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Lupus, ISSN 0961-2033, 4/2011, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp. 453 - 462
The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) convened an international working group to obtain a consensus definition of disease flare in lupus. With help from the... 
flare | autoimmune disease | systemic lupus erythematosus | RHEUMATOLOGY | Terminology as Topic | Acute Disease | Delphi Technique | Internationality | Humans | Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic - diagnosis | Lupus | Clinical trials | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Orkin, Chloe and Orkin, C and Molina, J-M and Molina, Jean-Michel and Negredo, E and Negredo, Eugenia and Arribas, José R and Arribas, JR and Gathe, J and Gathe, Joseph and Eron, J and Eron, Joseph J and Van Landuyt, Erika and Lathouwers, Erkki and Hufkens, Veerle and Petrovic, Romana and Vanveggel, Simon and Opsomer, Magda and Ajana, F and Bailey, J and Benson, P and Berenguer, J and Bhatti, L and Blaxhult, A and Brar, I and Bredeek, UF and Brinson, C and Brunetta, J and Casado, J and Clarke, A and Conway, B and Cotte, L and Crofoot, G and Cunningham, D and de Vente, J and De Wit, S and DeJesus, E and Dietz, C and Dretler, R and Fehr, J and Felizarta, F and Fichtenbaum, C and Flamholc, L and Florence, E and Galindo, MJ and Gallant, J and Gasiorowski, J and Gatell, JM and Gazzard, BG and Girard, P-M and Gisslèn, M and Gutierrez, F and Gutierrez, MDM and Hagins, D and Halota, W and Henn, S and Henry, WK and Horban, A and Huhn, G and Iribarren, JA and Jain, M and Johnson, MA and Katlama, C and Klein, M and Knobel, H and Lucasti, C and Martorell, C and McDonald, C and Mills, A and Morales-Ramirez, J and Mounzer, K and Moutschen, M and Murphy, D and Nahass, R and Olivet, H and Osiyemi, O and Perez-Valero, I and Piekarska, A and Pineda, JA and Podzamczer, D and Poizot-Martin, I and Portilla Sogorb, J and Post, F and Prelutsky, D and Pulido, F and Rachlis, A and Raffi, F and Ramgopal, M and Rashbaum, B and Rauch, A and Rey, D and Reynes, J and Ricart, C and Richmond, G and Rivero, A and Ruane, P and Gil, I Santos and Scarsella, A and Scribner, A and Shafran, S and ... and EMERALD Study Grp and EMERALD study group
The Lancet HIV, ISSN 2352-3018, 01/2018, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. e23 - e34
Simplified regimens with reduced pill burden and fewer side-effects are desirable for people living with HIV. We investigated the efficacy and safety of... 
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 08/2013, Volume 369, Issue 5, pp. 417 - 427
This study of ANCA-associated vasculitis compared a single course of rituximab with conventional immunosuppression with cyclophosphamide followed by... 
WEGENERS-GRANULOMATOSIS | MAINTENANCE | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | ANTIBODY-ASSOCIATED VASCULITIS | RENAL VASCULITIS | CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE | RITUXIMAB | ANTINEUTROPHIL CYTOPLASMIC AUTOANTIBODIES | RANDOMIZED-TRIAL | SYSTEMIC VASCULITIDES | CELL-ACTIVATION | Recurrence | Azathioprine - therapeutic use | Glucocorticoids - therapeutic use | Double-Blind Method | Drug Administration Schedule | Humans | Immunosuppressive Agents - therapeutic use | Antibodies, Monoclonal, Murine-Derived - administration & dosage | Immunologic Factors - administration & dosage | Kaplan-Meier Estimate | B-Lymphocytes | Rituximab | Cyclophosphamide - adverse effects | Remission Induction | Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis - drug therapy | Cyclophosphamide - therapeutic use | Immunosuppressive Agents - adverse effects | Immunologic Factors - adverse effects | Drug Therapy, Combination | Antibodies, Monoclonal, Murine-Derived - adverse effects | Azathioprine - adverse effects | Antibodies, Monoclonal, Murine-Derived - therapeutic use | Immunologic Factors - therapeutic use | Immunosuppression | Vasculitis | Drug therapy | Patient