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by Kappos, Ludwig and Bar-Or, Amit and Cree, Bruce A C and Fox, Robert J and Giovannoni, Gavin and Gold, Ralf and Vermersch, Patrick and Arnold, Douglas L and Arnould, Sophie and Scherz, Tatiana and Wolf, Christian and Wallström, Erik and Dahlke, Frank and Achiron, Anat and Achtnichts, Lutz and Agan, Kadriye and Akman-Demir, Gulsen and Allen, Alison B and Antel, Jack P and Antiguedad, Alfredo Rodriguez and Apperson, Michelle and Applebee, Angela M and Ayuso, Guillermo Izquierdo and Baba, Masayuki and Bajenaru, Ovidiu and Balasa, Rodica and Balci, Belgin Petek and Barnett, Michael and Bass, Ann and Becker, Veit U and Bejinariu, Mihaela and Bergh, Florian Then and Bergmann, Arnfin and Bernitsas, Evanthia and Berthele, Achim and Bhan, Virender and Bischof, Felix and Bjork, Randall John and Blevins, Gregg and Boehringer, Matthias and Boerner, Thomas and Bonek, Robert and Bowen, James D and Bowling, Allen and Boyko, Alexey N and Boz, Cavit and Bracknies, Vera and Braune, Stefan and Brescia Morra, Vincenzo and Brochet, Bruno and Brola, Waldemar and Brownstone, Paul Kenneth and Brozman, Miroslav and Brunet, Donald and Buraga, Ioan and Burnett, Margaret and Buttmann, Mathias and Butzkueven, Helmut and Cahill, Jonathan and Calkwood, Jonathan C and Camu, William and Cascione, Mark and Castelnovo, Giovani and Centonze, Diego and Cerqueira, Joao and Chan, Andrew and Cimprichova, Andrea and Cohan, Stanley and Comi, Giancarlo and Conway, Jill and Cooper, Joanna A and Corboy, John and Correale, Jorge and Costell, Brian and Cottrell, David A and Coyle, Patricia K and Craner, Matthew and Cui, Liying and Cunha, Luis and Czlonkowska, Anna and da Silva, Ana Martins and de Sa, Joao and de Seze, Jérôme and Debouverie, Marc and Debruyne, Jan and Decoo, Danny and Defer, Gilles and Derfuss, Tobias and Deri, Norma H and Dihenia, Bhupesh and Dioszeghy, Peter and Donath, Vladimir and Dubois, Benedicte and Duddy, Martin and Duquette, Pierre and Edan, Gilles and Efendi, Husnu and Elias, Stanton and Emrich, Peter J and Estruch, Bonaventura Casanova and ... and EXPAND Clinical Investigators and Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy and Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10127, pp. 1263 - 1273
Journal Article
by Chakravarti, Dipankar and Sinha, Atanu R and Kim, Jaewhan and McFadden, Daniel L and Bemmaor, Albert C and Caro, Francis G and Dominitz, Jeff and Jun, Byung-hill and Lewbel, Arthur and Matzkin, Rosa L and Molinari, Francesca and Schwarz, Norbert and Willis, Robert J and Winter, Joachim K and Allenby, Greg and Fennell, Geraldine and Huber, Joel and Eagle, Thomas and Gilbride, Tim and Horsky, Dan and Kim, Jaehwan and Lenk, Peter and Johnson, Rich and Ofek, Elie and Orme, Bryan and Otter, Thomas and Walker, Joan and Dubé, Jean-Pierre and Sudhir, K and Ching, Andrew and Crawford, Gregory S and Draganska, Michaela and Fox, Jeremy T and Hartmann, Wesley and Hitsch, Günter J and Viard, V. Brian and Villas-Boas, Miguel and Vilcassim, Naufel and Erdem, Tülin and Srinivasan, Kannan and Amaldoss, Wilfred and Bajari, Patrick and Che, Hai and Ho, Teck and Hutchinson, Wes and Katz, Michael and Keane, Michael and Meyer, Robert and Reiss, Peter and Seetharaman, P.B and Chib, Siddhartha and Ainslie, Andrew and Boatwright, Peter and Chan, Tat and Gupta, Sachin and Mehta, Nitin and Rao, Vithala and Strijnev, Andrei and Louviere, Jordan and Train, Kenneth and Ben-Akiva, Moshe and Bhat, Chandra and Brownstone, David and Cameron, Trudy Ann and Carson, Richard T and Deshazo, J.R and Fiebig, Denzil and Greene, William and Hensher, David and Waldman, Donald and Bradlow, Eric T and Bronnenberg, Bart and Russell, Gary J and Arora, Neeraj and Bell, David R and Duvvuri, Sri Devi and Hofstede, Frankel Ter and Sismeiro, Catarina and Thomadsen, Raphael and Yang, Sha and Kamakura, Wagner and Mela, Carl F and Ansari, Asim and Bodapati, Anand and Fader, Pete and Iyengar, Raghuram and Naik, Prasad and Neslin, Scott and Sun, Baohong and Verhoef, Peter C and Wedel, Michel and Wilcox, Ron and Manchanda, Puneet and Wittink, Dick R and Cleanthous, Paris and Ding, Min and Dong, Xiaojing J and Leeflang, Peter S.H and Misra, Sanjog and Mizik, Natalie and ...
