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Journal of clinical oncology, ISSN 1527-7755, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 14, pp. 1748 - 1757
Journal Article
by Maxwell, Christopher A and Benítez, Javier and Gómez-Baldó, Laia and Osorio, Ana and Bonifaci, Núria and Fernández-Ramires, Ricardo and Costes, Sylvain V and Guinó, Elisabet and Chen, Helen and Evans, Gareth J. R and Mohan, Pooja and Català, Isabel and Petit, Anna and Aguilar, Helena and Villanueva, Alberto and Aytes, Alvaro and Serra-Musach, Jordi and Rennert, Gad and Lejbkowicz, Flavio and Peterlongo, Paolo and Manoukian, Siranoush and Peissel, Bernard and Ripamonti, Carla B and Bonanni, Bernardo and Viel, Alessandra and Allavena, Anna and Bernard, Loris and Radice, Paolo and Friedman, Eitan and Kaufman, Bella and Laitman, Yael and Dubrovsky, Maya and Milgrom, Roni and Jakubowska, Anna and Cybulski, Cezary and Gorski, Bohdan and Jaworska, Katarzyna and Durda, Katarzyna and Sukiennicki, Grzegorz and Lubiński, Jan and Shugart, Yin Yao and Domchek, Susan M and Letrero, Richard and Weber, Barbara L and Hogervorst, Frans B. L and Rookus, Matti A and Collee, J. Margriet and Devilee, Peter and Ligtenberg, Marjolijn J and van der Luijt, Rob B and Aalfs, Cora M and Waisfisz, Quinten and Wijnen, Juul and van Roozendaal, Cornelis E. P and Easton, Douglas F and Peock, Susan and Cook, Margaret and Oliver, Clare and Frost, Debra and Harrington, Patricia and Evans, D. Gareth and Lalloo, Fiona and Eeles, Rosalind and Izatt, Louise and Chu, Carol and Eccles, Diana and Douglas, Fiona and Brewer, Carole and Nevanlinna, Heli and Heikkinen, Tuomas and Couch, Fergus J and Lindor, Noralane M and Wang, Xianshu and Godwin, Andrew K and Caligo, Maria A and Lombardi, Grazia and Loman, Niklas and Karlsson, Per and Ehrencrona, Hans and von Wachenfeldt, Anna and Bjork Barkardottir, Rosa and Hamann, Ute and Rashid, Muhammad U and Lasa, Adriana and Caldés, Trinidad and Andrés, Raquel and Schmitt, Michael and Assmann, Volker and Stevens, Kristen and Offit, Kenneth and Curado, João and Tilgner, Hagen and Guigó, Roderic and Aiza, Gemma and Brunet, Joan and Castellsagué, Joan and Martrat, Griselda and Urruticoechea, Ander and Blanco, Ignacio and Tihomirova, Laima and ... and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and kConFab and BCFR and SWE-BRCA and Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Oncology and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Avdelningen för onkologi
PLoS biology, ISSN 1545-7885, 2011, Volume 9, Issue 11, p. e1001199
Differentiated mammary epithelium shows apicobasal polarity, and loss of tissue organization is an early hallmark of breast carcinogenesis. In BRCA1 mutation... 
MULTIPLE-MYELOMA | CENTROSOMAL MICROTUBULE NUCLEATION | STEM-CELLS | MUTATION CARRIERS | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | BIOLOGY | MITOTIC SPINDLE | ADHERENS JUNCTIONS | PROGENITOR-CELL FATE | BRCA1-DEPENDENT UBIQUITINATION | EXPRESSION SIGNATURE | MAMMARY-GLAND | Epithelial Cells - metabolism | Humans | Receptors, Estrogen - analysis | Breast Neoplasms - metabolism | Aurora Kinase A | Genetic Variation | BRCA1 Protein - metabolism | Hyaluronan Receptors - metabolism | Microtubules - ultrastructure | Genes, BRCA2 | Female | Genes, BRCA1 | Epithelial Cells - cytology | Extracellular Matrix Proteins - metabolism | Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases - metabolism | Genetic Predisposition to Disease | Breast - cytology | Extracellular Matrix Proteins - genetics | Microtubules - physiology | Genotype | Aurora Kinases | Hyaluronan Receptors - genetics | BRCA1 Protein - genetics | Cell Polarity - genetics | BRCA2 Protein - metabolism | Breast Neoplasms - genetics | Breast Neoplasms - pathology | Cell Line, Tumor | Heterozygote | HeLa Cells | BRCA2 Protein - genetics | BRCA mutations | Physiological aspects | Breast cancer | Genetic aspects | Polarity (Biology) | Research | Health aspects | Risk factors | Cancer | Confidence intervals | Medical research | Hospitals | Biomedical research | Colleges & universities | Mutation | Càncer de mama | Oncogens | Cèl·lules epitelials | Epithelial cells | Oncogenes | Antigens, CD44 | Cell Polarity | Receptors, Estrogen | Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases | Epithelial Cells | Breast Neoplasms | Life Sciences | Extracellular Matrix Proteins | Microtubules | BRCA2 Protein | Breast | BRCA1 Protein | Immunologi inom det medicinska området | Cancer and Oncology | Immunology in the medical area | Cancer och onkologi
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 9, pp. 879 - 882
Journal Article
