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by Roncaglioni, Maria Carla and Barlera, Simona and Tombesi, Massimo and Tognoni, Gianni and Nicolis, E.B and Casola, C and Marrocco, W and Franzosi, M.G and Alli, C and Beghi, E and Bertele', V and Baviera, M and Monesi, L and Scarano, M and Marfisi, R.M and Macino, L and Ferri, B and Pera, C and Abbatino, D and Acquati, M and Addorisio, G and Adinolfi, D and Adreani, L and Agneta, A and Agostini, N and Agostino, G and Airò, A and Alecci, G and Alfè, L and Ancora, A and Andreatta, E and Annicchiarico, C and Aprea, R and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Aprile, L and Arnetoli, M and Aronica, A and Bacca, G and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Baiano, A and Baldari, A and Ballarini, L and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Barbieri Vita, A and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Bartoli, M and Basile, F and Battaggia, A and Battaglia, A and Beconcini, G and Belfiore, P.A and Bellamoli, S and Bellini, C and Benetollo, C and Bertaso, F.G and Bettelli, G and Biagiotti, G and Bianchi, S and Bisanti, G and Boidi, E and Boldrin, G and Bollati, A and Bolzan, L and Bolzonella, S and Bonissone, D and Bonollo, E and Borghi, M and Borioli, N and Borsatto, M and Bosco, T and Bosisio Pioltelli, M and Botarelli, C and Bova, G and Bozzani, A and Braglia, M and Bramati, E and Breglia, G and Brescia, A and Brocchi, A and Buscaglia, E and Bussotti, A and Buzzaccarini, F and Buzzatti, A and Caccamo, G and Cacciavillani, C and Caggiano, G and Calciano, F.P and Calienno, S and Campanaro, M and Campanella, G.B and Canali, G and Candiani, D.E and Canino, A and Capotosto, P and Cappelli, B and ... and The Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group and Risk Prevention Study Collaborativ and Risk and Prevention Study Collaborative Group
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2013, Volume 368, Issue 19, pp. 1800 - 1808
Journal Article
by Vasconcelos, A. T. R and Ferreira, H. B and Bizarro, C. V and Bonatto, S. L and Carvalho, M. O and Pinto, P. M and Almeida, D. F and Almeida, L. G. P and Almeida, R and Alves-Filho, L and Assuncao, E. N and Azevedo, V. A. C and Bogo, M. R and Brigido, M. M and Brocchi, M and Burity, H. A and Camargo, A. A and Camargo, S. S and Carepo, M. S and Carraro, D. M and de Mattos Cascardo, J. C and Castro, L. A and Cavalcanti, G and Chemale, G and Collevatti, R. G and Cunha, C. W and Dallagiovanna, B and Dambros, B. P and Dellagostin, O. A and Falcao, C and Fantinatti-Garboggini, F and Felipe, M. S. S and Fiorentin, L and Franco, G. R and Freitas, N. S. A and Frias, D and Grangeiro, T. B and Grisard, E. C and Guimaraes, C. T and Hungria, M and Jardim, S. N and Krieger, M. A and Laurino, J. P and Lima, L. F. A and Lopes, M. I and Loreto, E. L. S and Madeira, H. M. F and Manfio, G. P and Maranhao, A. Q and Martinkovics, C. T and Medeiros, S. R. B and Moreira, M. A. M and Neiva, M and Ramalho-Neto, C. E and Nicolas, M. F and Oliveira, S. C and Paixao, R. F. C and Pedrosa, F. O and Pena, S. D. J and Pereira, M and Pereira-Ferrari, L and Piffer, I and Pinto, L. S and Potrich, D. P and Salim, A. C. M and Santos, F. R and Schmitt, R and Schneider, M. P. C and Schrank, A and Schrank, I. S and Schuck, A. F and Seuanez, H. N and Silva, D. W and Silva, R and Silva, S. C and Soares, C. M. A and Souza, K. R. L and Souza, R. C and Staats, C. C and Steffens, M. B. R and Teixeira, S. M. R and Urmenyi, T. P and Vainstein, M. H and Zuccherato, L. W and Simpson, A. J. G and Zaha, A
