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treatment outcome (24) 24
retrospective studies (23) 23
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mortality (13) 13
hepatectomy - methods (12) 12
laparoscopy (12) 12
management (12) 12
adolescent (10) 10
hepatectomy (10) 10
liver neoplasms - surgery (10) 10
aortic aneurysm, abdominal - surgery (9) 9
health aspects (9) 9
imaging / radiology (9) 9
liver (9) 9
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (9) 9
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cirrhosis (8) 8
endovascular treatment (8) 8
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interventional radiology (8) 8
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human health and pathology (6) 6
hépatology and gastroenterology (6) 6
italy (6) 6
laparoscopic surgery (6) 6
laparoscopy - methods (6) 6
outcomes (6) 6
postoperative complications - epidemiology (6) 6
psychology (6) 6
risk factors (6) 6
stents (6) 6
abdominal surgery (5) 5
abridged index medicus (5) 5
analysis (5) 5
aneurysms (5) 5
aorta (5) 5
disease (5) 5
endovascular procedures - methods (5) 5
hepatocellular carcinoma (5) 5
hepatocellular-carcinoma (5) 5
hepatology (5) 5
internal medicine (5) 5
length of stay - statistics & numerical data (5) 5
liver surgery (5) 5
living donors (5) 5
neurosciences (5) 5
peripheral vascular disease (5) 5
postoperative complications - etiology (5) 5
psychology, multidisciplinary (5) 5
resection (5) 5
single-center (5) 5
stent-graft (5) 5
survival rate (5) 5
time factors (5) 5
aneurysm (4) 4
aortic aneurysm, abdominal - diagnostic imaging (4) 4
blood loss, surgical - prevention & control (4) 4
blood vessel prosthesis implantation - methods (4) 4
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (4) 4
child, preschool (4) 4
diagnosis (4) 4
experience (4) 4
hepatectomy - adverse effects (4) 4
hepatic resection (4) 4
infectious diseases (4) 4
ligation (4) 4
metastases (4) 4
microbiology (4) 4
mutation (4) 4
original research (4) 4
parenting stress (4) 4
postnatal depression (4) 4
postoperative complications (4) 4
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by Tong, L and Huang, C and Ramalli, A and Tortoli, P and Luo, J and D'hooge, J and Tzemos, N and Mordi, I and Bishay, T and Negishi, T and Hristova, K and Kurosawa, K and Bansal, M and Thavendiranathan, P and Yuda, S and Popescu, B and Vinereanu, D and Penicka, M and Marwick, T and Hamed, W and Kamel, M and Yaseen, R and El-Barbary, H and Nemes, A and Kis, O and Gavaller, H and Kanyo, E and Forster, T and Angelis, A and Vlachopoulos, C and Ioakimidis, N and Felekos, I and Chrysohoou, C and Aznaouridis, K and Abdelrasoul, M and Terentes, D and Ageli, K and Stefanadis, C and Kurnicka, K and Domienik-Karlowicz, J and Lichodziejewska, B and Goliszek, S and Grudzka, K and Krupa, M and Dzikowska-Diduch, O and Ciurzynski, M and Pruszczyk, P and Gual Capllonch, F and Lopez Ayerbe, J and Teis, A and Ferrer, E and Vallejo, N and Junca, G and Pla, R and Bayes-Genis, A and Schwaiger, J and Knight, D and Gallimore, A and Schreiber, B and Handler, C and Coghlan, J and Bruno, R. M and Giardini, G and Malacrida, S and Catuzzo, B and Armenia, S and Brustia, R and Ghiadoni, L and Cauchy, E and Pratali, L and Kim, K and Lee, K and Cho, J and Yoon, H and Ahn, Y and Jeong, M and Park, J and Cho, S and Nastase, O and Enache, R and Mateescu, A and Botezatu, D and Ginghina, C and Gu, H and Sinha, M and Simpson, J and Chowienczyk, P and Fazlinezhad, A and Tashakori Behesthi, A and Homaei, F and Mostafavi, H and Hosseini, G and Bakaeiyan, M and Boutsikou, M and Petrou, E and Dimopoulos, A and Dritsas, A and Leontiadis, E and Karatasakis, G and Sahin, S. T and ... and SUCCOUR study