by Gaudet, Mia M and Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B and Vijai, Joseph and Klein, Robert J and Kirchhoff, Tomas and McGuffog, Lesley and Barrowdale, Daniel and Dunning, Alison M and Lee, Anew and Dennis, Joe and Healey, Sue and Dicks, Ed and Soucy, Penny and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Pankratz, Vernon S and Wang, Xianshu and Elidge, Ronald C and Tessier, Daniel C and Vincent, Daniel and Bacot, Francois and Hogervorst, Frans B. L and Peock, Susan and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Peterlongo, Paolo and Schmutzler, Rita K and Nathanson, Katherine L and Piedmonte, Marion and Singer, Christian F and Thomassen, Mads and Hansen, Thomas v O and Neuhausen, Susan L and Blanco, Ignacio and Greene, Mark H and Garber, Judith and Weitzel, Jeffrey N and Anulis, Irene L and Goldgar, David E and D'Anea, Emma and Caldes, Trinidad and Nevanlinna, Heli and Osorio, Ana and van Rensburg, Elizabeth J and Arason, Adalgeir and Rennert, Gad and van den Ouweland, Ans M. W and van der Hout, Annemarie H and Kets, Carolien M and Aalfs, Cora M and Wijnen, Juul T and Ausems, Margreet G. E. M and Frost, Debra and Ellis, Steve and Fineberg, Elena and Platte, Radka and Evans, D. Gareth and Jacobs, Chris and Adlard, Julian and Tischkowitz, Marc and Porteous, Mary E and Damiola, Francesca and Golmard, Lisa and Barjhoux, Laure and Longy, Michel and Belotti, Muriel and Ferrer, Sana Fert and Mazoyer, Sylvie and Spurdle, Amanda B and Manoukian, Siranoush and Barile, Monica and Genuardi, Maurizio and Arnold, Norbert and Meindl, Alfons and Sutter, Christian and Wappenschmidt, Barbara and Domchek, Susan M and Pfeiler, Georg and Friedman, Eitan and Jensen, Uffe Birk and Robson, Mark and Shah, Sohela and Lazaro, Conxi and Mai, Phuong L and Benitez, Javier and Southey, Melissa C and Schmidt, Marjanka K and Fasching, Peter A and Peto, Julian and Humphreys, Manjeet K and Wang, Qin and Michailidou, Kyriaki and Sawyer, Elinor J and Burwinkel, Barbara and Guénel, Pascal and Bojesen, Stig E and Milne, Roger L and Brenner, Hermann and Lochmann, Magdalena and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Dörk, Thilo and Margolin, Sara and ... and KConFab Investigators and Ontario Canc Genetics Network and HEBON and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and GENICA Network and Ontario Cancer Genetics Network and The GENICA Network
PLoS genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 3, p. e1003173
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2012, Volume 493, Issue 7432, pp. 406 - 410
Journal Article
Journal of Medical Genetics, ISSN 0022-2593, 06/2018, Volume 55, Issue 6, pp. 384 - 394
Journal Article
by Antoniou, Antonis C and Kartsonaki, Christiana and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Soucy, Penny and McGuffog, Lesley and Healey, Sue and Lee, Andrew and Peterlongo, Paolo and Manoukian, Siranoush and Peissel, Bernard and Zaffaroni, Daniela and Cattaneo, Elisa and Barile, Monica and Pensotti, Valeria and Pasini, Barbara and Dolcetti, Riccardo and Giannini, Giuseppe and Laura Putignano, Anna and Varesco, Liliana and Radice, Paolo and Mai, Phuong L and Greene, Mark H and Andrulis, Irene L and Glendon, Gord and Ozcelik, Hilmi and Thomassen, Mads and Gerdes, Anne-Marie and Kruse, Torben A and Birk Jensen, Uffe and Crüger, Dorthe G and Caligo, Maria A and Laitman, Yael and Milgrom, Roni and Kaufman, Bella and Paluch-Shimon, Shani and Friedman, Eitan and Loman, Niklas and Harbst, Katja and Lindblom, Annika and Arver, Brita and Ehrencrona, Hans and Melin, Beatrice and Nathanson, Katherine L and Domchek, Susan M and Rebbeck, Timothy and Jakubowska, Ania and Lubinski, Jan and Gronwald, Jacek and Huzarski, Tomasz and Byrski, Tomasz and Cybulski, Cezary and Gorski, Bohdan and Osorio, Ana and Ramón y Cajal, Teresa and Fostira, Florentia and Andrés, Raquel and Benitez, Javier and Hamann, Ute and Hogervorst, Frans B and Rookus, Matti A and Hooning, Maartje J and Nelen, Marcel R and van der Luijt, Rob B and van Os, Theo A.M and van Asperen, Christi J and Devilee, Peter and Meijers-Heijboer, Hanne E.J and Gómez Garcia, Encarna B and Peock, Susan and Cook, Margaret and Frost, Debra and Platte, Radka and Leyland, Jean and Gareth Evans, D and Lalloo, Fiona and Eeles, Ros and Izatt, Louise and Adlard, Julian and Davidson, Rosemarie and Eccles, Diana and Ong, Kai-ren and Cook, Jackie and Douglas, Fiona and Paterson, Joan and John Kennedy, M and Miedzybrodzka, Zosia and Godwin, Andrew and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Buecher, Bruno and Belotti, Muriel and Tirapo, Carole and Mazoyer, Sylvie and Barjhoux, Laure and Lasset, Christine and Leroux, Dominique and Faivre, Laurence and Bronner, Myriam and Prieur, Fabienne and Nogues, Catherine and Rouleau, Etienne and ... and EMBRACE and CEMO Study Collaborators and Breast Cancer Family Registry and HEBON and on behalf of CIMBA and kConFab investigators and SWE-BRCA and kConFab Investigators and CIMBA and Breast Canc Family Registry
Human molecular genetics, ISSN 1460-2083, 2011, Volume 20, Issue 16, pp. 3304 - 3321
Journal Article