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Journal Article
by Wray, Naomi R and Ripke, Stephan and Mattheisen, Manuel and Trzaskowski, Maciej and Byrne, Enda M and Abdellaoui, Abdel and Adams, Mark J and Agerbo, Esben and Air, Tracy M and Andlauer, Till M. F and Bacanu, Silviu-Alin and Bækvad-Hansen, Marie and Beekman, Aartjan F. T and Bigdeli, Tim B and Binder, Elisabeth B and Blackwood, Douglas R. H and Bryois, Julien and Buttenschøn, Henriette N and Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas and Cai, Na and Castelao, Enrique and Christensen, Jane Hvarregaard and Clarke, Toni-Kim and Coleman, Jonathan I. R and Colodro-Conde, Lucía and Couvy-Duchesne, Baptiste and Craddock, Nick and Crawford, Gregory E and Crowley, Cheynna A and Dashti, Hassan S and Davies, Gail and Deary, Ian J and Degenhardt, Franziska and Derks, Eske M and Direk, Nese and Dolan, Conor V and Dunn, Erin C and Eley, Thalia C and Eriksson, Nicholas and Escott-Price, Valentina and Kiadeh, Farnush Hassan Farhadi and Finucane, Hilary K and Forstner, Andreas J and Frank, Josef and Gaspar, Héléna A and Gill, Michael and Giusti-Rodríguez, Paola and Goes, Fernando S and Gordon, Scott D and Grove, Jakob and Hall, Lynsey S and Hannon, Eilis and Hansen, Christine Søholm and Hansen, Thomas F and Herms, Stefan and Hickie, Ian B and Hoffmann, Per and Homuth, Georg and Horn, Carsten and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Hougaard, David M and Hu, Ming and Hyde, Craig L and Ising, Marcus and Jansen, Rick and Jin, Fulai and Jorgenson, Eric and Knowles, James A and Kohane, Isaac S and Kraft, Julia and Kretzschmar, Warren W and Krogh, Jesper and Kutalik, Zoltán and Lane, Jacqueline M and Li, Yihan and Li, Yun and Lind, Penelope A and Liu, Xiaoxiao and Lu, Leina and MacIntyre, Donald J and MacKinnon, Dean F and Maier, Robert M and Maier, Wolfgang and Marchini, Jonathan and Mbarek, Hamdi and McGrath, Patrick and McGuffin, Peter and Medland, Sarah E and Mehta, Divya and Middeldorp, Christel M and Mihailov, Evelin and Milaneschi, Yuri and Milani, Lili and Mill, Jonathan and Mondimore, Francis M and Montgomery, Grant W and Mostafavi, Sara and Mullins, Niamh and Nauck, Matthias and Ng, Bernard and ... and eQTLGen and 23andMe and the Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and Major Depressive Disorder Working and EQTLGEN and Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 04/2018, Volume 50, Issue 5, pp. 668 - 681
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 01/2019, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp. 404 - 413
Journal Article
by Savage, Jeanne E and Jansen, Philip R and Stringer, Sven and Watanabe, Kyoko and Bryois, Julien and de Leeuw, Christiaan A and Nagel, Mats and Awasthi, Swapnil and Barr, Peter B and Coleman, Jonathan R. I and Grasby, Katrina L and Hammerschlag, Anke R and Kaminski, Jakob A and Karlsson, Robert and Krapohl, Eva and Lam, Max and Nygaard, Marianne and Reynolds, Chandra A and Trampush, Joey W and Young, Hannah and Zabaneh, Delilah and Hägg, Sara and Hansell, Narelle K and Karlsson, Ida K and Linnarsson, Sten and Montgomery, Grant W and Muñoz-Manchado, Ana B and Quinlan, Erin B and Schumann, Gunter and Skene, Nathan G and Webb, Bradley T and White, Tonya and Arking, Dan E and Avramopoulos, Dimitrios and Bilder, Robert M and Bitsios, Panos and Burdick, Katherine E and Cannon, Tyrone D and Chiba-Falek, Ornit and Christoforou, Andrea and Cirulli, Elizabeth T and Congdon, Eliza and Corvin, Aiden and Davies, Gail and Deary, Ian J and DeRosse, Pamela and Dickinson, Dwight and Djurovic, Srdjan and Donohoe, Gary and Conley, Emily Drabant and Eriksson, Johan G and Espeseth, Thomas and Freimer, Nelson A and Giakoumaki, Stella and Giegling, Ina and Gill, Michael and Glahn, David C and Hariri, Ahmad R and Hatzimanolis, Alex and Keller, Matthew C and Knowles, Emma and Koltai, Deborah and Konte, Bettina and Lahti, Jari and Le Hellard, Stephanie and Lencz, Todd and Liewald, David C and London, Edythe and Lundervold, Astri J and Malhotra, Anil K and Melle, Ingrid and Morris, Derek and Need, Anna C and Ollier, William and Palotie, Aarno and Payton, Antony and Pendleton, Neil and Poldrack, Russell A and Räikkönen, Katri and Reinvang, Ivar and Roussos, Panos and Rujescu, Dan and Sabb, Fred W and Scult, Matthew A and Smeland, Olav B and Smyrnis, Nikolaos and Starr, John M and Steen, Vidar M and Stefanis, Nikos C and Straub, Richard E and Sundet, Kjetil and Tiemeier, Henning and Voineskos, Aristotle N and Weinberger, Daniel R and Widen, Elisabeth and Yu, Jin and Abecasis, Goncalo and Andreassen, Ole A and Breen, Gerome and Christiansen, Lene and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 06/2018, Volume 50, Issue 7, pp. 912 - 919
Journal Article