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by Nauth, Aaron and Creek, Aaron T and Zellar, Abby and Lawendy, Abdel-Rahman and Dowrick, Adam and Gupta, Ajay and Dadi, Akhil and van Kampen, Albert and Yee, Albert and de Vries, Alexander C and de Mol van Otterloo, Alexander and Garibaldi, Alisha and Liew, Allen and McIntyre, Allison W and Prasad, Amal Shankar and Romero, Amanda W and Rangan, Amar and Oatt, Amber and Sanghavi, Amir and Foley, Amy L and Karlsten, Anders and Dolenc, Andrea and Bucknill, Andrew and Chia, Andrew and Evans, Andrew and Gong, Andrew and Schmidt, Andrew H and Marcantonio, Andrew J and Jennings, Andrew and Ward, Angela and Khanna, Angshuman and Rai, Anil and Smits, Anke B and Horan, Annamarie D and Brekke, Anne Christine and Flynn, Annette and Duraikannan, Aravin and Stødle, Are and van Vugt, Arie B and Luther, Arlene and Zurcher, Arthur W and Jain, Arvind and Amundsen, Asgeir and Moaveni, Ash and Carr, Ashley and Sharma, Ateet and Hill, Austin D and Trommer, Axel and Rai, B. Sachidananda and Hileman, Barbara and Schreurs, Bart and Verhoeven, Bart and Barden, Benjamin B and Flatøy, Bernhard and Cleffken, Berry I and Bøe, Berthe and Perey, Bertrand and Hanusch, Birgit C and Weening, Brad and Fioole, Bram and Rijbroek, Bram and Crist, Brett D and Halliday, Brett and Peterson, Brett and Mullis, Brian and Richardson, C. Glen and Clark, Callum and Sagebien, Carlos A and van der Pol, Carmen C and Bowler, Carol and Humphrey, Catherine A and Coady, Catherine and Koppert, Cees L and Coles, Chad and Tannoury, Chadi and DePaolo, Charles J and Gayton, Chris and Herriott, Chris and Reeves, Christina and Tieszer, Christina and Dobb, Christine and Anderson, Christopher G and Sage, Claire and Cuento, Claudine and Jones, Clifford B and Bosman, Coks H.R and Linehan, Colleen and van der Hart, Cor P and Henderson, Corey and Lewis, Courtland G and Davis, Craig A and Donohue, Craig and Mauffrey, Cyril and Sundaresh, D.C and Farrell, Dana J and Whelan, Daniel B and Horwitz, Daniel and Stinner, Daniel and Viskontas, Darius and Roffey, Darren M and ... and Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip fractures (FAITH) Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 04/2017, Volume 389, Issue 10078, pp. 1519 - 1527
Journal Article
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2018, Volume 34, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 407
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 1/2014, Volume 343, Issue 6167, pp. 189 - 193
Tumor recurrence is a leading cause of cancer mortality. Therapies for recurrent disease may fail, at least in part, because the genomic alterations driving... 
Geography | Glioma | REPORTS | Medical genetics | Evolution | Evolutionary genetics | Genomes | Genetic mutation | Genetic heterogeneity | Cancer | Tumors | RETINOBLASTOMA | IDH1 MUTATIONS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | INTRATUMOR HETEROGENEITY | GROWTH | CLONAL EVOLUTION | MSH6 MUTATIONS | IDENTIFICATION | HUMAN CANCER | HUMAN-MALIGNANT GLIOMAS | TEMOZOLOMIDE | Dacarbazine - adverse effects | Dacarbazine - therapeutic use | Humans | Brain Neoplasms - pathology | Neoplasm Recurrence, Local - drug therapy | X-linked Nuclear Protein | Mutagenesis - drug effects | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt - genetics | Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 - genetics | Glioma - genetics | Neoplasm Grading | TOR Serine-Threonine Kinases - genetics | DNA Mutational Analysis | Glioma - pathology | Dacarbazine - analogs & derivatives | Nuclear Proteins - genetics | DNA Helicases - genetics | Brain Neoplasms - genetics | Transcription Factors - genetics | Brain Neoplasms - drug therapy | Antineoplastic Agents, Alkylating - therapeutic use | Brain - drug effects | Proto-Oncogene Proteins B-raf - genetics | Neoplasm Recurrence, Local - chemically induced | Brain - pathology | Neoplasm Recurrence, Local - genetics | Antineoplastic Agents, Alkylating - adverse effects | Glioma - drug therapy | Care and treatment | Gene mutations | Gliomas | Physiological aspects | Genetic aspects | Research | Methods | Studies | Brain surgery | Mutagenesis | Brain cancer | Clinical outcomes | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Aaron-Morrison, A.P and Ackerman, S.A