outcomes | Disease | Medical treatment | Hypersensitivity | Patients | Immunosuppressive agents | Cyclophosphamide | Infectious diseases | Lymphocytes B | Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies | Remission | Azathioprine | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Nelson, Mark and Amaya, Gerardo and Clumeck, Nathan and Arns da cunha, Clovis and Jayaweera, Dushyantha and Junod, Patrice and Li, Taisheng and Tebas, Pablo and Stevens, Marita and Buelens, Annemie and Vanveggel, Simon and Boven, Katia and Abusamra, L and Cahn, P and Laplume, H.E and Cassetti, I and Ceriotto, M and Martins, M.D and Krolewiecki, A and Amarilis Lugo, L and Bolan, R and Bush, L and Corales, R and Crane, L and De Vente, J and Fischl, M and Gathe, J and Greenberg, R and Henry, K and Jayaweera, D and Kumar, P and Lalezari, J and Leider, J and Lubelchek, R and Martorell, C and Mounzer, K and Cohen, C and Olivet, H and Ortiz, R and Rhame, F and Roberts, A and Ruane, P and Scribner, A and Segal-Maurer, S and Short, W and Sloan, L and Wilkin, T and Wohlfeiler, M and Yangco, B and Bloch, M and Gold, J and Hoy, J and Martinez, P and Baker, D and Finlayson, R and Roth, N and Rieger, A and Vetter, N and Zangerle, R and Da Cunha, C.A and Grinsztejn, B and Madruga, J.V and Pilotto, J.H and Sampaio, D and Gonsalez, C.R and Lima, M.P and Rangel, F and Timerman, A and Junod, P and Kilby, D and Rachlis, A and Walmsley, S and Boissonnault, M and Brunetta, J and De Wet, J and Gill, J and Kasper, K and Macleod, J and Gerstoft, J and Mathiesen, L and Pedersen, C and Cotte, L and Girard, P.-M and Molina, J.M and Raffi, F and Vittecoq, D and Yazdanpanah, Y and Yeni, P and Boue, F and Katlama, C and Reynes, J and Fisher, M and Nelson, M and Orkin, C and Taylor, S and Johnson, M and Wilkins, E and Williams, I.G and Winston, A and Lazzarin, A and ... and ECHO Study Grp and THRIVE Study Grp and ECHO and THRIVE Study Groups and on behalf of the ECHO and THRIVE Study Groups
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 08/2012, Volume 67, Issue 8, pp. 2020 - 2028
The efficacy and hepatic safety of the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors rilpivirine (TMC278) and efavirenz were compared in treatment-naive,... 
Hepatitis | Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors | Hepatic safety | HCV | TMC278 | Efavirenz | HBV | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | RISK-FACTORS | COMBINATION THERAPY | TENOFOVIR DF | MICROBIOLOGY | hepatitis | HUMAN-IMMUNODEFICIENCY-VIRUS | PROTEASE INHIBITORS | REVERSE-TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITORS | HIV-INFECTION | LIVER-INJURY | hepatic safety | non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors | ACTIVE ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY | PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY | efavirenz | Hepatitis C - drug therapy | Coinfection - drug therapy | Rilpivirine | Humans | Middle Aged | Male | Alanine Transaminase - blood | Hepatitis B Surface Antigens - blood | Nitriles - administration & dosage | Young Adult | Liver - drug effects | HIV-1 - isolation & purification | Hepatitis C Antibodies - blood | Adult | Female | Placebos - administration & dosage | Liver Function Tests | Benzoxazines - administration & dosage | Double-Blind Method | Pyrimidines - administration & dosage | HIV Infections - virology | Benzoxazines - adverse effects | Treatment Outcome | Antiviral Agents - administration & dosage | Coinfection - virology | Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions - epidemiology | Animals | Aspartate Aminotransferases - blood | Antiviral Agents - adverse effects | Adolescent | HIV Infections - complications | Hepatitis B - drug therapy | Pyrimidines - adverse effects | Liver - physiology | Aged | Nitriles - adverse effects | Chemotherapy | Inhibitor drugs | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Clinical outcomes | surface antigens | RNA-directed DNA polymerase | RNA | Liver | Antibodies | Clinical trials | Data processing | Nucleotides | Infection | nucleosides | Alanine transaminase | Aspartate aminotransferase | Index Medicus | Original Research
