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phenotype (82) 82
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molecular sequence data (80) 80
photography (80) 80
cinematography (78) 78
electrography (78) 78
engineering, civil (78) 78
holography (78) 78
genetic aspects (77) 77
apparatus specially adapted therefor (76) 76
follow-up studies (76) 76
materials therefor (76) 76
originals therefor (76) 76
photomechanical production of textured or patterned surfaces,e.g. for printing, for processing of semiconductordevices (76) 76
united kingdom (76) 76
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by Morales, J. C and Mustill, A. J and Ribas, I and Davies, M. B and Reiners, A and Bauer, F. F and Kossakowski, D and Herrero, E and Rodríguez, E and López-González, M. J and Rodríguez-López, C and Béjar, V. J. S and González-Cuesta, L and Luque, R and Pallé, E and Perger, M and Baroch, D and Johansen, A and Klahr, H and Mordasini, C and Anglada-Escudé, G and Caballero, J. A and Cortés-Contreras, M and Dreizler, S and Lafarga, M and Nagel, E and Passegger, V. M and Reffert, S and Rosich, A and Schweitzer, A and Tal-Or, L and Trifonov, T and Zechmeister, M and Quirrenbach, A and Amado, P. J and Guenther, E. W and Hagen, H.-J and Henning, T and Jeffers, S. V and Kaminski, A and Kürster, M and Montes, D and Seifert, W and Abellán, F. J and Abril, M and Aceituno, J and Aceituno, F. J and Alonso-Floriano, F. J and Ammler-von Eiff, M and Antona, R and Arroyo-Torres, B and Azzaro, M and Barrado, D and Becerril-Jarque, S and Benítez, D and Berdiñas, Z. M and Bergond, G and Brinkmöller, M and del Burgo, C and Burn, R and Calvo-Ortega, R and Cano, J and Cárdenas, M. C and Guillén, C. Cardona and Carro, J and Casal, E and Casanova, V and Casasayas-Barris, N and Chaturvedi, P and Cifuentes, C and Claret, A and Colomé, J and Czesla, S and Díez-Alonso, E and Dorda, R and Emsenhuber, A and Fernández, M and Fernández-Martín, A and Ferro, I. M and Fuhrmeister, B and Galadí-Enríquez, D and Cava, I. Gallardo and Vargas, M. L. García and Garcia-Piquer, A and Gesa, L and González-Álvarez, E and Hernández, J. I. González and González-Peinado, R and Guàrdia, J and Guijarro, A and de Guindos, E and Hatzes, A. P and Hauschildt, P. H and Hedrosa, R. P and Hermelo, I and Arabi, R. Hernández and Otero, F. Hernández and Hintz, D and Holgado, G and Huber, A and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 09/2019, Volume 365, Issue 6460, pp. 1441 - 1445
Journal Article
by Fitzgerald, T.W and Gerety, S.S and Jones, W.D and Van Kogelenberg, M and King, D.A and McRae, J and Morley, K.I and Parthiban, V and Al-Turki, S and Ambridge, K and Barrett, D.M and Bayzetinova, T and Clayton, S and Coomber, E.L and Gribble, S and Jones, P and Krishnappa, N and Mason, L.E and Middleton, A and Miller, R and Prigmore, E and Rajan, D and Sifrim, A and Tivey, A.R and Ahmed, M and Akawi, N and Andrews, R and Anjum, U and Archer, H and Armstrong, R and Balasubramanian, M and Banerjee, R and Baralle, D and Batstone, P and Baty, D and Bennett, C and Berg, J and Bernhard, B and Bevan, A.P and Blair, E and Blyth, M and Bohanna, D and Bourdon, L and Bourn, D and Brady, A and Bragin, E and Brewer, C and Brueton, L and Brunstrom, K and Bumpstead, S.J and Bunyan, D.J and Burn, J and Burton, J and Canham, N and Castle, B and Chandler, K and Clasper, S and Clayton-Smith, J and Cole, T and Collins, A and Collinson, M.N and Connell, F and Cooper, N and Cox, H and Cresswell, L and Cross, G and Crow, Y and D'Alessandro, M and Dabir, T and Davidson, R and Davies, S and Dean, J and Deshpande, C and Devlin, G and Dixit, A and Dominiczak, A and Donnelly, C and Donnelly, D and Douglas, A and Duncan, A and Eason, J and Edkins, S and Ellard, S and Ellis, P and Elmslie, F and Evans, K and Everest, S and Fendick, T and Fisher, R and Flinter, F and Foulds, N and Fryer, A and Fu, B and Gardiner, C and Gaunt, L and Ghali, N and Gibbons, R and Gomes Pereira, S.L and Goodship, J and Goudie, D and ... and The Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study and Deciphering Dev Disorders Study and Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 12/2014, Volume 519, Issue 7542, pp. 223 - 228
Journal Article