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by Garcia Martin, A and Fernandez Golfin, C and Salido Tahoces, L and Fernandez Santos, S and Jimenez Nacher, J and Moya Mur, J and Velasco Valdazo, E and Hernandez Antolin, R and Zamorano Gomez, J and Veronesi, F and Corsi, C and Caiani, E and Lamberti, C and Tsang, W and Holmgren, C and Guo, X and Bateman, M and Iaizzo, P and Vannier, M and Lang, R and Patel, A and Adamayn, K and Tumasyan, L. R and Chilingaryan, A and Nasr, G and Eleraki, A and Farouk, N and Axelsson, A and Langhoff, L and Jensen, M and Vejlstrup, N and Iversen, K and Bundgaard, H and Watanabe, T and Iwai-Takano, M and Attenhofer Jost, C. H and Pfyffer, M and Seifert, B and Scharf, C and Candinas, R and Medeiros-Domingo, A and Chin, J.-Y and Yoon, H and Vollbon, W and Singbal, Y and Rhodes, K and Wahi, S and Katova, T. M and Simova, I. I and Hristova, K and Kostova, V and Pauncheva, B and Bircan, A and Sade, L and Eroglu, S and Pirat, B and Okyay, K and Bal, U and Muderrisoglu, H and Heggemann, F and Buggisch, H and Welzel, G and Doesch, C and Hansmann, J and Schoenberg, S and Borggrefe, M and Wenz, F and Papavassiliu, T and Lohr, F and Roussin, I and Drakopoulou, M and Rosen, S and Sharma, R and Prasad, S and Lyon, A and Carpenter, J and Senior, R and Breithardt, O.-A and Razavi, H and Arya, A and Nabutovsky, Y and Ryu, K and Gaspar, T and Kosiuk, J and Eitel, C and Hindricks, G and Piorkowski, C and Pires, S and Nunes, A and Cortez-Dias, N and Belo, A and Zimbarra Cabrita, I and Sousa, C and Pinto, F and Baron, T and Johansson, K and Flachskampf, F and Christersson, C and Santoro, A and Federico Alvino, F and ... and Resamont2
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Journal Article
by Humalda, J. K and Assa, S and Navis, G. J and Franssen, C. F. M and De Borst, M. H and Ogawa, H and Ota, Y and Watanabe, T and Watanabe, Y and Nishii, H and Sato, A and Waniewski, J and Debowska, M and Wojcik-Zaluska, A and Ksiazek, A and Zaluska, W and Guastoni, C. M and Turri, C and Toma, L and Rombola, G and Frattini, G and Romei Longhena, G and Teatini, U and Siriopol, D.-C and Stuard, S and Ciolan, A and Mircescu, G and Raluca, D and Nistor, I and Covic, A and De Roij Van Zuijdewijn, C. L and Chapdelaine, I and Nube, M. J and Blankestijn, P. J and Bots, M. L and Konings, S. J and Van Den Dorpel, M. A and Van Der Weerd, N. C and Ter Wee, P. M and Grooteman, M. P and Djuric, P. S and Jankovic, A and Tosic, J and Bajcetic, S and Damjanovic, T and Popovic, J and Dimkovic, N and Marinkovic, J and Djuric, Z and Knezevic, V and Lazarevic, T and Ljubenovic, S and Markovic, R and Rabrenovic, V and Djukanovic, L and Radovic Maslarevic, V and Mathrani, V and Drew, P and Chess, J. I and Williams, A. I and Robertson, S and Jibani, M and Aithal, V. I and Kumwenda, M and Roberts, G and Mikhail, A. I and Grzegorzewska, A. E and Ostromecki, G and Mostowska, A and Sowi ska, A and Jagodzi ski, P. P and Wu, H.-Y and Chen, H.-Y and Hsu, S.-P and Pai, M.-F and Yang, J.-Y and Peng, Y.-S and Hirose, M and Hasegawa, T and Kaneshima, N and Sasai, F and Komukai, D and Takahashi, K and Koiwa, F and Shishido, K and Yoshimura, A and Selim, G and Stojceva-Taneva, O and Tozija, L and Dzekova-Vidimliski, P and Trajceska, L and Petronievic, Z and Gelev, S and Amitov, V and Sikole, A and Moon, S. J and Yoon, S. Y and Shin, D. H and Lee, J. E and Kim, H.-J and ...