Journal Article
Lancet Infectious Diseases, The, ISSN 1473-3099, 2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 52
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Eron, J and Eron, Joseph J and Orkin, C and Orkin, Chloe and Cunningham, D and Cunningham, Douglas and Pulido, Federico and Pulido, F and Post, F and Post, Frank A and De Wit, S and De Wit, Stéphane and Lathouwers, Erkki and Hufkens, Veerle and Jezorwski, John and Petrovic, Romana and Brown, Kimberley and Van Landuyt, Erika and Opsomer, Magda and Florence, E and Moutschen, M and Van Wijngaerden, E and Vandekerckhove, L and Vandercam, B and Brunetta, J and Conway, B and Klein, M and Murphy, D and Rachlis, A and Shafran, S and Walmsley, S and Ajana, F and Cotte, L and Girardy, P.-M and Katlama, C and Molina, J.-M and Poizot-Martin, I and Raffi, F and Rey, D and Reynes, J and Teicher, E and Yazdanpanah, Y and Gasiorowski, J and Halota, W and Horban, A and Piekarska, A and Witor, A and Arribas, J.R and Perez-Valero, I and Berenguer, J and Casado, J and Gatell, J.M and Gutierrez, M.D.M and Gutierrez, F and Galindo, M.J and Iribarren, J.A and Knobel, H and Negredo, E and Pineda, J.A and Podzamczer, D and Sogorb, J.Portilla and Ricart, C and Rivero, A and Santos Gil, I and Blaxhult, A and Flamholc, L and Gisslèn, M and Thalme, A and Fehr, J and Rauch, A and Stoeckle, M and Clarke, A and Gazzard, B.G and Johnson, M.A and Ustianowski, A and Waters, L and Bailey, J and Benson, P and Bhatti, L and Brar, I and Bredeek, U.F and Brinson, C and Crofoot, G and DeJesus, E and Dietz, C and Dretler, R and Felizarta, F and Fichtenbaum, C and Gallant, J and Gathe, J and Hagins, D and Henn, S and Henry, W.K and Huhn, G and Jain, M and Lucasti, C and Martorell, C and McDonald, C and Mills, A and Morales-Ramirez, J and ...
Antiviral Research, ISSN 0166-3542, 10/2019, Volume 170, pp. 104543 - 104543
Darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (D/C/F/TAF) 800/150/200/10 mg was investigated through 96 weeks in EMERALD (NCT02269917).... 
Efficacy | Safety | Darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/TAF | Single-tablet regimen | Switch study | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Buddhdev, K.B and Patel, A and Patel, A and Xiao, P and Guda, C and Baker, J and Goldner, W and Goldner, W and Rodiger, J and Shi, Y and Tang, A and Falciglia, M and Yang, H and Mark, J and Steward, D and Grøntved, L and Siersbæk, M and Nielsen, R and Mandrup, S and Zhu, X and Hager, G.L and Cheng, S and Fujisawa, H and Fu, J and Liao, X and Dumitrescu, A and Morte, B and Gil-Ibañez, P and Heuer, H and BERNAL, J and Meyer, F and Cerdan, S and Köhrle, J and BERNAL, J and Schweizer, U and Wirth, E.K and Groeneweg, S and Lima de Souza, E.C and Meima, M.E and Peeters, R and Visser, E and Visser, T and Phillips, K and Lin, J and Eszlinger, M and Eszlinger, M and Müller, S and Bösenberg, E and Moll, A and Paschke, R and Jasim, S and Ariza, N.I and Hilger, C and Chintakuntlawar, A.V and Ryder, M and Morris, J and Bible, K.C and Dadu, R and Dadu, R and Vilalabos, P.A and Cuentas, E.R. Para and Canales, J. Rodriguez and Wistuba, I.I and Zhou, S and Williams, M and Cabanillas, M and Cabanillas, M and Valderrabano, P and Khazai, L and Leon, M.E and Torres, N and Jackson, R and McCaffrey, T and Otto, K.J and Centeno, B.A and McIver, B and Lorch, J.H and Chau, N and Hanna, G and Wirth, L.J and Barletta, J and Barletta, J and Calles, A and Haddad, R and Cabanillas, M and Rabinowits, G and O“Neill, A and Limaye, S and Alexander, E and Moore, F and Ruan, D.T and Misiukiewicz, K and Nehs, M and Marqusee, E and Lee, S and Posner, M and Janne, P and Busaidy, N and Fallahi, P and Ferrari, S and ...
Thyroid, ISSN 1050-7256, 09/2016, Volume 26, Issue S1, pp. P-1 - A-129
Journal Article