and Ivanushkina, N. E and Jargeat, P and Khalid, A. N and Khan, J and Kiran, M and Kiss, L and Kochkina, G. A and Kolarik, M and Kubatova, A and Lodge, D. J and Loizides, M and Luque, D and Manjon, J. L and Marbach, P. A. S and Massola, N. S and Mata, M and Miller, A. N and Mongkolsamrit, S and Moreau, P. -A and Morte, A and Mujic, A and Navarro-Rodenas, A and Nemeth, M. Z and Nobrega, T. F and Novakova, A and Olariaga, I and Ozerskaya, S. M and Palma, M. A and Petters-Vandresen, D. A. L and Piontelli, E and Popov, E. S and ...
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2019, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp. 223 - 425
Journal Article