by Bath, Philip M and Woodhouse, Lisa J and Appleton, Jason P and Beridze, Maia and Christensen, Hanne and Dineen, Robert A and Duley, Lelia and England, Timothy J and Flaherty, Katie and Havard, Diane and Heptinstall, Stan and James, Marilyn and Krishnan, Kailash and Markus, Hugh S and Montgomery, Alan A and Pocock, Stuart J and Randall, Marc and Ranta, Annemarei and Robinson, Thompson G and Scutt, Polly and Venables, Graham S and Sprigg, Nikola and Christensen, L M and Bentsen, L and Krarup Hansen, C and Thomsen, T T and Kruuse, C and Jensen, H H and Hansen, S S and Petrovic, V and Beridze, N and Kakabadze, N and Kherkheulidze, T and Kakabadze, D and Toidze, I and Lobjanidze, N and Akiashvili, N and Tevdoradze, A and Khizanishvili, N and Tsanava, T and Taylor, R and Iniesta, I and Kok, J and Duignan, J and Funnell, M and Cariga, P and Rodriguez, M and Watson, I J and Tennant, S and Macleod, M and Furnace, J and Gow, H and Irvine, J and Joyson, A and Nelson, S and Taylor, V and Smith, M and Bellfield, R and Hairsine, B and Davies, R and Dodd, A and Corrigan, J and Doherty, M and Ahmed, A and Denniss, C and Johnson-Holland, S and Kay, K A and Palau, R Icart and Auld, G and Daboo, P and Erande, R and Grimwood, G and Hove, D and Howaniec, L and Redjep, O and Rangasamay, R and Butt, G and Sandler, D and Reddan, J and Stafford, S and McIlmoyle, J and Maguire, S and Murphy, P and Chambers, J and Guthrie, L and Osborn, M and Steele, A and Burn, M and Benford, A and Misra, A and Hilton, D and O'Brien, E and Amis, E and Finlay, S and Mitchell, J and Geraghty, O and Harvey, K and Hazel, B and Mashate, S and Wilding, P and ... and TARDIS Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10123, pp. 850 - 859
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Cornelis, M C and Byrne, E M and Esko, T and Nalls, M A and Ganna, A and Paynter, N and Monda, K L and Amin, N and Fischer, K and Renstrom, F and Ngwa, J S and Huikari, V and Cavadino, A and Nolte, I M and Teumer, A and Yu, K and Marques-Vidal, P and Rawal, R and Manichaikul, A and Wojczynski, M K and Vink, J M and Zhao, J H and Burlutsky, G and Lahti, J and Mikkilä, V and Lemaitre, R N and Eriksson, J and Musani, S K and Tanaka, T and Geller, F and Luan, J and Hui, J and Mägi, R and Dimitriou, M and Garcia, M E and Ho, W-K and Wright, M J and Rose, L M and Magnusson, P K E and Pedersen, N L and Couper, D and Oostra, B A and Hofman, A and Ikram, M A and Tiemeier, H W and Uitterlinden, A G and van Rooij, F J A and Barroso, I and Johansson, I and Xue, L and Kaakinen, M and Milani, L and Power, C and Snieder, H and Stolk, R P and Baumeister, S E and Biffar, R and Gu, F and Bastardot, F and Kutalik, Z and Jacobs, D R and Forouhi, N G and Mihailov, E and Lind, L and Lindgren, C and Michaëlsson, K and Morris, A and Jensen, M and Khaw, K-T and Luben, R N and Wang, J J and Männistö, S and Perälä, M-M and Kähönen, M and Lehtimäki, T and Viikari, J and Mozaffarian, D and Mukamal, K and Psaty, B M and Döring, A and Heath, A C and Montgomery, G W and Dahmen, N and Carithers, T and Tucker, K L and Ferrucci, L and Boyd, H A and Melbye, M and Treur, J L and Mellström, D and Hottenga, J J and Prokopenko, I and Tönjes, A and Deloukas, P and Kanoni, S and Lorentzon, M and Houston, D K and Liu, Y and Danesh, J and Rasheed, A and ... and Int Parkinson's Dis Genomics Conso and North Amer Brain Expression Consor and UK Brain Expression Consortium and Coffee & Caffeine Genetics Consort and North American Brain Expression Consortium (NABEC) and UK Brain Expression Consortium (UKBEC) and Coffee and Caffeine Genetics Consortium and International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC) and International Parkinson's Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC) and The Coffee and Caffeine Genetics Consortium and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för invärtesmedicin och klinisk nutrition and Institute of Medicine, School of Public Health and Community Medicine and Sahlgrenska Academy and Centre for Bone and Arthritis Research and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
Molecular psychiatry, ISSN 1476-5578, 10/2014, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp. 647 - 656
Journal Article