Journal of bacteriology, ISSN 0021-9193, 2005, Volume 187, Issue 16, pp. 5568 - 5577
Journal Article
by Barlera, S and Caimi, V and Marchioli, R and Tognoni, G and Aprile, L and Geraci, E and Giansiracusa, N and Decarli, A and Satolli, R and Marzona, I and Nicolis, E and Casola, C and Palumbo, A and Pioggiarella, R and Marfisi, RM and Flamminio, A and Addorisio, G and Agneta, A and Agnolio, ML and Agostino, G and Airo, A and Alaimo, N and Albano, N and Alecci, G and Alemanno, S and Alexanian, A and Alonzo, N and Alvino, S and Ancora, A and Angilletti, V and Annicchiarico, C and Aprile, A and Aprile, E and Aprile, I and Armellani, V and Autiero, V and Bacca, G and Baccalaro, AM and Bacci, M and Baglio, G and Baldari, A and Bandera, R and Bandini, F and Vita, AB and Bardi, M and Barlocchi, M and Baron, P and Beconcini, G and Beggio, R and Belicchi, M and Bellomo, M and Benetti, R and Beretta, E and Bettelli, G and Bianchi, S and Bigioli, F and Bitetti, EM and Boato, V and Boidi, E and Bolzan, L and Bolzonella, S and Bonardi, P and Bonato, GB and Bonincontro, E and Boninsegna, F and Bonissone, D and Botassis, S and Bottini, F and Bottos, C and Bova, V and Braga, VT and Breglia, G and Briganti, D and Brosio, FA and Buscaglia, E and Caccamo, G and Caggiano, G and Calienno, S and Caltagirone, P and Calzolari, I and Campanaro, M and Campanella, GB and Canali, G and Canepa, R and Canino, A and Cantoro, EA and Capotosto, P and Cappelli, B and Capraro, G and Carafa, FA and Carano, Q and Carcaterra, V and Carriero, D and Carrozzo, G and Cartanese, M and Casalena, M and Caso, C and Castaldi, F and Catinello, N and Cavallo, G and ... and Rischio and Prevenzione Investigators and Rischio Prevenzione Investigators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 68
Journal Article
by Marinotti, Osvaldo and Cerqueira, Gustavo C and de Almeida, Luiz Gonzaga Paula and Ferro, Maria Inês Tiraboschi and Loreto, Elgion Lucio da Silva and Zaha, Arnaldo and Teixeira, Santuza M. R and Wespiser, Adam R and Almeida e Silva, Alexandre and Schlindwein, Aline Daiane and Pacheco, Ana Carolina Landim and Silva, Artur Luiz da Costa da and Graveley, Brenton R and Walenz, Brian P and Lima, Bruna de Araujo and Ribeiro, Carlos Alexandre Gomes and Nunes-Silva, Carlos Gustavo and de Carvalho, Carlos Roberto and Soares, Célia Maria de Almeida and de Menezes, Claudia Beatriz Afonso and Matiolli, Cleverson and Caffrey, Daniel and Araújo, Demetrius Antonio M and de Oliveira, Diana Magalhães and Golenbock, Douglas and Grisard, Edmundo Carlos and Fantinatti-Garboggini, Fabiana and de Carvalho, Fabíola Marques and Barcellos, Fernando Gomes and Prosdocimi, Francisco and May, Gemma and Azevedo Junior, Gilson Martins de and Guimarães, Giselle Moura and Goldman, Gustavo Henrique and Padilha, Itácio Q. M and Batista, Jacqueline da Silva and Ferro, Jesus Aparecido and Ribeiro, José M. C and Fietto, Juliana Lopes Rangel and Dabbas, Karina Maia and Cerdeira, Louise and Agnez-Lima, Lucymara Fassarella and Brocchi, Marcelo and de Carvalho, Marcos Oliveira and Teixeira, Marcus de Melo and Diniz Maia, Maria de Mascena and Goldman, Maria Helena S and Cruz Schneider, Maria Paula and Felipe, Maria Sueli Soares and Hungria, Mariangela and Nicolás, Marisa Fabiana and Pereira, Maristela and Montes, Martín Alejandro and Cantão, Maurício E and Vincentz, Michel and Rafael, Miriam Silva and Silverman, Neal and Stoco, Patrícia Hermes and Souza, Rangel Celso and Vicentini, Renato and Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes and Neves, Rogério de Oliveira and Silva, Rosane and Astolfi-Filho, Spartaco and Maciel, Talles Eduardo Ferreira and Ürményi, Turán P and Tadei, Wanderli Pedro and Camargo, Erney Plessmann and de Vasconcelos, Ana Tereza Ribeiro