Marketing letters, ISSN 0923-0645, 12/2005, Volume 16, Issue 3-4, pp. 173 - 454
Journal Article
by Erdem, Tülin and Winer, Russ and Ben-Akiva, Moshe and McFadden, Daniel and Train, Kenneth and Walker, Joan and Bhat, Chandra and Bierlaire, Michel and Bolduc, Denis and Boersch-Supan, Axel and Brownstone, David and Bunch, David S and Daly, Andrew and Palma, Andre de and Gopinath, Dinesh and Karlstrom, Anders and Munizaga, Marcela A and Louviere, Jordan and Street, Deborah and Carson, Richard and Ainslie, Andrew and DeShazo, J.R and Cameron, Trudy and Hensher, David and Kohn, Robert and Marley, Tony and Swait, Joffre and Adamowicz, Wiktor and Hanemann, Michael and Diederich, Adele and Krosnick, Jon and Layton, David and Provencher, William and Schkade, David and Tourangeau, Roger and Dubé, Jean-Pierre and Chintagunta, Pradeep and Petrin, Amil and Bronnenberg, Bart and Goettler, Ron and Seetharaman, P.B. Seethu and Sudhir, K and Thomadsen, Raphael and Zhao, Ying and Elrod, Terry and Russell, Gary J and Shocker, Allan D and Andrews, Rick L and Bacon, Lynd and Bayus, Barry L and Carroll, J. Douglas and Johnson, Richard M and Kamakura, Wagner A and Lenk, Peter and Mazanec, Josef A and Rao, Vithala R and Shankar, Venkatesh and Allenby, Greg and Ginter, Jim and Fennell, Geraldine and Bemmaor, Albert and Bhargava, Vijay and Christen, Francois and Dawley, Jackie and Dickson, Peter and Edwards, Yancy and Garratt, Mark and Sawyer, Alan and Staelin, Rick and Yang, Sha and Bucklin, Randolph B and Lattin, James M and Ansari, Asim and Gupta, Sunil and Bell, David and Coupey, Eloise and Little, John D.C and Mela, Carl and Montgomery, Alan and Steckel, Joel and Kunreuther, Howard and Meyer, Robert and Zeckhauser, Richard and Slovic, Paul and Schwartz, Barry and Schade, Christian and Luce, Mary Frances and Lippman, Steven and Krantz, David and Kahn, Barbara and Hogarth, Robin and Fitzsimons, Gavan J and Hutchinson, J. Wesley and Williams, Patti and Alba, Joseph W and Chartrand, Tanya L and Huber, Joel and Kardes, Frank R and Menon, Geeta and Raghubir, Priya and ...
Marketing letters, ISSN 0923-0645, 08/2002, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp. 157 - 310
Journal Article
1994, 1st ed., ISBN 9780062700698, vi, 711
1995, 1st ed., ISBN 9780062733368, ix, 654
1990, 1st. ed., ISBN 9780132098830, 444 p.24 cm.
Plains Anthropologist, ISSN 0032-0447, 08/2001, Volume 46, Issue 177, pp. 249 - 268
Of the numerous pictographic records kept by Plains Indians since the beginning of the nineteenth century, most are pictorial narrative paintings. Their... 
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Journal Article
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