and Adams, N.G and Adler, R.F and Albanil, A and Alfaro, E.J and Allan, R and Alves, L.M and Amador, J.A and Aneassen, L.M and Arendt, A and Arévalo, J and Arndt, D.S and Arzhanova, N.M and Aschan, M.M and Azorin-Molina, C and Banzon, V and Bardin, M.U and Barichivich, J and Baringer, M.O and Barreira, S and Baxter, S and Bazo, J and Becker, A and Bedka, K.M and Behrenfeld, M.J and Bell, G.D and Belmont, M and Benedetti, A and Bernhard, G and Berrisford, P and Berry, D.I and Bettolli, M.L and Bhatt, U.S and Bidegain, M and Bill, B.D and Billheimer, S and Bissolli, P and Blake, E.S and Blunden, J and Bosilovich, M.G and Boucher, O and Boudet, D and Box, J.E and Boyer, T and Braathen, G.O and Bromwich, D.H and Brown, R and Bulygina, O.N and Burgess, D and Calderón, B and Camargo, S.J and Campbell, J.D and Cappelen, J and Carrasco, G and Carter, B.R and Chambers, D.P and Chandler, E and Christiansen, H.H and Christy, J.R and Chung, D and Chung, E.-S and Cinque, K and Clem, K.R and Coelho, C.A and Cogley, J.G and Coldewey-Egbers, M and Colwell, S and Cooper, O.R and Copland, L and Cosca, C.E and Cross, J.N and Crotwell, M.J and Crouch, J and Davis, S.M and De Eyto, E and De Jeu, R.A.M and De Laat, J and Degasperi, C.L and Degenstein, D and Demircan, M and Derksen, C and Destin, D and Di Girolamo, L and Di Giuseppe, F and Diamond, H.J and Dlugokencky, E.J and Dohan, K and Dokulil, M.T and Dolgov, A.V and Dolman, A.J and Domingues, C.M and Donat, M.G and Dong, S and Dorigo, W.A and Dortch, Q and Doucette, G and zdov, D.S and Ducklow, H and Dunn, R.J.H and ... and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 2016, Volume 97, Issue 8, pp. S1 - S275
In 2015, the dominant greenhouse gases released into Earth’s atmosphere—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—all continued to reach new high levels. At... 
Journal Article
by Birney, Ewan and Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Dutta, Anindya and Guigó, Roderic and Gingeras, Thomas R and Margulies, Elliott H and Weng, Zhiping and Snyder, Michael and Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T and Thurman, Robert E and Kuehn, Michael S and Taylor, Christopher M and Neph, Shane and Koch, Christoph M and Asthana, Saurabh and Malhotra, Ankit and Adzhubei, Ivan and Greenbaum, Jason A and Andrews, Robert M and Flicek, Paul and Boyle, Patrick J and Cao, Hua and Carter, Nigel P and Clelland, Gayle K and Davis, Sean and Day, Nathan and Dhami, Pawandeep and Dillon, Shane C and Dorschner, Michael O and Fiegler, Heike and Giresi, Paul G and Goldy, Jeff and Hawrylycz, Michael and Haydock, Andrew and Humbert, Richard and James, Keith D and Johnson, Brett E and Johnson, Ericka M and Frum, Tristan T and Rosenzweig, Elizabeth R and Karnani, Neerja and Lee, Kirsten and Lefebvre, Gregory C and Navas, Patrick A and Neri, Fidencio and Parker, Stephen C. J and Sabo, Peter J and Sandstrom, Richard and Shafer, Anthony and Vetrie, David and Weaver, Molly and Wilcox, Sarah and Yu, Man and Collins, Francis S and Dekker, Job and Lieb, Jason D and Tullius, Thomas D and Crawford, Gregory E and Sunyaev, Shamil and Noble, William S and Dunham, Ian and Denoeud, France and Reymond, Alexandre and Kapranov, Philipp and Rozowsky, Joel and Zheng, Deyou and Castelo, Robert and Frankish, Adam and Harrow, Jennifer and Ghosh, Srinka and Sandelin, Albin and Hofacker, Ivo L and Baertsch, Robert and Keefe, Damian and Dike, Sujit and Cheng, Jill and Hirsch, Heather A and Sekinger, Edward A and Lagarde, Julien and Abril, Josep F and Shahab, Atif and Flamm, Christoph and Fried, Claudia and Hackermüller, Jörg and Hertel, Jana and Lindemeyer, Manja and Missal, Kristin and Tanzer, Andrea and Washietl, Stefan and Korbel, Jan and Emanuelsson, Olof and Pedersen, Jakob S and Holroyd, Nancy and Taylor, Ruth and Swarbreck, David and Matthews, Nicholas and Dickson, Mark C and Thomas, Daryl J and Weirauch, Matthew T and Gilbert, James and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center and Washington University Genome Sequencing Center and Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute and NISC Comparative Sequencing Program and Broad Institute and The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 06/2007, Volume 447, Issue 7146, pp. 799 - 816
Journal Article