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2013, Volume 41, Issue 15, pp. 7387 - 7400
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, ISSN 0103-5053, 2010, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 949 - 959
The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for thousands of years. Recently, silver nanoparticles have gained attention because of their... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Targher, Giovanni and Temporelli, Pier Luigi and Nicolosi, Gian Luigi and Marchioli, Roberto and Latini, Roberto and Tavazzi, Luigi and Barlera, Simona and Franzosi, Maria Grazia and Maggioni, Aldo P and Porcu, Maurizio and Yusuf, Salim and Camerini, Fulvio and Pitt, Bertram and Poole‐Wilson, Philip A and Geraci, Enrico and Bartolomei, Barbara and Bertoli, Daniele and Levantesi, Giacomo and Rusconi, Franco and Sinagra, Gianfranco and Volpi, Alberto and Ceseri, Martina and Bambi, Filippo and Bastarolo, Desiree and Cangioli, Iacopo and Canu, Vittoriana and Cocchio, Michele and Confente, Alessia and Fenicia, Eva and Gianfriddo, Marco and Grilli, Gianluca and Lazzaro, Beatrice and Lonardo, Giuseppe and Luise, Alessia and Nota, Rachele and Orlando, Mariaelena and Petrolo, Rosaria and Pierattini, Chiara and Provenzani, Alessandro and Quartuccio, Velia and Ragno, Anna and Serio, Chiara and Spolaor, Alvise and Tafi, Arianna and Tellaroli, Elisa and Ghio, Stefano and Ghizzardi, Elisa and Masson, Serge and Corrà, Ugo and Gorini, Marco and Cangioli, Ilaria and Cipressa, Laura and Cipressa, Maria Lucia and Ferri, Barbara and Lorimer, Andrea and Priami, Paola and Roncarolo, P and Perinetto, E. Actis and Zanetta, M and Paino, A.M and Parravicini, U and Vegis, D and Conte, R and Ferraro, P and De Bernardi, A and Fagnani, M and Lucchina, P. Greco and Montagna, L and Bellone, E and Ferraro, F and Delucchi, M and Massobrio, N and Bo, L and Imazio, M and Brocchi, G and Rissone, L and Zocchi, C and Bonanomi, E and Mezzani, A and De Marchi, M and Gavazzi, A and Garyfallidis, P and Bertoletti, A and Bonifazi, C and Dell'Orto, S and Sfolcini, M and Raccagni, D and Santarone, M and Miglierina, E and Jemoli, R and Verde, S and Mariani, M and Ziacchi, V and Ferrazza, A and Russo, A and Pasini, G.F and Volpi, A and Jones, K.N and Cuzzucrea, D and Gullace, G and ... and the GISSI‐HF Investigators and GISSI-HF Investigators and GISSI‐HF Investigators
Journal of the American Heart Association, ISSN 2047-9980, 2017, Volume 6, Issue 7, p. n/a
Background The independent prognostic impact of diabetes mellitus (DM) and prediabetes mellitus (pre‐DM) on survival outcomes in patients with chronic heart... 
mortality | heart failure | chronic heart failure | diabetes mellitus | glycemic control | prediabetes | Glycemic control | Heart failure | Chronic heart failure | Prediabetes | Diabetes mellitus | Mortality | HEMOGLOBIN | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | RISK | MELLITUS | MULTIMORBIDITY | HOSPITALIZATION | REDUCTION | MORBIDITY | DOUBLE-BLIND | EPIDEMIOLOGY
Journal Article