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by McCullough, K. P and Lok, C. E and Fluck, R. J and Spergel, L. M and Andreucci, V. E and Fort, J and Krishnan, M and Fissell, R. B and Kawanishi, H and Saran, R and Port, F. K and Robinson, B. M and Pisoni, R. L and Shinzato, T and Shionoya, Y and Fukui, H and Sasaki, M and Miwa, M and Toma, S and Lin, C.-C and Yang, W.-C and Simone, S and Loverre, A and Cariello, M and Divella, C and Castellano, G and Gesualdo, L and Grandaliano, G and Pertosa, G and Mattei, S and Pignatelli, G and Corradini, M and Stefani, A and Bovino, A and Iannuzzella, F and Vaglio, A and Manari, A and Pasquali, S and Chan, J.-S and Wu, T.-C and Roy-Chaudhury, P and Shih, C.-C and Chen, J.-W and Ponce, P and Scholz, C and Goncalves, P and Grassmann, A and Canaud, B and Marcelli, D and Suzuki, S and Shibata, K and Kuji, T and Kawata, S and Koguchi, N and Nishihara, M and Satta, H and Toya, Y and Umemura, S and Corbett, R and Demicheli, N and Iori, F and Grechy, L and Khiroya, R and Ellis, D and Crane, J and Hamady, M and Gedroyc, W and Duncan, N and Vincent, P and Caro, C and Sarween, N and Price, A and Powers, S and Allen, C and Holland, M and Gupta, I and Baharani, J and Parisotto, M. T and Schoder, V and Kaufmann, P and Miriunis, C and Moura, A and Madureira, J and Alija, P and Fernandes, J and Oliveira, J. G and Lopez, M and Felgueiras, M and Amado, L and Sameiro-Faria, M and Miranda, V and Vieira, M and Santos-Silva, A and Costa, E and David, P and Capurro, F and Brustia, M and De Mauri, A and Ruva, C and Chiarinotti, D and ...
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Journal Article
Frontiers in Psychology, ISSN 1664-1078, 11/2017, Volume 8, p. 2003
Objectives: In the scientific literature on aging, a recent core issue has been the role of individuals' internal and external resources, which are considered... 
Loneliness | Old age | Mental health | Quality of life | Resilience | MORTALITY | SOCIAL-ISOLATION | FIT INDEXES | SELF-EFFICACY | mental health | loneliness | DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS | PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | INTERVENTIONS | old age | PREDICTORS | PROMOTION | PEOPLE | quality of life | resilience | ASSOCIATION | Psychological aspects | Health aspects | Resilience (Personality trait)
Journal Article
European Journal of Surgical Oncology, ISSN 0748-7983, 2015, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 674 - 682
Journal Article
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 8/2011, Volume 66, Issue 8, pp. 1886 - 1896
Journal Article
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 01/2018, Volume 105, Issue 1, pp. 128 - 139
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ungaro, R and Taramasso, L and Bruzzone, B and Vicenti, I and Galli, L and Borghi, V and Francisci, D and Pecorari, M and Zoncada, A and Callegaro, AP and Paolini, E and Monno, L and Bonora, S and Di Biagio, A and Giacometti, A and Butini, L and del Gobbo, R and Bagnarelli, P and Tacconi, D and Corbelli, G and Zanussi, S and Punzi, G and Maggiolo, F and Calza, L and Re, MC and Pristera', R and Turconi, P and Mandas, A and Tini, S and Amadio, G and Sighinolfi, L and Corsi, P and Di Pietro, M and Colao, G and Tosti, A and Setti, M and Cenderello, G and Trezzi, M and Arcidiacono, I and Degiuli, A and De Gennaro, M and Chiodera, A and Scalzini, A and Palvarini, L and Todaro, G and Rusconi, S and Gismondo, MR and Micheli, V and Biondi, ML and Capetti, A and Meraviglia, P and Boeri, E and Mussini, C and Soria, A and Vecchi, L and Santirocchi, M and Brustia, D and Ravanini, P and Dal Bello, F and Romano, N and Mancuso, S and Calzetti, C and Maserati, R and Filice, G and Baldanti, F and Parruti, G and Polilli, E and Sacchini, D and Martinelli, C and Consolini, R and Vatteroni, L and Vivarelli, A and Nerli, A and Lenzi, L and Magnani, G and Ortolani, P and Andreoni, M and Fimiani, C and Palmisano, L and Di Giambenedetto, S and Vullo, V and Turriziani, O and Montano, M and Antinori, A and Zaccarelli, M and Dentone, C and Gonnelli, A and De Luca, A and Palumbo, M and Ghisetti, V and Delle Foglie, P and Rossi, C and Mondino, V and Malena, M and Grossi, P and Seminari, E and Poletti, F and ARCA Study Grp and ARCA Study Group
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Journal Article