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by Boelaert, Marleen and Boelaert, Marleen and Barbé, Barbara and Bottieau, Emmanuel and Burm, Christophe and Büscher, Philippe and Buyze, Jozefien and Deborggraeve, Stijn and De Winne, Koen and Gillet, Philippe and Hendrickx, David and Huys, Arabella and Jacobs, Jan and Lejon, Veerle and Meheus, Filip and Menten, Joris and Paessens, Evelien and Polman, Katja and Ravinetto, Raffaella and Rogé, Stijn and Schurmans, Céline and Tsoumanis, Achilleas and Van Griensven, Johan and van Loen, Harry and Verdonck, Kristien and Yansouni, Cédric and Chappuis, François and Alirol, Emilie and Horié, Ninon S and Rijal, Suman and Bhatta, Nisha K and Bhattarai, Narayan R and Karki, Prahlad and Khanal, Basudha and Koirala, Kanika and Pradhan, Bickram and Uranw, Surendra and Utzinger, Jürg and Becker, Sören L and Bratschi, Martin W and Chatigre, Justin K and Coulibaly, Jean T and Gohou, Jean-Paul and Herrmann, Mathias and Knopp, Stefanie and Marti, Hanspeter and N’Goran, Eliézer K and Nickel, Beatrice and Schneeberger, Pierre H.H and Silué, Kigbafori D and Steinmann, Peter and von Müller, Lutz and Vounatsou, Penelope and Yao, Joel A and Yao, Patrick K and Yap, Peiling and Lutumba, Pascal and Basilua, Claude and Bonebe, Edmonde and Bukasa, Gustave and Inamba, Sebastien and Kalo Lilo, Jean Roger and Kambale, Vincent and Kayembe, Tharcisse and Lunguya, Octavie and Mashako, Maria and Mininkulu, Luigi and Mpanya, Alain and Mukendi, Deby and Mumba, Dieudonné and Muyembe, Jean-Jacques and Pyan, Pati and El-Safi, Sayda and Abdel-Rahman, Mannar and Al farazdag, Saad Ageed and Atia, Atia and Bashir, Abdallah and Bashir, Ahmed and Bashir, Mohammed and Eljack, Mohamedelfateh and Elhabib, Alhabib and Elshikh, Husam and Hammad, Awad and Issa, Mohammed and Mohamed, Mohamed S and Mohammedali, Mohammed O and Mohammed Ali, Salah and Morsal, Modether and Shawgi, Almugadam and Kruy, Lim and Maling Ellen, P and Long, Leng and Maricel, Manoza and Ratanakneary, Saman and Sok, Bouy and Sopheak, Sok and Sreyphors, Ros and Syna, Teav and Thai, Sopheak and Thong, Phe and ... and The NIDIAG Consortium and NIDIAG Consortium
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, ISSN 1935-2727, 11/2016, Volume 10, Issue 11, p. e0004853
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